seaside caves

been a while since we had any Seaside Caves groove with which to cause your turntable to swoon so you can imagine the nervous excitement as our eyes spied this popping up on our player. ‘this is ‘terminal’ a track pulled from, by the looks of things, a planned full length entitled ‘hope’. This is huge, like skyscraper huge, just smothers you in an arresting stately and statuesque euphoria that drags you from the floor of despair and serves that one last much needed kick up the jacksy to get you over finishing line, you can feel the adrenalin peeling off this amid the ricocheting lunar sprays, just when you think its ridden its course then in come the all-consuming synth swathes of bliss toned radiance at the 3.20 to take it to a different level somewhat more hymnal and majestic in vibe, easily filed alongside Wild Swans ‘revolutionary spirit’ and the chameleons ‘second skin’. In short, will blow you away.

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