analog candle

it’s all getting a tad disconcerting now, no sooner do we despatch one release with fond words and another stumble’s along into our affections. This is Analog Candle who arrive with a track entitled ‘Scarlett’s Web’ which came described by their press folk as being ‘beautifully dreamy’ whilst pitching its longing radar in musical camps occupied by the likes of Broken Social Scene, Rilo Kiley and Xiu Xiu. Too good to be true you’re thinking, right – well – wrong as it happens, for this sepia toned twinkle trimmed starry shy eyed lovely gracefully tugs at the heartstrings all the time yearning, whispering and aching its way through a lilting lullaby serenade whose fragile and frail design, you feel obliged to throw a consoling arm around, if only in an attempt at shoring up its bruising vulnerability as its intensely magnified emotional crash unpeels, bit like the Sundays counselling the Delgados if you ask me.     

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