flies on you

Think I’ve said on more than one occasion, no sooner do we dispatch one record signing it off with the immortal ‘dogs danders’ tag then along comes another to replace itself in our affections. Prompted by a quick message from Doug to say a Flies on You full length –  working title ‘the provocative finger’ – their third – is currently simmering on the back burner readying itself for release, he then wondered if their sound was anything we’d be interested in, y’kidding right, the phrase to do with bears and woods sprung instantly to mind when our lobes fixed upon ‘can you smell that burning noise’. A searing sonic shakedown decoded in a brittle and sharp as hell post punk angular acuteness whose wiring edginess comes intricately threaded with swathes of pulse tightening siren scabbing sky firing riffs which to these ears hints of the cooled mastery of the Chameleons as though channelled by Fufanu yet something whose prowling and prickling shadowy intent forges a hitherto kinship with the much-missed David Cronenberg’s Wife. Any questions then……I gather not.

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