you, the night and the music #202

Latest ‘you, the night and the music’ transmission is a bit of a belter. Hosted by Mat Handley that wouldn’t happen to be the same Mat from – is it the Pulselovers who I think and hope I’m right in saying did a rather spiffing cover of the ‘theme from the Persuaders’ recently. Anyhow enough of the back slapping, onwards to the sounds, two cuts from Fred and Luna from an as yet untitled full length give hint that this might just be one of those eagerly anticipated type releases even if the former of two does subtly nick the coda from ‘the look of love’ and wires it to a mind morphing Moroder mirror ball. Next up Julius Vanderbilt, who will be featuring a lot more later in the week thanks to PK Chown highly recommending ‘action catalyst’ in our ‘you request it and we’ll review it’ moment of madness on a yesterday face book posting, this dude is the founder member of the Dandelion Set friends of those Revbjelde type who themselves will be featuring here later on at some point. And you just think I throw these things together. P.S. as though to complete the Delaware Road family circle master of ceremonies Dolly Dolly looms large on the mix cloud a little later. Anyhow this cut, aptly titled ‘danger in movement’ is grooved sublimely in a 60’s spy noir which had us imagining a secret studio summit meeting in the late 90’s embarked upon by Gnac and Orbital. Staying with the good stuff, Reet Maffl serve up ‘is it clearer’ – a sparsely toned minimalist instruction of sorts guide reminiscent of those old school stereo testing records from the 70’s, in truth had us pining to hear some Stylus. No introductions needed for Cavern of Anti Matter, purveyors of kosmiche sonic engineering they’ve been canny enough to take motorik dream machine dialects to the dance floor. Also appearing again a little later on and much adored around here Earthling Society come bearing a lesson in woozily tripping psych masterclass with ‘outside of in time’ while Akiha Den Den follow in hot pursuit, alas we never did get to the end of their radiophonic weird ear from which we are assuming this is culled, very tense and darkly prowling and something we suspect that ought to be on the radar of those stricken by sleepless nights imagining in their headspace Zombi revisiting ‘Halloween III’. All we’ll say about Wozniak is – massive, mammoth and totally off the scale followed by the simply sublime Midday Veil while Prada Crafter stirs matters into more post rocked atmospheric environs with some dreamy mountain folk grooving which admittedly had us in mind of Billy Mahonie sparring with Meets Guitar. Recently featured in these pages, Centralstödet just do wow like no one else, then something intimately mellow to draw you close in jaw dropped awe from David Colohan & Richard Moult culled from a new a year in the country full length which we must admit to owing an apology to the label for thus far erroneously overlooking. A cut from trimdon grange explosion’s simply exquisite new set which all things being well we’ll have physical copies to run a review off before the weeks out. Time constraints so on and so forth we’ll quickly rummage through the rest, moon wiring club we owe a huge apology to, an errant and long overdue review of his recent double wax three cd extravaganza of strange is pressing, the split with belbury poly is due for listening love soon, ummagma we’ve featured many times previously and with good reason for they occupy a seat at dream pop’s top table, julie’s haircut – in all honesty I’m not sure we’ve seen a copy of their new album but be rest assured we are on its case, Billy Cote we’ve mentioned in despatches this one taken from his recent long sold out polytechnic youth release while we’re off in search of more E Gone groove.

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