look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…..transmission 6

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 6.0….w/e 11/2/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind…..

this edition features sounds from……

Morrison’s Prophecy, Rudolf Heimann, Valerie Renay, Alan Garner, tresor, house, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Maximum Rock n’ Roll Radio, Achlys, electronica, 7shades, three dimensional tanx, torn from the roots, viewfinder, the dread, tiny hazard, king champion sounds, space, cerrone, maximum rock n’ roll, style of sound, scott appel, kaviar special, orbit service, tarot cards, slow sounds, ashes into vinyl, somido polifonico, david axelrod, delia Derbyshire, red zebra, transmission 13, bas jan, allegra lusini, chloe march, cegvera, panophonic, Hannah law, tape sounds, flowers must die, slow dancing society, antonyms, the mummies, orghanon, james murray, inner travels, anne clark, alan simpson, hancock’s half hour, steve roach, tuxedomoon, moyo, bullshit market, divuds, misty coast, warpness, sysselmann, alphaxone, beatastic, equinox, dimentio13, the dentists, cleaners from venus, the electronic circus, chameleons, the suncharms

foreboding apocryphal whispers from a near off future, latest from Morrison’s Prophecy entitled ‘heirloom’ snakes through shadows upon a mutant industrial dub tech chassis, edgy and watchful, a sense of dark dread trails in its pulsing wake, the sound blistered, fashioned and impacted in tense paranoia and surveillance state servitude, a looming dark star threaded in sonic tones once upon a time breached by an in transition psych to trance Shamen in conspiratorial cahoots with Front 242 and Clock DVA. https://soundcloud.com/morrisons-prophecy/heirloom  

here’s something that I suspect those much admiring of the Deep Distance catalogue ought to be retuning your head spaces to and that goes for you Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis purists as well. Tripped across this on a passing facebook posting, a track lifted from a set entitled ‘into the unknown’ by Rudolf Heimann through the SynGate imprint. Wonderfully trance-y and trimmed in a vintage kosmiche grooving that acts as the galactic intersection point linking the old guard Tangerine Dream to the nu space sound alchemists tomorrow syndicate and the palace of swords with this particular cut coming seductively lulled in celestial Gregorian chants and oodles of lunar toned oceanic mosaics.

Those of you attending this year’s Fruits de Mer curated 15th Dream of Dr Sardonicus festival will have the chance to get your dibs on a what promises to be a bonafide barnstormer of a release pressed up on limited numbers of lathe wax – 50 to be precise – featuring 7shades on one side and three dimensional tanx on the other….guess you want to know what they sound like….first up…..

Let’s just say from the outset that 7shades are off the radar, they craft seriously unhinged, daft and deliriously essential listening gems which defy easy pigeonholing, self-confessed disciples of all things the Cardiacs, like Smith and Co they create a sonic universe far removed from their peers, I say peers with tongue firmly planted in cheek, hell’s teeth they have no peers, instead with magpie glee they pick and plunder from the spheres of prog, art, psych and more besides to cook up a surreal shapeshifting sonic palette of fried fantasia proportions. A recent album ‘bursting’ is the work of crooked genius, all at once wired, wiring and wilfully wonky, we here needed a long lie down just for barely getting through ‘nudey prod games’ without having our brain succumbed to mush, a wig flipping lunatic lysergic fairground, all furiously fuzzed and impishly psychotic, total merry madness. https://7shades.bandcamp.com/album/bursting   

Over on the opposite side of that forthcoming limited lathe from FdM will be these dudes….

As to Lancaster’s three dimensional tanx, shall we just say that the FdM guys might well have stumbled across the musical cog linking Cranium Pie and the Earthling Society. Recent set ‘Attack’ is a glorious cranium compressing collision of muscular kraut, weird ear prog and space psych all of which we here have found ourselves somewhat adoring of the albums parting track and, dare we say, aptly titled ‘Astral Plane flight attendant’ which by these ears sounds like a hulking melodic mushroom forged of a sci-fi-tronic silver age key swirled hallucinogenic psyched out pop pill found warp driving through a meteor storm. That said ‘son of go’ ought to find admiring glances from the Invaderband fraternity given it’s 60’s shimmered psych tweaked nodding to the TV Personalities. https://threedimensionaltanx.bandcamp.com/

Admit it, doesn’t this just sneak up on you, maybe it’s the casual lazy eyed aura that smothers it or perhaps its shyly sly approach upon your listening space that translates into something that feels a tad afraid to demand your attention and rather more prefers to stand in the shadows hoping you’ll notice it. This is Viewfinder and a track going by the name ‘born ticking’ which should be emerging shortly on the memorials of distinction imprint – one of those rare wow moments I’m afraid and a cut that doesn’t easily lend itself to being referenced as this, that or the other. Sure enough that said we are hearing the misty faraway tug of a ‘tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian, but dig a little deeper, okay leave aside the Dylan bits and what blossoms amid this mellowing slice of deftly toned opining allure is something that forges a sonic kinship with both Nick Drake acolyte Scott Appel and Jackson C Frank.  https://soundcloud.com/memorials-of-distinction/born-ticking   

Okay enough pretty pop, I’m feeling your want for something extreme, noisy and quite possibly demonic, so let us first apologise to both Invaderband and EurNoVision who, internet glitches and other such like niggling hazards aside, will be arriving here very soon. Apologies also to the Kitsch Magik imprint who’ve been peppering our in box of late with releases, this one by torn from the roots being the latest. Available on a strictly limited cassette – so strictly limited that there are only 6 of them around, anyhow we’ve only had a chance to listen to side A of ‘simulated birth screening A’ – in all honesty we needed a rest from the exposure to the cranium punishing noise gore that encircled our listening space. In all fairness starts of pleasantly and mildly enough, lulling you into a false sense of security before unleashing something truly tormented and tormenting from the bowels of hell and then proceeding for the next 20 minutes or so to procure a festering and scalding rage storm that literally pinned us to the wall. Did we mention the disquieting nature of it all, well we have now, its disquieting. Not, we wouldn’t have thought, ripe for party music unless of course your parties involve fun games like having your head sandblasted.  https://moyogash.bandcamp.com/album/simulated-birth-screening     

Another passing posting to which our ears hooked themselves upon is a new thang by the ominously named the dread. From the brief listening we’ve sampled thus far, ‘the fifth age’ ought to appeal loosely to those well versed in the sounds of John 3:16 and Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart not least the parting track, the superbly mellowed and bonged out ‘Pauli D, EvilMarkII – second (the dread – tribal remix)’ which by these ears had us much minded of a super tranced out and mystic Astralasia. That said though, to get a better measure you need to plug your headspace into ‘Quantum Tunnel’ whose reference points may well initially swirl around terrains occupied by a youthful Godspeed yet manifest seductively to shed their skin to forge a snaking apocalyptic dub arabesque that mooches subtly around a palette recalling both Wagon Christ and Muslim Gauze. https://thedreadband.bandcamp.com/  

Giving this another call, mainly because its damn fine, imminent from King Champion Sounds as mentioned here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/king-champion-sounds-5/   and there https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/king-champion-sounds-4/  

Really, just how can you give this apt justice in a description / review, a tough call, unpredictable – perhaps, unhinged – certainly, loveable – without doubt. This is Tiny Hazard who’ve an album coming down the tracks at a fair pace through Ba Da Bing entitled ‘greyland’ from which the audaciously crooked, wired and fried ‘sharkwhirl’ has been peeled off for adoration / annoyance or mere disinterest (delete where applicable), A track where we feel obliged in the applying of the seldom used descriptor ‘zany’ (a word which in all these years of cobbling together ‘reviews’ we can count on one hand, minus the odd finger, the times it’s been called upon in print). In short a brief electro shocking head slapping 101 seconds of teetering high wired roller coasting pop art hysteria with the finest and freakiest vocal gymnastics this side of Lene Lovich underpinned by a melodic backline clearly reading the wrong playlist and no doubt hammering out a totally different song. http://www.brooklynvegan.com/tiny-hazard-releasing-greyland-on-ba-da-bing-stream-sharkwhirl/  

I’m fairly certain that transmission 13 haven’t thus far had cause to seduce our listening space, it’s an observation which gives us cause for concern because a brief walk through of his / her just released ‘earthbound’ set (a retrospective of sorts featuring material culled over a recording period 2012 – 2016 peppered with three previously unreleased newly peeled suites) reveals an astute sonic awareness of space, timbre and toning, it’s a set that courts with a smoothed nocturnal sophistication, the starry odyssey that is ‘pictures of lakes and buildings’ wallowed in reflective melancholy chimes dreamily with a sepia teased frail fragility that morphs delicately to recall a youthful ‘transience’ era Tex La Homa swapping love notes with any number of folk on the quietly magnificent, though sadly missed Pehr imprint while for us, well we are quite smitten with ‘project echo’ not least because it sounds like some transmission from a forgotten lunar outpost replaying on loop a ghost in the machine collage of secret musical gatherings by Metrotone and Biosphere.  https://transmission-13.bandcamp.com/album/earthbound   

This is scrumptiously impish, be warned once in earshot this’ll have you driven to near distraction. We hear the ghosts of the Slits, Delta 5, Au Pairs and the Native Hipsters converging en-masse, their gathered number woven and weaving a fracturing slice of angular art pop that playfully tugs and twists at your sinews as it crookedly woos with waywardly prickling panache creaking and cooing with maddening hysteria, this folks be the debuting platter from the Serafina Steer fronted Bas Jan entitled ‘no sign’ – is it just me that thinks moments steer – no pun intended – every so often melodically close into Sleeper terrains with harmonies by the B-52’s and sighing strings a la Nyman. Just me then.


Latest off the finitely chill toned work bench of Allegra Lusini, this is ‘dunkle nacht’ – or ‘dark night’ – a wonderfully sparse set and smouldering slice of noir purred night soul set upon a hypnotic electro pulsar that’s ghosted by a minimalist down tempo underpin over which Lusini seductively caresses and coos lost in the moment whilst summoning up rapturous spell charms of frosted folk enchantment. https://soundcloud.com/allegra-lusini/dunkle-nacht   

Isn’t this quite heavenly, a new mix by Chloe March of a track that originally featured on her ‘nights bright days’ full length, this version I believe comes pulled from her ‘the Orpheus Pavement’ EP for Hidden Shoal. A seductively shimmering fantasia, this demurring beauty comes longingly haloed in delirious dissipates and dreamy dissolves tripped in neo classical jazzy swirls and a floaty dub draped detailing which by these ears had us imagining a studio summit meeting pooling together the mercurial talents of Heather Duby, Grimes and Musetta. Incidentally available as a free download….. https://soundcloud.com/chloe-march/orpheus-at-sea-chloe-march-paradise-mix  

here’s the addictively affectionate Melys-esque ‘dd’ by Taffy in moving picture form, mentioned this in passing a little while back at https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/taffy-2/ – an effervescently shimmer toning lovelorn and lilting slice MBV piped noise gaze, adorable in a word and heading out via Club AC30 .

Fancy something a little woozy, freaky and dare we say, a tad bonged out, this is Cegvera who hail from Bristol with a new full length thang by the name ‘fractals’. Well we said woozy, the track that actually caught our lobes was the ominously named ‘minor threats I’ which in its initial happenings is possessed of a softly toned smoky Barrett-esque Floydian psych tweaking before loosening itself of the floral frills and kaleidoscopic threads to go all big bearded and stoned out with the dreamy opines being kicked out in favour of scuzzed fuzzed slabs of Sabbathian riffola which in truth wouldn’t look amiss on the uber cool Riot Season imprint. That said we’re much admiring of the title track ‘fractals’ – finding the ensemble shifting into the light in their wake the drifting dreamy dimpling of lulling ripples of milky murmured mosaics weave with a crestfallen sigh ruptured by moments of swooning stratospheric radiance – think Workhouse at their most bruised before the onset of some gruffly gouged stoned out fuzz fretwork serve to rip up the mellowness replacing it with a tensely taught sense of impending storms to come.  https://cegvera.bandcamp.com/album/fractals  

newly peeled cut from Panophonic who you may recall we made mention of a week or so ago with reference to their MBV cover on that excellent the blog that celebrates itself’s latest Shields adoring compilation – apologies for being a tad lax but reviews are primed for soon happening. Anyhow this is the quite hymnally hued ‘I can’t go home’ here given a rather spiffing ‘beatastic’ makeover that finds it beautifully bleached in euphoria rupturing bliss bubbles all ghosted in star dust sprays of ethereal tones, swoon doesn’t really cover it.  https://soundcloud.com/tomlugo/panophonic-i-cant-come-home-beatastic-remix  

another release we’re not entirely sure whether or not is intended for future release and again another ensemble who thus far have managed to escape our ear gaze. This is Hannah Lew through, we assume, the cold beat imprint, with a cover of the Roches ‘losing true’ which I must admit caught us on the hop and served us a jaw agape slap. Between you and me we could kiss this, sounds like it’s been rescued as part of some golden age vault find, its teased spectral sepia trimmings wonderfully haloed in a ghostly aura shimmer and weave to the woozy tug and pull of corteges of rolling riffs themselves tweaked and adored in an arresting smoky vintage, essential listening by our reckoning.  https://soundcloud.com/cold-beat-2/hannah-lew-losing-true-cover    

perhaps it’s just me but I sense the calling of spring radiantly at play amid this delightfully bucolic sonic spray, a teaser taste of the wood crafted harvest bountifully gathered on a new freshly picked set from the big ear tapes folk over in Portland. This be Tape Sounds with a track plucked from their limited cassette release ‘sun blood’ entitled ‘summer hot cold swim’, a beautifully lulling ramble amid the thickets of lost and endless summer seasons all wonderfully toned in a faraway dusty vintage daydreamed in bird song, snoozing recitals and afternoons idled away watching cloud kissed skies genteelly pass by. Bliss in a word. https://soundcloud.com/big-ear-tapes/tape-sounds-summer-hot-cold-swim  

an album ‘kompost’ due to impact at the fall of April via the uber cool rocket recordings, from flowers must die here’s the heralding ‘hit’ sneaked out ahead to fry and seduce heads and hearts alike, a mind expanding sonic pill of mushrooming kaleidoscopic soul delights amid whose dissolving hallucinogenic haze we wouldn’t be too surprised in finding your perspective aura wobbling off its axis, not so much far out as flying, totally bonged and ripe for a spot of tuning out and blissing.  

A passing posting notifying us that Slow Dancing Society’s ‘the sound of lights when dim’ is shortly due for re-release with this 2006 gem being treated not only to a full remastering treatment but additionally arriving accompanied and extended by the inclusion of some very tasty remixes, one of which by Antonymes having, as it happens, hooked itself upon our lobes. This defrosting beauty peels away all daintily frost weaved and adored in a fragile statuesque tracing both tender and alluring whilst somewhat steeled and stilled in an ethereal toning that’s incubated in a wide eyed longing. https://slowdancingsociety.bandcamp.com/album/the-sound-of-lights-when-dim-2017-remaster  

Raw, raucous, primitive, swamp dragged basement rock a hula from the Mummies, these dudes literally sh*t cool, manic scuzzed out garage punk a go go…..

Here’s some live stuff from the counter culture show in ’91….

…and more from ’91 from NYC and Kortrijk, Belguim

Incoming on the highly essential time released sound imprint, this is Orghanon with a track peeled from their ‘retrospectre’ set entitled ‘reitera’ – this cut just roots you to the spot weighted in a hollowing weariness, cut from the same kind of snaking dust ravaged sparsely toned majesty that once upon time rooted itself to the sonic footfall of the mighty godspeed, this aching gem is all at once bruised and brooding in its epic reach and witheringly cinematic in its effect. https://soundcloud.com/time-released-sound/orghanonretrospectre-reitera    

….and back with the howlin banana imprint, their latest release an album called ‘May’ by Anna who we believe hail from Paris, just two teaser tracks currently vying for affection on their shop window with ‘pavement’ adeptly turning its headspace into the kind of wonky lo-fi kaleidoscopic pop that once upon a time tripped out of the happy happy birthday to me label and the elephant 6 collective, trained in a similarly affectionate oddness, there’s a woozy fracturing disturbing ‘legacy’ for the best part that suggests admires of Syd Barrett are in abundance in their collective ranks not to mention some impish minds with a thing for artfully fuzzy prog. https://howlinbananarecords.bandcamp.com/album/may  

Incoming sonic transmissions from planet Goldfrapp, here’s the newly peeled moving picture show accompanying their lunar mirror ball ‘anymore’ incidentally mentioned here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/goldfrapp/  

More unholy aural atrocity from the kitsch magik stable, again pressed on a strictly limited cassette, this one sees Moyo and Bullshit Market going head to head, one we suspect for those of you much missing labels such as love torture and scotch, for this is a truly testing of your listening mettle, Moyo stepping in with the 10 minute bleached bedlam that is ‘forever on a highway waiting’ – something which, truth be told, comes scalded and seared in white hot shards of sonic butchery amid which the scowling sounds of something no doubt found clawing its way from some hellish abyss screams with war like defiance. Not I hasten to add something that ought to be enjoyed under the cover of night. As to Bullshit Market, four offerings lie skulking in the shadows of nightmare with ‘styles ain’t raw’ summoning our attention, a disquieting listening event which even after three separate listening visits, we here are still unsure as to what we are exactly hearing, it’s not pop music and flowery that’s for sure. https://moyogash.bandcamp.com/album/moyo-bullshit-market-split  

Moving swiftly to something a little lighter and trancier in tone and taste, here’s a little something heading out of the Boring Machines imprint shortly from Divus. According to the liner notes a coming together of jazzcore metal and techno disciplines forging something that by the sounds of ‘A2’ skips, hops and jumps with seamless effort to craft a curiously shapeshifting palette that blends noir glitch, down tempo motifs, skittish technoid tailoring and a dub toned detailing that smokes with an irrefutably chic cool, perhaps it’s the swarthy saxophone, very Ariel Kalma all said and mesmerically seductive to boot. One we suspect for admirers of those taste making early outings on Fat Cat’s celebrated split series not to mention muslim gauze adorers. https://boringmachines.bandcamp.com/album/divus-divus  

Here’s a spot of loveliness that nearly managed to sneak itself beneath the watching eyes of our radar, this is misty coast with ‘heavy head on body’ which we believe is heading out of club ac30 just around about now. An ice carved beauty delicately traced in bitter sweetly hushed haloes of dream draped vocals ghosted upon spectral vapour gaze riff ripples, quite adorable if you ask me.

We have stuff by unexplained sounds lined up for this week courtesy of their latest ‘survey’ set. This however, is the first release on their specialised imprint eight tower, a resource that shifts away ever so slightly from the experimental path of its sonic sibling into terrains populated by ultraterrestrial frequencies. ‘super spectrum’ is a gathering of souls mining the outer stratas of ambience, for now just three cuts on preview on the shop window teaser the first from Warpness entitled ‘Mørkerom’ will no doubt find admirers aplenty of Barry Gray’s more out there scoring for the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson TV21 franchise given it sounds not so dissimilar to the end credits of the iconic 70’s sci-fi series ‘UFO’ albeit here rephrased through the viewfinder of Tristram Cary. Next up a spot of symphonic grace fall in the guise of Sysselmann’s ‘Wasted land’ which aside its subtle adopting of Vangelis-esque poise and cinematic wherewithal, is possessed of something melancholic and forlorn, as though an epitaph as the stars go out. Similarly touched by Vangelis, Alphaxone’s aptly named ‘Majestic’ arrives ghosted in ‘Blade Runner’ mosaics, a celestial visitation oozed in ethereal choral hazes, quite dream like and mesmeric all said. https://eighthtowerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/superspectrum       

Oh man, yes. This bad boy has had our listening space bopping and rocking since veering into earshot, schooled in the more friction grooved species of dream pop / shoegaze, and here I’m thinking telescopes, loop and the Shields bloke, this is the dude who recut and rethreaded that recently swooned upon Panophonic track ‘I can’t go home’, beatastic be his name and this is ‘Nothing Will Be The Same Next Year’ from a new EP set wordily titled ‘I am disgusted by what happened this year and I don’t see how it can possibly get any better’ – good luck with trying to fit that on a label to adore the wax. Anyhow shimmering riff grace falls, shade adorning sighs and a head mushrooming hypnotic aura weave and warp to coalesce resplendently, a seductively angular psychotropic shimmer tone which by these ears doesn’t sound so distant or far removed from the waywardly woozy noise-gaze once favoured by a ‘every heaven’ era Boo Radleys. https://beatastic.bandcamp.com/track/nothing-will-be-the-same-next-year  

Brooding, pensive and solemn, latest from Equinox finds him hooking up with Dementio13 to apply the stirringly ominous shadow falling sonic palette that grounds ‘goodbye’ in a bruised and bleak intimacy, its sparsely stilled neo classicist funereal framing dims and stings with a melancholic majesty whose spectral symphonia unpeels with an emotional chilling scratching. https://soundcloud.com/soundsofequinox/goodbye-feat-dementio13  

interlude……three nuggets from our youth…….

The dentists….

The cleaners from venus….

…and this little nugget from 1981…..which I must admit until today I’d tripped by in life unaware of its existence…..by the electronic circus…..more information please…..

…ah we lied, a fourth, how can you resist the mighty Chameleons…….

Literally hot off the presses, incoming from the Home Normal sound house, this is a serene sample tasting of a new set from James Murray entitled ‘killing ghosts’ – in short frozen moments all ice sculptured in lilting sprays of spectral toned symphonia, both intimate and demurring, these minimalist neo classical mosaics snooze, thaw and unfurl with a sensitive and playful tenderness as to suggest they be forest dwelling micro worlds straying out of view from vision fizzing momentarily to life in the twilight dawn.  https://soundcloud.com/homenormal/homen091-james-murray-killing-ghosts-album-sampler  

Similarly affectionate and fragile in both design and detail is Inner Travels’ adorably playful ‘green sanctuary’, a track taken from a by all accounts interesting looking 4 cassette set being put out by Portland’s Onmyōdō imprint entitled ‘world’s ambient’ – which if we think on we’ll have a little delve into sometime in the coming week. For now this little cutie comes tastily teased in delightfully twinkling corteges of dream draped bowed woodland folk trimmed Oriental orchestrations. https://soundcloud.com/inner-travels/green-sanctuary

Sneaked out last year on the cloudberry imprint, interest in the Suncharms self-titled retrospective set might well have sealed plans to reform and head back to the studio to pick up the threads from where they left off way back in the early years of the 90’s before the great Grunge and Brit Pop culling. Heading out on the legendary Wilde Club imprint – home of the Bardots and Catherine Wheel, two EP’s ensued before the band imploded. Both feature on this set whose track listing comes bolstered by a smattering of unreleased demos from back in the day. One of the great should have beens from the era, the Suncharms primed their sounds with a muscular effervescence that came kissed with a buzzing melodic astuteness that prickled with impact and infectiousness, ablaze in fizzing riff chorals their sound fermented with the abrasive rush of the C-86 era rather than the hatefully referred ‘twee’ dialect of the Sarah et al brigade, reference wise more in tune with the Caretakers, 14 iced bears and the rising on the curve at the time Ultimate imprint (see the Belltower, the werefrogs,, submarine). These pocket dynamos arrived sugar rushed in lovelorn pedal effected euphoria, the fourteen gathered here feature the two stand-alone EP’s in their entirety with the addition of six bonus demos cuts, all still standing the test of time, ‘reflections’ wonderfully shimmering between moments of rupturing activity and soft psych lulls with ‘wash away’ still head and shoulders amid the attending pack quick stepped in a needle point panic attack detailing that tailgates into terrains more commonly associated with a youthful Wondestuff. We here are a tad smitten of the softly blistering shade adorned fuzz toning of ‘she feels’ haloed as it is in a classic late 80’s Creation grooving – very Reid brothers meets the Telescopes all said, mind you ‘spaceship’ is no slouch in the affections stakes teased upon a hollowed hush rush that loosely joins the dots between Ride and the prevailing dream popping sugar storm of the day. Of the demos, we suggest special attention ought to be paid of the gem like ‘magic carpet’ not least because it had us reaching for our prized copies of Springfields platters of yore. Hopefully all being well, and this mention completed on cue, there might be time to head down to the Continental in Preston where they’ll be performing with the mighty Orchids and the Chesterfields. https://thesuncharms.bandcamp.com/album/the-suncharms



just shy of an hour’s worth of killer rock a hula from Maximum Rock n’ Roll Radio – this being show #1542 – with the track listing bleeding amid its grooves selections from guests Dame who arriving with their record box prime the decks with platters from DDT, the Tights, Psychotic Pineapple, Flaccid and American Nudism……


uber groovy floor shaking happenings from the Style of Sound crew – alas no playlist on this one but a guaranteed hour’s worth of luxuriant shape cutting sonic vibes….



tales of deceit, murder, death and the occasional thoughts on politics, the BBC shines of low light on the top 10 most disturbing ballads from the sphere of folk…


those among you with a thing for full on immersive cosmidelic hypnosis might be very much minded to tuning your headspace into the incredible soundspace crafted by – we think their called – Achlys – sorry but no titles or anything, this ‘un being sneaked out by Camisole Records who based on this track alone might be well worth checking out……


‘the shape of things that hum’ – excellent documentary about electronic sounds…

Documentary about the rise and history of house…..’pump up the volume’ – damn fine too….

‘Sub Berlin – the story of Tresor’

Last missive out, we mentioned the secret world of Vincent Price on wax, here’s another of his readings to keep you suitably chilled…….’tales of witches, ghosts and goblins’….

Staying with legendary Horror stars, here’s the late Christopher Lee narrating five creepy fireside tales……

not sure if this is due to head out in some form or other in the near future, but here’s a little something from Valerie Renay that she’s been keeping hidden under her studio bed, ‘the speed of light’ is an eerily alluring 80’s lunar lullaby or rather more a slickly produced kosmich ghost light trip wired in haloes of star lit mesmeric motorik pulsars orbiting the outer edges of the ‘stranger things’ cosmos. https://soundcloud.com/valerie_renay/the-speed-of-light  

Alan Garner’s ‘the common dean’ audio, part of the Guardian’s ‘forest fables’ series…..


those of you previously unfamiliar with Scott Appel, who we mentioned in passing when reviewing that spiffing Viewfinder release, well then he goes a lot like this…..

Another of those kicking yourself moments wondering how on earth we missed this the first time of asking. This appeared a few months ago via the excellently named howlin banana imprint of France – I think – anyhow this is Kaviar Special with ‘sleep thoughts’ – this babe just ripples cool arriving adorned in twangs and all amount of shadowy spectral 60’s shimmying – if I didn’t know any better I’d have said it was the linking point between the Flaming Stars and the Hanging Stars. Any questions?


the orbit service live – audio only via ‘what’s this called….’


these look lovely, well for anyone who loves Tarot Cards….


documentary about dead wax matrix numbers etc…….

Is there such a thing as extreme ambience, if it did then this recording made of an idling polar ice breaker would surely take the accolade, bliss away to ten hours of soothing sounds procured from the wind, the falling snow and the delta wave pulsars transmitting from the at rest vessel.


….now that you’re suitably chilled after the 10 hours listening sitting offered up by the previous post here’s two more extended sound collages featuring natural sonics….this one, another 10 hours event featuring snow, wind and a trickling stream…..

..and this one which, shame – is just a mere 2 hours in duration features a night train in rain…..


A forgotten love, Windsor for Derby……..

And now for something a little morbid though surely ever record enthusiasts dream, apparently the folk over at 345rpm have the means to do similarly odd and strange thing……


one of favourite labels currently trading the underside of the great independent cosmos, the adored Sonido Polifonico in conversation with penny black music….


archive listening, old groove from Anne Clark, should appeal to those frequenting polytechnic youth sound spaces….

…something from the clearly ahead of the curve yet sadly underappreciated tuxedomoon…..


….some red zebra next….

Delia Derbyshire finds…….


an interview featuring Steve Roach….

https://daily.bandcamp.com/2017/02/08/steve-roach-interview /

…and here’s something from his recent release ‘spiral revelation’ this being the amorphous cosmic whisper that is ‘primary phase’ a wonderfully crafted slice tripping trance toned mind drift cultured and schooled in a classic era Tangerine Dream tutoring…..





…oh and this just smokes……David Axelrod RIP……

Alan Simpson once half of the finest comedy writing team ever to have graced radio and TV has passed on. For us the Galton and Simpson penned Hancock’s Half Hour still looms and laughs large in our gaff, the classic gathering of talent Tony Hancock, Sid James, Bill Kerr, Hattie Jacques and Kenneth Williams made it the most listened to show on Radio in the 50’s, at its peak it was rumoured that public houses adjusted their opening times to coincide with the broadcasts finish. A lifelong fan of Hancock, I’d first become hooked following a Christmas comedy broadcast by Red Rose radio, it might have been ’85, wherein clips of ‘the poetry society’ and ‘Hancock’s Christmas’ where played shortly before the BEEB’s run of the TV series the following year, and while people will lazily cite ‘the blood donor’ as one of the finest moments in comedy, we here were always fond of ‘a Sunday afternoon’ – an episode that brought home the tedium and boredom of the traditional Sunday afternoon, where dialogue was punctuated by moments of dead air – and this on radio, the timing perfect, the execution exquisite, not far behind in the fondness stakes ‘the unexploded bomb’ and ‘the last bus home’ – all standing the test of time. May you rest in peace Sir.


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The end groove…..

Space ‘magic fly’

Cerrone ‘supernature’



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