polymer cities

Impish dig time, newly treated polymer cities groove called ‘the hauntologists race to emulate the stranger things soundtrack’ – a title that almost takes as long to read as the actual duration of the track itself – 82 seconds if you were wondering, anyhow a succinct one stop summation in sound of all your favourite late 70’s / early 80’s VHS sci-fi / horror / fantasy soundtracks neatly distilled into something that hints of dark things looming on the horizon and not a million miles, it should be said, to the Howarth / Carpenter ‘Halloween III’ suite albeit as though channelled and rephrased through the sonic eye of Pye Corner Audio. As to the whole hauntologist / stranger things discussion – in truth I had always thought Zombi had beaten them all to the punch by about 10 years – that should open a whole new can of worms. https://soundcloud.com/midwich-youth-club/the-hauntologists-race-to-emulate-the-stranger-things-soundtrack?fb_action_ids=1228066173907181&fb_action_types=soundcloud%3Apublish

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