Oh man, yes. This bad boy has had our listening space bopping and rocking since veering into earshot, schooled in the more friction grooved species of dream pop / shoegaze, and here I’m thinking telescopes, loop and the Shields bloke, this is the dude who re-cut and re-threaded that recently swooned upon Panophonic track ‘I can’t go home’, beatastic be his name and this is ‘Nothing Will Be The Same Next Year’ from a new EP set wordily titled ‘I am disgusted by what happened this year and I don’t see how it can possibly get any better’ – good luck with trying to fit that on a label to adore the wax. Anyhow shimmering riff grace falls, shade adorning sighs and a head mushrooming hypnotic aura weave and warp to coalesce resplendently, a seductively angular psychotropic shimmer tone which by these ears doesn’t sound so distant or far removed from the waywardly woozy noise-gaze once favoured by a ‘every heaven’ era Boo Radleys.

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