minimal joy

With its phenomenal release rate already this year, this being the sixth release this year and counting (that include both celebrations of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive), at such an early point in the year we are already finding ourselves struggling to keep up with the work rate of the blog that celebrates itself, so worried in fact that it might warrant the call for dedicating a missive special over to them just to bring us up to speed. Latest to the fray, a collection that gathers the unknown, the unheard and the deserving of adoration all housed and featured on a mind blowing 26 track compilation entitled ‘new adventures of TBTCI’. As said, we are scampering to devote time to all these releases very shortly, for now and in so small way to draw your attentive ear, we’ve been somewhat taken by Minimal Joy’s ‘dark, sweet, tender violence’ – took me straight back to those classic cuts that fell out of legendary imprints such as summershine and bus stop way back in the day, a shadowy mysterio bittersweetly harnessed to sap at the emotions, perhaps it’s the way it swerves, shimmies and snares you in to its hollowing core all the time sprayed resplendently in bruised demurring shades of light and scabbing furies of darkness, one minute tender and ghosted in enchantment the next flexed and animated in a fragmenting twisted crisis.

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