wizards of oi

Be honest, members of Volcano the Bear – Aaron Moore to be precise – locked in a recording studio with Brandstifter, let’s face it this was not going to be anything other than an unholy alliance, darkly daubed in an edgily chill sucking primitivism, there’s a no wave primality attaching to the sonic sore thumb that is ‘wot it is not’ – a misshapen form which reference wise is probably closer in spirit to the more out there happenings emanating from out the foolproof projects sound stable of late not to mention something whose freeform fluency is found nibbling and gnawing around the shadowy edges of a youthful PIL. In truth we must admit to possessing a fondness for the impish ‘piper at the gates of pawn’ which, unless our earlobes do deceive, taps directly into the wyrd-ist dialects of the folk mysticism explored by Volcano the Bear’s extensive release study of sonic anthropology. Incidentally before we forget, this collaborative head to head goes by the name Wizards of Oi.



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