sendelica – tour dates and album….

Lords of the beard and alchemists of wig flipping cosmic groove Sendelica have just announced details off a short tour where they will be performing their mind morphing melodic magic throughout the months of April and May at specially selected sites across Europa… album ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ to coincide with  the event.


Sat 15th April Cellar Bar, Cardigan (With Here & Now)

Sun 16th April Glastonbury King Arthur Avalon Ballroom Weekend

Weds 19th April Crash Of Moons Club, Cantebury (Bramleys Cocktail Bar)

Thurs 20th April Windmill Inn, Ashford

Friday 21st April Re-Strung Harp, Folkestone

Sat 22nd April Prince Albert, Brighton

Thur 27th April Semifinal Helsinki, Finland

Friday 28th April Baari, Turku, Finland

Sat 29th April Vastvirta, Tampere Finland

Fri 5th May Cairo, Wurzburg, Germany

Sat 6th May Zychedelic, Nuremberg, Germany (With Julies Haircut)

Monday 8th Brescia, Italy

Weds 10th May Pescara, Italy

Thur 11th May Bari, Italy

Fri 12th May Lecce, Italy

Sat 13th May Matera, Italy

Sun 14th May Benevento, Italy

Tues 16th May Roma, Italy

Weds 17th May La Casa Del Popolo , Settignano (Firenze), Italy

Thur 18th May Circolo Mesa, Montecchio (Vicenza), Italy

Fri 19th May Roosters, Udine, Italy

Sat 20th May Dazibao Tortona (Alessandria), Italy – VE Label Night (+ Da Captain Trips)

Sun 21st May Beer Room Pontinvrea (Savonna), Italy VE Label Night (+ Dhvani)

Thurs 25th May Ue17 Frestival, Karlsruhe, Germany

Here’s some wigged out mind loss courtesy of the excellently titled “Master Benjamin Warned Young Albert Not To Step On The Uninsulated Air” from a few years back…..

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