Apologies for the lack of information on these dudes, we picked this stray up earlier today on a passing post on face book, from what we can gather they hail from Spain and by all accounts sound as though they’ve means to time travelling technology for this sounds as though it’s just stepped straight out of the 60’s. they go by the name of fogbound this being their – we assume – debut self-titled full length via the John Colby Sect imprint. Alas due to time constraints a quick ramble through these ten cuts had us a tad swooning to the affectionately soft psyched shimmers of ‘jane in the shade’ which aside being a mite admiring of the McCartney penned moments of ‘magical mystery tour’ also had us reaching fondly for our stash of Murmurs of Irma and the Giant Paw – whatever happened to them we’ve often wondered. Fast forward along the grooves to ‘Edward Divine’ and a peeling of citrussy kaleidoscopic swirls shimmer and shape shift to form trippy mind arranging tapestries – wowzah.


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