pefkin / bell lungs

Latest from the beautifully immaculate looking releases from Sonido Polifonico, this one has been cut to order – 52 I believe all hand numbered – ours in case you are taking notes is numbered #49, pressed on clear lathe vinyl, replete with hessian cloth, badges, photos all delicately housed in a box and tied with a bow, really is a wonderful looking release and up to their usual impeccable standard for care, attention and cuteness Available at the forthcoming shows Pefkin / Bell Lungs shows for it is they that share the sides of this limited release, Pefkin who you should all be familiar with by now offer up the ethereally spectral ‘swans’ – beguilement and enchantment don’t quite do adequate justice to this love noted ghost folk shimmer tone, a celestial visitation rather more perhaps, a siren – call it what you will, this airless and entrancing spell charm softly stirs in the hazy mists of a twilight hideaway, steeped in mystique a majestic grace fall whose beckoning sonic tongue whispers and woos with a fragile timeless framing. Over on the flip await Bell Lungs with the disarming and demurring ‘mosul dam’ – now this is quite something and again one of those tracks that slyly serves a delayed sucker punch reaction, its lazy eyed tones and lolloping strange soft psych folk-tronica weaving a casual and intoxicating ripple toning rustic tapestry whose push / pull inhale / exhale motifs softly soothe with their daintily airy and seafaring detailing, quite  reminiscent if I’m being honest of the much adored Pram and something not unlike the kind of stuff that was heading out of the burnt hair and Wurlitzer jukebox imprints in the 90’s and for that matter the bad jazz sound house in the early noughties. Essential but then I guess you gathered that for yourself.


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