cozymandias radio

Those with memories far better and more robust than say that of a goldfish, might well remember us banging on about a superb free to download compilation put out by your psyche tunes entitled ‘planet caravan’- if you don’t then we’ve made matters a little easier for you by posting the link here – anyway the nice folk who’ve been doing these compilation things for a few years now, well ten as it happens, in which case if I’ve got this right then these little soirees serve as, I guess, prime pickings from those gatherings, this particular show a specially selected edit of volumes 7, 8 and 9. A most tasty listening experiences with cuts by the too cool for words Kim and the Cinders, the hip wiggling fuzzed out mysticism of elephants on acid, some dream draped wooziness from the frankly flying Sky Picnic, arabesque hallucinogenia highs found of the psychedelic pocket opera that is ‘waves’ from the red plastic buddha and the mind evaporating trip-a-delics of the excellently named sisters of your sunshine vapour.

Those wishing to dig more can find shows #1 and #2 here and there

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