moyo / bullshit market

More unholy aural atrocity from the kitsch magik stable, again pressed on a strictly limited cassette, this one sees Moyo and Bullshit Market going head to head, one we suspect for those of you much missing labels such as love torture and scotch, for this is a truly testing of your listening mettle, Moyo stepping in with the 10 minute bleached bedlam that is ‘forever on a highway waiting’ – something which, truth be told, comes scalded and seared in white hot shards of sonic butchery amid which the scowling sounds of something no doubt found clawing its way from some hellish abyss screams with war like defiance. Not I hasten to add something that ought to be enjoyed under the cover of night. As to Bullshit Market, four offerings lie skulking in the shadows of nightmare with ‘styles ain’t raw’ summoning our attention, a disquieting listening event which even after three separate listening visits, we here are still unsure as to what we are exactly hearing, it’s not pop music and flowery that’s for sure.

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