if we were one of those types that filed our records in alpha order – believe you me I know some who do, we’d would now be springing in action and rummaging through the M’s of the endless line of seven inch singles to source our copy of a machinefabriek single that I’m certain appeared around 2009 or thereabouts on the newly hatched champion version imprint, the same guys who used to send cryptic emails and letters with nonsensical missives, which once you cracked the word play, you realised soon enough was a warning of releases to come. Now as said it was all the work of champion version, yet even now I’m none the wiser or certain of this, in times gone by we’d simply resort to the search engine of the once trusted losingtoday site to reacquaint ourselves with our words – but that’s disappeared and so too has our old losing today email. So, we are damned on all counts. But, enough with the grumbling, new thing from machinefabriek, on champion version of course, this ‘un is being pressed to order, just one week to get your orders in, in return you get two cuts from the artist pressed upon ultra-limited lathe vinyl, guarantee no repress. The release entitled ‘Snoepgoed’ comes in a choice of two versions – like ‘I’ and ‘II’ – we’ve opted for the former, a lulling lovely, frost flecked and gloopy, very sparsely detailed, a collage of sorts whereupon the base elements of a trembling piano refrain are intricately layered and fleshed out upon by the merest of sonic additives which coalesce to give it an intimately hushed  neo classical defrosting.   

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