nektar 2017 – volume 9

New Nektar compilation has just emerged, a jaw dropping 215 track gathering that clocks in at a weighty 28 hours of sounds – which we’ll warn now translates to just under 4gb of download should you be so inclined. And you should, why not, Truth about Frank feature amid this frankly colossal set – mentioned I believe somewhere here – due to size / time needed etc…..i fear we may have to dip in and out of this on occasion during the course of the next few missives, so in order to get things moving along – a mention for a handful of tracks that initially caught our ear on first listening, for among the grooves of ‘life death’ if you fast forward to #113 you’ll find yourself greeted by Ian Haygreen’s ‘journey to extinction’ – a immensely serene slice of silvery shimmer toned isolationism both intricate and chilled, its bowed frequencies and frost flecked orchestrations crafting out strangely beguiling landscapes that hint of elements of Tristram Cary and a brief section at 3.25 or thereabouts lifted straight from Barry Gray’s end credit score for ‘UFO’ from therein the mood takes and assumes something of a church like hymnal reverence. Elsewhere Chicago_words_brigade who I’m sure we’ve had occasion to mention before in previous dispatches, summon up ‘ _i][a_a]_K_[a]_L_[b_b]_V_[b_e][a_i][b_][b_e][a][c][i][a_d][e][a_d_’ which despite its gloom gouged entrance soon emerges to form into something which though desperately melancholic and sighed in regret attracts a somewhat dreamy yet cinematic chamber tethering. Last one for this brief visit, satanipornocultshop who serve up ‘commerciality’ – in short a nifty slice of wonky weird ear wig flipping waywardness, kooky as hell, a crookedly cool 8 bit fry up that had us here much recalling through the foggy mists of our memory those early outings by 4treck, if only I could lay my hands on our stash of their releases to make certain of the comparison.   


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