alasdair roberts

Accompanied by a press release which exquisitely nails both the sentiment and the reference points that stray and swim in the rippling tides of this vintage woven nugget, amid which mention is made of nods to Richard Thompson and the 60’s folk set, a song about ‘sympathetic birth’ the liner notes continue, a masked commentary on the seismic consequences of Brexit / Trump phenomena. Hell’s teeth there’s little else for me to write about. This is a newly peeled video gracing the title track from Alasdair Roberts’ ‘pangs’ full length, out about now via drag city, a journey back to simpler and fathomable times, a search for a lost happiness in the safe bosom of friends and family, daubed in mystery and magic all lushly threaded and steeped in a rich folk heraldry, ‘pangs’ finds Roberts retracing his steps to familiar climes, the melodies skipping with impatient effervescence spraying their pastoral posies to colour the deathly winter landscape in warming hues of Spring blossoming beauty. Quite breathless and somewhat beguiled if you ask me.   

Alasdair Roberts ‘Pangs’ trio UK tour 2017….

2/23/17 at Cafe OTO in London, United Kingdom

2/24/17 at South Street Arts Centre in Reading, United Kingdom  

2/25/17 at Ropery Hall in Hull, United Kingdom

2/26/17 at Colchester Arts Centre in Colchester, United Kingdom 

2/27/17 at The Cumberland Arms in Newcastle, United Kingdom 

3/1/17 at House Concert in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

3/2/17 at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, United Kingdom

3/5/17 at The Continental Pub in Preston , United Kingdom

3/15/17 at Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry, United Kingdom

3/16/17 at The Courtyard in Hereford, United Kingdom

3/17/17 at The Tangled Parrot in Carmarthen, United Kingdom 

3/18/17 at B-Bar in Plymouth, United Kingdom     

3/19/17 at Noah’s Yard in Swansea, United Kingdom

3/21/17 at Smokey Joe’s in Cheltenham, United Kingdom

3/23/17 at Prince Albert in Stroud, United Kingdom              

3/24/17 at Bodmin Folk Club in Bodmin, United Kingdom              

3/25/17 at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, United Kingdom

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