ahmed malek

A very special release and something well worth investing both time and your well-earned dosh in. this is Ahmed Malek – don’t feel so bad if your initial response is who, it’s not like we are the Wire and trying to catch you out and make you feel somewhat lacking in your sound knowledge by tripping out obscurest names at the drop of a hat. ‘the electronic tapes’ be the name of the release, heading out of Habibi Funk on both limited quantities of vinyl and CD, Malek of Albanian descent discovered the joys of the synthesizer in the 80’s whilst in his 50’s, (he had previously been a respected and acclaimed composer and conductor of Arabic music), tinkering about creating dreamy spy noir ambient scores which as evidenced here, do have a sonic affinity with that recent Art of the Memory Palace cassette for horror pop sounds, these recordings remained unreleased and gathering dust in a big box until they came the way of Habibi Funk. Alas their creator and composer now long since passed, the label enlisted the help of Flako – a producer and fan of early electronica to lovingly wade through hours of recordings and condense from these suites an album of sound that achieves its primary remit of putting this craftsman’s name on the electronic map whilst getting his reputation out and beyond the closeted circles of the Middle East.


the set can be ordered here along with a collection of his more familiar Arabic recordings – a third album of unreleased material is promised in the very near future.

https://habibifunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/habibi-005-ahmed-malek-flako – suggested listening is ‘tape 23 tape 5’ very Louis and Bebe Barron….


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