broken soundtracks

is it just me or does this just scream summer, comes on like an itch you can’t scratch ablaze in a wiring effervescence that slaps you in the face and then slaps you again just for good measure, this young people is one half of a split cassingle – that’s a single on a cassette for those born in a post physical release era reliant on downloads, streaming and other disposable sonic naffness before the nostalgic interest in all things wax and ferric had you all buying your records again on limitless new formats. Fear not we all fell for it in the great expanded / remastered / SACD et al com of the late 80’s which accounted for several homes having a zillion copies of ‘DSOTM’. Anyway this is heading out soon on roadkill records – a split EP cassette with Weird Sex on one side and these dudes – Broken Soundtracks – on the other – and whose ‘to be among my enemies’ – every single day I can tell you – is being previewed as a teaser taster – two minutes of teen spirited garage gouged bubble grooved prickly pop-ness that hints of the Ramones freebasing on the Pistols three favourite power chords. Adorable stuff.   

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