infant myiasis

Okay I’ll admit it took me longer reading the more information section that it actually took to play. This was headed up by the guys at Skull Dungeon – I think – well I say I think because we’ve lost the link – anyhow it’s been a while since we had any sonic gore from the label with which to flay your ears – truth is we were getting complaint letters because it seems some of you more sensitive souls took umbrage to the fact that your listening space was becoming a frightening place to hang around in. this little – decidedly oddly hatched sore thumb hails from Chile part of a proposed split release with Child Trachea Abuse, Desechos Tóxicos De Un Cadaver Fermentado, Pro Anorexia & Bulimia and Varanus komodoensis who we assume to be bands and not ailments or citations ripped and raided from medical journals, anyhow this is Infant Myiasis with the charmingly titled ‘Garbage Bag with Unknown Headless Fetus #2’ – 26 seconds of gore feasting speed freaked butchery, all at once defiant, dark and doom draped, enter with due caution.  


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