object agency /devonanon

promised we’d be back with further kit records happenings, well here’s two to engage your ear-lugs, the first from object agency sneaked its way out last year, a gorgeous slice of vintage electronica, love the way this starry orbital slowly builds layer by layer both in density and detail to cocoon you in its softly serene and quietly affectionate not to mention jubilant cosmic waltz flight, by our reckoning something for the Magnetaphone admirers among you.

Last one out of the Kit sound house, December time was a long since sold out cassette outing by Devonanon entitled ‘city of all times’ – it’s the parting track that caught our attention, the short and briefly sweet ‘Beaulieu’ – a sonic map of sorts drawn from field recordings gathered from overheard conversations and aural photographs collected on their travels, this one being, if we have this right, from a church service features a lone choral, quite eerily beautiful all said though strangely dislocated and disquieting. https://kitrecs.bandcamp.com/album/city-of-all-times


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