jamie paton

You’ll probably be none too surprised to hear that we’ve bugger all info on this one except to say its heading out of the esteemed hoga nord record factory sometime around now in limited numbers. This is ‘telefuture’ from Jamie Paton, one half of Cage and Aviary we believe, a track that we must admit we’ve found insidiously burrowing its way into our psyche since first earshot the result of which the blighter has been leaving tiny little earworm eggs to hatch. Found strangely weaving a curious sonic palette that bridges elements of techno with a sparsely tutored vintage more attuned to old school minimalist electronics from a 70’s golden age, there are elements here that have on more than one occasion had us with half a mind to go rooting out Tele:Funken’s ‘A Collection Of Ice-Cream Vans Vol.2’ set from a while back and imagining it being retooled by a seriously out of it Depth Charge, just adore the chilled out lazy eyed vibe that smokes throughout, kind of binary tropicalia for droids. https://soundcloud.com/hoga-nord-rekords/jamie-paton-telefuture

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