the suncharms

Sneaked out last year on the cloudberry imprint, interest in the Suncharms self-titled retrospective set might well have sealed plans to reform and head back to the studio to pick up the threads from where they left off way back in the early years of the 90’s before the great Grunge and Brit Pop culling. Heading out on the legendary Wilde Club imprint – home of the Bardots and Catherine Wheel, two EP’s ensued before the band imploded. Both feature on this set whose track listing comes bolstered by a smattering of unreleased demos from back in the day. One of the great should have beens from the era, the Suncharms primed their sounds with a muscular effervescence that came kissed with a buzzing melodic astuteness that prickled with impact and infectiousness, ablaze in fizzing riff chorals their sound fermented with the abrasive rush of the C-86 era rather than the hatefully referred ‘twee’ dialect of the Sarah et al brigade, reference wise more in tune with the Caretakers, 14 iced bears and the rising on the curve at the time Ultimate imprint (see the Belltower, the werefrogs,, submarine). These pocket dynamos arrived sugar rushed in lovelorn pedal effected euphoria, the fourteen gathered here feature the two stand-alone EP’s in their entirety with the addition of six bonus demos cuts, all still standing the test of time, ‘reflections’ wonderfully shimmering between moments of rupturing activity and soft psych lulls with ‘wash away’ still head and shoulders amid the attending pack quick stepped in a needle point panic attack detailing that tailgates into terrains more commonly associated with a youthful Wondestuff. We here are a tad smitten of the softly blistering shade adorned fuzz toning of ‘she feels’ haloed as it is in a classic late 80’s Creation grooving – very Reid brothers meets the Telescopes all said, mind you ‘spaceship’ is no slouch in the affections stakes teased upon a hollowed hush rush that loosely joins the dots between Ride and the prevailing dream popping sugar storm of the day. Of the demos, we suggest special attention ought to be paid of the gem like ‘magic carpet’ not least because it had us reaching for our prized copies of Springfields platters of yore. Hopefully all being well, and this mention completed on cue, there might be time to head down to the Continental in Preston where they’ll be performing with the mighty Orchids and the Chesterfields.     

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