chicos de nazca

another nugget that thus far, too much consternation here, has somehow managed to escape our ear gaze, this one appears to have released ages ago, it’s by Chicos de Nazca – a track called ‘Hey Lord, Hey Babe’ – a fuzzily lysergic 60’s drop out by the sounds of things that ought to appeal to those stoned out sun psych children among you plugging in and losing your minds to the sounds emanating out of the Cardinal Fuzz, Riot Season and Rocket Recordings sound houses……

….a quick check because we are good like that, alerts us to the fact that these dudes had a recently released set ‘living lightime’ doing the rounds at the tail end of last year, markedly different than the previously previewed track, the set finds them absorbing a more out there hazy soft psych MOR tweaked 70’s grooving with the parting shot ‘remains’ having caught our lobes sounding not unlike at times Neil Young.

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