look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…transmission 7.0

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 7.0….w/e 18/2/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

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Features……pull the plug, paperhead, moon duo, cobalt chapel, surf sound tsunami, the tornados, dead gurus, the sun’s evil twin, chicos de Nazca, black halos sendelica, ice man power pop man and more, Infant Myiasis, fufanu, mr rays wig world, the walking seeds, luxury death, cozymandias, wizards of oi, tape op, brian eno, bonfire nights, sandscape, ursina, fascinations grand chorus, deadbear, blanck mass, the mild horses, buspin jieber, chow mwyg, deadwall, luca dipierro, father murphy, kimkimkim, non-human persons, alphaxone, protou, basil kirchin, dave dayblygu, the residents…..


More skewiff hi-jinks, studio false starts and mechanical glitches courtesy of the latest transmission from Pull the Plug which after all the calamitous track miss-cues at the start finally kicks into life with some hippy age Star Trek excerpts – latest Shindig has a conversation with all that Trekkie gubbins – as to the sounds grooves from Australian Test Labs which disappointingly we alas missed out on a copy of, something uber cool from Moon Duo who you might find sneaking into this particular missive a little later on, Cobalt Chapel with the utterly ear hugging ‘we come willingly’ out through klove – a copy of which we will endeavour to nail, something by Paperhead whilst the creation factory run out matters to the end groove with some nifty wigginess courtesy of ‘you got it’ – a track heading out of the essential sound house market square. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-9th-february-2017/   

Staying with pods, here’s a superb 26 track rumbling roustabout cobbled together by the jazzamatazz crew, ‘surf sound tsunami #3’ is a gathering of some of the finest twang toned surf beat exponents, among the pickings a killer version of ‘goldfinger’ by sounds incorporated, the beach boys idolising the fantastic baggys, jan and dean, the tornadoes with the simply sublime ‘telstar’, the 5678’s, the uber cool reverb growl of boys with ‘polaris’, the Dale dude, the dick poulton trio, eagles, ventures,  the lively ones, the john barry 7…..my oh my, my head is gonna split through swooning……  https://www.mixcloud.com/JAZZAMATAZZ/surf-sound-tsunami-3-surf-guitar-garage-rock-music/  

Sure we’ve a download lurking around these here parts of their newly peeled ‘acid bench’  full length for wrong way records, so while we rummage around scouting for it here’s a devilishly dandy cut from it which – yep lazily – we mentioned way back at https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/08/dead-gurus/ – this is the darkly mooching shade adorned psych fuzz howl of ‘starlight sisters’ something of a sonic séance happened upon by a gathering of JMC, Fleshtones and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry types I shouldn’t wonder.

Another of those kicking myself furiously moments for missing it first time around, this apparently sneaked out of shadowy chemical haze and into the bright light some time last year – well 2015 truth be told, they be called the sun’s evil twin – great name eh – and this is the gloriously woozy and wayward smoked out gospel psych pill ‘don’t fear nothing’ which unless ears do deceive sounds like the point at where all roads Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Black Angels intersect.

The band – who hail from France have just released a new EP entitled ‘insula’ from which ‘stoned awhile’ has been the cause of swooning fits in this here gaff not least because aside of its hypnotic high there’s something of the narcotic bliss toned spirit of Spacemen 3 / Spectrum subtly about its wares tweaking the mystic eye.


another nugget that thus far, too much consternation here, has somehow managed to escape our ear gaze, this one appears to have released ages ago, it’s by Chicos de Nazca – a track called ‘Hey Lord, Hey Babe’ – a fuzzily lysergic 60’s drop out by the sounds of things that ought to appeal to those stoned out sun psych children among you plugging in and losing your minds to the sounds emanating out of the Cardinal Fuzz, Riot Season and Rocket Recordings sound houses……

….a quick check because we are good like that, alerts us to the fact that these dudes had a recently released set ‘living lightime’ doing the rounds at the tail end of last year, markedly different than the previously previewed track, the set finds them absorbing a more out there hazy soft psych MOR tweaked 70’s grooving with the parting shot ‘remains’ having caught our lobes sounding not unlike at times Neil Young. https://chicosdenazca.bandcamp.com/track/remains  

Another wandering soul picked up on our radar, a short excerpt mind but I think enough here to give the notion that all is not well and that darkening deeds are being formed and forged, this is Netherlands’ based Black Halos with the ominously titled ‘dominion of agony’ – a stilled slab of groaning ambient disquiet summoned upon a brooding conspiratorial chilling and bleak foreboding.  https://blackhalo.bandcamp.com/track/dominion-of-agony  

Latest edition of the ultra-cool power surging jamboree that is Ice man power pop and more soiree, now up show #176 this broadcast features the ever-dandy ear candy picking of chiming riffola and teen dazed effervescence with this particular turntable teasing show weighing in with an hour’s worth of happening groove from the underside of pop’s vastly varied sonic cosmos. Among the styles swooning sounds here some nifty platters plays for the Cherry Bluestorms, the remarkably Joe Meek twiddling the nobs sounding Mark and the Clouds, the hip wiggling 60’s beat toned grooves of the Vanjas, the rampant Average Times, a little Inspiral Carpets, some Undertones…always good to hear ‘Mars Bars’ blimey been too long, some tastiness from the pre Velvet Crush happenings of the Choo Choo Train…best moment all said go to the Hangabouts’ quite breath taking ‘cut down’ culled from a 2014 release set ‘illustrated bird’ which we really must track down and call our own. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/icecreammanpowerpop1967/episodes/2017-02-10T09_00_00-08_00  

Lords of the beard and alchemists of wig flipping cosmic groove Sendelica have just announced details off a short tour where they will be performing their mind morphing melodic magic throughout the months of April and May at specially selected sites across Europa…..new album ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ to coincide with  the event.


Sat 15th April Cellar Bar, Cardigan (With Here & Now)

Sun 16th April Glastonbury King Arthur Avalon Ballroom Weekend

Weds 19th April Crash Of Moons Club, Cantebury (Bramleys Cocktail Bar)

Thurs 20th April Windmill Inn, Ashford

Friday 21st April Re-Strung Harp, Folkestone

Sat 22nd April Prince Albert, Brighton

Thur 27th April Semifinal Helsinki, Finland

Friday 28th April Baari, Turku, Finland

Sat 29th April Vastvirta, Tampere Finland

Fri 5th May Cairo, Wurzburg, Germany

Sat 6th May Zychedelic, Nuremberg, Germany (With Julies Haircut)

Monday 8th Brescia, Italy

Weds 10th May Pescara, Italy

Thur 11th May Bari, Italy

Fri 12th May Lecce, Italy

Sat 13th May Matera, Italy

Sun 14th May Benevento, Italy

Tues 16th May Roma, Italy

Weds 17th May La Casa Del Popolo , Settignano (Firenze), Italy

Thur 18th May Circolo Mesa, Montecchio (Vicenza), Italy

Fri 19th May Roosters, Udine, Italy

Sat 20th May Dazibao Tortona (Alessandria), Italy – VE Label Night (+ Da Captain Trips)

Sun 21st May Beer Room Pontinvrea (Savonna), Italy VE Label Night (+ Dhvani)

Thurs 25th May Ue17 Frestival, Karlsruhe, Germany

Here’s some wigged out mind loss courtesy of the excellently titled “Master Benjamin Warned Young Albert Not To Step On The Uninsulated Air” from a few years back…..

There’s something decadently remote and isolationist about ‘liability’, the latest sortie to whirr its way into our psyche from Fufanu, its ice chilled stare and cold war minimalism imparts a curiously oblique art groove dialect that echoes and pulsates  to an era whose the  undergrounds sonic tongue was populated by the likes of Devo and the Flying Lizards, yet scratch beneath the cool subliminal buzz and something of a relic and a vintage from a forgotten age prowls through the electrical surveillance surge of the hypnotic analogue ether that imagines a top secret lost studio head to head gathering between Magazine and some mysterious emissary’s from Dusseldorf. 

Okay I’ll admit it took me longer reading the more information section that it actually took to play. This was headed up by the guys at Skull Dungeon – I think – well I say I think because we’ve lost the link – anyhow it’s been a while since we had any sonic gore from the label with which to flay your ears – truth is we were getting complaint letters because it seems some of you more sensitive souls took umbrage to the fact that your listening space was becoming a frightening place to hang around in. this little – decidedly oddly hatched sore thumb hails from Chile part of a proposed split release with Child Trachea Abuse, Desechos Tóxicos De Un Cadaver Fermentado, Pro Anorexia & Bulimia and Varanus komodoensis who we assume to be bands and not ailments or citations ripped and raided from medical journals, anyhow this is Infant Myiasis with the charmingly titled ‘Garbage Bag with Unknown Headless Fetus #2’ – 26 seconds of gore feasting speed freaked butchery, all at once defiant, dark and doom draped, enter with due caution. 


Available on pink vinyl though that shouldn’t be the selling point, quite frankly such gimmicks seem superfluous when the sounds within are so sublimely seductive. This is the latest heading out of PNKSLM records, it’s by Luxury Death who are briefly described in passing, according to the attached press notes, as a boyfriend / girlfriend combo with a fondness for off kilter guitars and glitchy electronics none of which feature in the sum parts that is ‘listerine’ – a track pulled from a forthcoming EP set called ‘glue’. To a sparsely set weave a bitter sweet beauty blossoms, its sepia hymnal tones crushed in forlorn retrospection sigh with a thoughtfully recalling ache all the time these intimately traced moments sweeyly surrendered in swathes of misty eyed key caresses, scarcely a dry eye in the gaff I can tell you. https://soundcloud.com/pnkslm/luxury-death-listerine/s-x2oFA      

Those with memories far better and more robust than say that of a goldfish, might well remember us banging on about a superb free to download compilation put out by your psyche tunes entitled ‘planet caravan’- if you don’t then we’ve made matters a little easier for you by posting the link here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/planet-caravan/ – anyway the nice folk who’ve been doing these compilation things for a few years now, well ten as it happens, in which case if I’ve got this right then these little soirees serve as, I guess, prime pickings from those gatherings, this particular show a specially selected edit of volumes 7, 8 and 9. A most tasty listening experiences with cuts by the too cool for words Kim and the Cinders, the hip wiggling fuzzed out mysticism of elephants on acid, some dream draped wooziness from the frankly flying Sky Picnic, arabesque hallucinogenia highs found of the psychedelic pocket opera that is ‘waves’ from the red plastic buddha and the mind evaporating trip-a-delics of the excellently named sisters of your sunshine vapour. https://www.mixcloud.com/cozymandias/cozymandias-radio-3 /

Those wishing to dig more can find shows #1 and #2 here https://www.mixcloud.com/cozymandias/cozymandias-radio-1/  and there https://www.mixcloud.com/cozymandias/cozymandias-radio-2/  

Be honest, members of Volcano the Bear – Aaron Moore to be precise – locked in a recording studio with Brandstifter, let’s face it this was not going to be anything other than an unholy alliance, darkly daubed in an edgily chill sucking primitivism, there’s a no wave primality attaching to the sonic sore thumb that is ‘wot it is not’ – a misshapen form which reference wise is probably closer in spirit to the more out there happenings emanating from out the foolproof projects sound stable of late not to mention something whose freeform fluency is found nibbling and gnawing around the shadowy edges of a youthful PIL. In truth we must admit to possessing a fondness for the impish ‘piper at the gates of pawn’ which, unless our earlobes do deceive, taps directly into the wyrd-ist dialects of the folk mysticism explored by Volcano the Bear’s extensive release study of sonic anthropology. Incidentally before we forget, this collaborative head to head goes by the name Wizards of Oi.



the hugely enjoyable and creatively informative Tape Op publication has just unveiled and posted online its first podcast. The broadcast features a rare interview with Mr Eno. Originally not intended for airing, the recording has now polished and cleaned up and finds Mr Eno relaxed and loose, waxing lyrical about his life in music and thoughts on sound. Tape Op is free to subscribe for digital delivery – go here for more info –  http://tapeop.com/subscriptions/


one of the stand out tracks gracing the grooves of last years acclaimed debut full length ‘Entopica Phenomica’ from bonfire nights, this is the majestic head bowed sigh of ‘heart’s to blame’, all at once damaged and devastating, an emotional tour de force bleakly sorrowed in regret whilst spirited upon a mercurial pristine pop palette whose widescreen tailoring ghosts with a forlorn heart tug to rival the more symphonically tender moments from Toy.


The band are venturing out on tour shortly, they can found doing their thing at these lucky places…..

Tour Dates

02.03: Broadcast, Glasgow

03.03: Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

04.03: The Studio, Hartlepool

12.03: The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester M4 1LE

17.03: Supersonic, Paris

18.03: Le Bouffon de La Taverne, Geneva

20.03: La Machine, Nancy

21.03: FZW, Dortmund

22.03: Monarch Berlin, Berlin

23.03: Hafenklang, Hamburg

24.03: 1000Fryd, Aalborg

25.03: Karton, Bremen

26.03: Le Coin aux étoiles, Mons

29.03: Heavenly Social, London

Something else found causing affectionate flutters around our gaff since taking up residency on the sound player and somewhat holding it ransom, this is Sandscape who are describe in passing by their press folk as an alternative jazz / electronic duo – seriously young folk ‘alternative jazz’ is not the frightening concept it once was and anyway viewed here it’s something of a misnomer. This is ‘artificial rush’ and smoky noir toned slice of nocturnal loveliness, sophisticated and sensual, its down tempo lilts and seductive layering softly swims in the kind of demurring terrains that might imagine some secret sonic tryst happened upon by a musical head to head gathering Pram and ROC.

Trust me on this, once heard this will drive you to distraction. Strangely ghostly and a tad kooky not to mention out of step and off kilter, curiously amorphous, it coos, shimmies and weaves to an alluring and ethereal palette that purrs, pouts and plays with your headspace all the time twinkled in a hypnotic corkscrew weaving that’s delightfully pitched to a slyly push / pull dynamic. This is Swiss based Ursina with ‘question untold’ a track pulled from her recently released debut full length ‘you have my heart’.


Loved in an instant, come on what’s not to adore here, an Elvis cover totally tipped on its head and given the full oomph treatment by the addition of some honeyed 50’s teen ache bubble grooving that reveals an obvious love for the classic Spector wall of sound, Shangri-La’s anyone…..anyhow this is Fascinations Grand Chorus with their take on ‘love me tender’….


may have passed comment upon this in despatches previous, something to the effect of it being the dogs danders or something such like, anyway for those who missed words of praise the first time of asking they be here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/10/blanck-mass-2/ – this is the newly cut moving picture spectacle accompanying Blanck Mass’ quite glorious ‘please’ – prepare for swooning occasions is all we’ll say on the matter……

Selected appearances as follows…..

31st March – Rewire Festival – The Hague, Netherlands

15th April – More Music Festival, Bruges, BE

21st April – CCA, Glasgow

22nd April – Safe As Milk Festival, Prestayn

26th April – The Haunt, Brighton with Pharmakon supporting

27th April – Rich Mix, London

29th April – The Lantern, Bristol

Where it not for the fact that following Losing Today’s untimely – so untimely they never even bothered to tell me, don’t answer emails or jack – thanks lads – and with it the pulling of its entire presence on the internet, as a result meaning I lost an archive of 12 plus years of reviews due to some clown instigating a spiders / robots or some other such nonsense preventing the likes of archive.org preserving screens shots of the web site for historical citation, then and only then could I ramble on at length with reviews too boot as proof as to our admiration for Matt Leuw. Okay to some the name might not register, so if we were to say that over the course of the last 20 years that he’s occasionally surfaced from his hidey hole to front / be part of some of the finest bands to have entered the roll call of lost pop bands – ensembles such as Crest, Coin Op, Cortez and most latterly – about 8 years ago all told – 2 hot 2 sweat – then are we now up to speed. So why mention all this you may well be asking yourselves, well Mr Leuw got in touch giving us a head’s up of new sounds about surface whilst simultaneously giving account of those gap years between 2 hot and now which as it happens were punctuated a few years ago by the emergence of a Mild Horses EP entitled ‘from the woods’. Five tracks within reveal a deeply varied spectrum of sound and mood being plundered, the hollowed Italo spy noir cool of the Morricone meets Barry-esque ‘the journey to centre of the earth’ is contrasted superbly by the kosmich grace fall of the astral planning ‘the first spacewalk’. Somewhere else the sepia framed psyche hymnal ‘the herald of free enterprise’ is deliciously moored upon a bucolic phrasing that might find a welcoming home on both the second language and ghost box imprints, love the Reich-ish Flying Saucer Attack sequence at its fall. Lest we forget to mention the mournfully reflective ‘puddles’ whose ghost light sustain had us rifling around for our copy of Tex La Homa’s quite immaculate ‘transience’ set from a few years ago, however as exquisite these four are, they pail to the eloquence and fragile beauty of ‘Battersea park’, a beautifully stolen moment of genteel kick back and let go hazy lazy eyed loveliness amid whose spectral toning echoes of the late great Nick Drake whisper at its shoulder. http://www.mildhorses.com/      

Must admit I do love the way ethnic tongues ethereally feed into this not to mention its amorphous flow and somewhat terraforming nature of the sounds as they resist fixing to a point, instead preferring to flicker, flutter and shape shift into a glorious gospel haze of quiet euphoria. It’s something that you find keeps putting you on the back foot as you claw with futility for a reference marker. This is Deadbear with a new single ‘holding heart aces’ just ahead of a forthcoming album ‘the trees are dancing’ – the release soon to be available on the usual digital platforms also appears as a super limited gold cassette – a copy of which I deeply suspect our record collection will weep if we don’t secure our mits to one. https://soundcloud.com/deadbearsongs/holding-heart-aces    

Is it possibly just me who thinks this sounds like some thought lost weird ear’d psychotropic slab of mischief making dark wave electronica from an icy early 80’s featuring a curious assembling of disparate souls among whose number are counted members of B-Movie, SPK and a just happened to be passing Genesis Breyer P-Orridge eerily applying some strangely woozy Psychic TV styled weird craft. Just me then. This is heading out on recordiau prin a little later in the year, it’s by Chow Mwng, it’s called ‘useless hands pt1’ and its rather damn fine. Just thought you ought to know.  https://soundcloud.com/chowmwng

Those of you well versed in the two ‘lost themes’ volumes put out by John Carpenter ought to find themselves seductively satiated by this little lovely. By Buspin Jeiber, this one entitled ‘are we machines’ is heading out of the murya productions sound house, a lovely slice of lulling lunar vintage sounds, all cosmic oceanic sprays demurred in a svelte nocturnal cool, very Zombi / Stranger Things in texture, tone and tastiness by our reckoning. https://soundcloud.com/muryaproductions/buspin-jieber-are-we-machines   

Moving picture show time, eyed this on a passing posting, looks intriguing, featuring stop motion animations by Luca Dipierro accompanied by music from Father Murphy, this is a teaser trailer for an intricate labour of love entitled ‘the cadence’ – whether it be down to the eerie chamber orchestrations of Father Murphy or the curious ritual like imagery feasting before the eyes, this excerpt hints of dark deeds and ne’er do welling afoot……

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/199917849″>The Cadence trailer</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/lucadipierro”>Luca Dipierro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Causing a fair amount of swooning around the gaff, Deadwall have just sneaked out a taster from their forthcoming full length ‘the zero cliff’ through the hatch imprint called ‘heartlands’ – this cruise controlling cosmically sprayed love note veers and shimmies with the same kind of uber cooling sky pop symmetry that we’ve come to love and adore from platters bearing the name Victories at Sea branded upon their hide, add in a twist of Astronaut and this pulsing pretty assuredly transmits the kind of tuneage that’s all at once the sound of yesterday, tomorrow and now. https://soundcloud.com/hatchrecords/03-deadwall-heartlands

Somewhat at a loss as to how and where we managed to stumble over this, one for the micro-sonic brigade we suspect and something that’s sure to engage with those well versed in the sounds emanating from the unexplained sounds bunker, all softly modulating tonalities with just a degree of eerie disquiet, in truth sounds like the shimmer toning pulse of an at rest UFO, it’s by KimKimKim and it’s called ‘aaa’ beyond that the trail goes strangely quiet. https://soundcloud.com/user-475776476/aaa?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

Again another track accompanied with absolutely diddly information, this chill tipped lovely comes seductively trimmed and graced in ethereal ghost folk mosaics, must admit we do adore the way it’s spectral spell crafting sumptuously wraps around you whispering strange archaic enchantments while simultaneously cocooning you in a woozily celestial haze, reference wise an imagining of secret studio assignations happened upon by the palace of swords and Jodie Lowther. Anyhow this is, I think, non-human persons with a track called ‘future déjà vu’ via the k dreams imprint. https://soundcloud.com/non-humanpersons/futuredeja-vu

It’s the sparse toning and the use of space that endows this with a stilled majestic elegance, the beauty of isolation and that sense of vast nothingness comes perfectly illustrated by the genteel oceanic ebbs and flows, the serene murmuring motion broken only by the occasioning of rippled fractures like stones skipping upon a pond surface serve to accentuate the lengthening emptiness and loneliness of the galactic heavens, this is, before we forget to say, a collaboration between Alphaxone and ProtoU – the former no stranger here following adoration poured upon a recent unexplained sounds group visitation, this incidentally is titled ‘consumed’ – a track in its demo form pulled from a new set ‘stardust’ through cryo chamber’.  https://soundcloud.com/alphaxone/alphaxone-protou-consumed-demo   

The original sore thumbs the Residents are readying themselves for the release of a new full length entitled ‘the ghost of hope’ – a commentary on the great train wrecks of the 19th and 20thc which for now you’ll have to excuse us for the lack of detail owing to the fact that we’ve mislaid the press gubbins. Anyhow serving as a teaser as to what’s to come here’s a moving picture show accompanying their recent single ‘rushing like a banshee’ – a wiring slab of panic pitched darkly woven shadow toned frenzied blues howling hysteria with the chugging rhythms, the gravel toned macabre ghost vocals and the discordant spidery riff trimmed waywardness all colluding and gathering in a fateful line to warn of a perilous calamity at the next turn. Quite essential listening I would have thought.



Interview featuring the dead gurus who’ve a killer platter knocking around on wrong way entitled ‘acid bench’


spotify woes…..


basil kirchin festival….


dave datblygu book of poetry and cd……


a list of the best surf albums to own…..




Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


The end groove…..

The mighty not forgotten Mr Ray’s Wig World….with the frankly head melting ‘brain washes whiter’…..

….more Scouse cool – this one – a rare TV appearance featuring those ultra dudes the Walking Seeds…



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