luxury death

Available on pink vinyl though that shouldn’t be the selling point, quite frankly such gimmicks seem superfluous when the sounds within are so sublimely seductive. This is the latest heading out of PNKSLM records, it’s by Luxury Death who are briefly described in passing, according to the attached press notes, as a boyfriend / girlfriend combo with a fondness for off kilter guitars and glitchy electronics none of which feature in the sum parts that is ‘listerine’ – a track pulled from a forthcoming EP set called ‘glue’. To a sparsely set weave a bitter sweet beauty blossoms, its sepia hymnal tones crushed in forlorn retrospection sigh with a thoughtfully recalling ache all the time these intimately traced moments sweeyly surrendered in swathes of misty eyed key caresses, scarcely a dry eye in the gaff I can tell you.

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