pull the plug

More skewiff hi-jinks, studio false starts and mechanical glitches courtesy of the latest transmission from Pull the Plug which after all the calamitous track miss-cues at the start finally kicks into life with some hippy age Star Trek excerpts – latest Shindig has a conversation with all that Trekkie gubbins – as to the sounds grooves from Australian Test Labs which disappointingly we alas missed out on a copy of, something uber cool from Moon Duo who you might find sneaking into this particular missive a little later on, Cobalt Chapel with the utterly ear hugging ‘we come willingly’ out through klove – a copy of which we will endeavour to nail, something by Paperhead whilst the creation factory run out matters to the end groove with some nifty wigginess courtesy of ‘you got it’ – a track heading out of the essential sound house market square. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-9th-february-2017/

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