What strange enchantment be this that comes whispering sorcery in our ear. I think you might want to tie yourself to your listening chair for this. Never known for doing things in half measures, Sendelica have these last ten years earned themselves deserved acclaim and an enviable repute among their peers, members of the Fruits de Mer top table, they have forged a formidable back catalogue that has taken listeners on journey’s beyond the cosmic capability of realism, their sounds morphing and slip streaming between all out long-haired bearded prog to eye glazed hyper psych, between here, there and somewhere their symphonic prowess abled with the ability to at once bliss kiss, bong out or blister with a thunderous stoned white out. It’s due to this that words served up here when reviewing sets previously that we’ve been occasioned to refer to them as the Welsh version of Acid Mothers.   

Described by its authors as a ‘real yin / yang album recorded over two sessions back in the summers of 2015 and 2016’, ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ is due to land in early April, and we say land very deliberately and with good reason for this is a colossal release. With several guest members on board for the ride, Sendelica push the ante to the max utilising their full sonic spectrum to its peak potential. As you might so far surmise, ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ is a set that houses two unique and separate sonic personalities, the first featuring two extended instrumental suites both clocking in at a mammoth mind arranging 20 plus minutes apiece. Opening to the demurring dream drift that is the bonged out and beautiful ‘Occhiolism’, I don’t mind saying that I’d be surprised if you don’t emerge from this thinking you been visited upon by some celestial occurrence. High grade out there transcendentalism, both spiritual, soothing and re-invigorating, seriously they need to bottle this stuff, absolutely trippy all oozed in dissipating lunar toned flotillas that coalesce to smother you in warm life affirming radiance, amid the vapour kisses the subtle spray of middle eastern tonalities flicker and flutter in the gaseous ghost folk nothingness, file under audionic astral planing. Those finding their way back safely and suitably refreshed are ushered in to the stately and statuesque domain of ‘onism’ which reference wise turns upon an sonic axis much reminiscent of those encountered on early outings by the master musicians of the bukkake, as though drawing its energy from natures own elements, this snake winding dust cloud hollows hypnotically its atmospheric charge, pressed with poise and an irrefutable awareness for wide-screen delivery beneath its hazy shimmering of Floydian spell craft lurks amid the molten shift of the melodic plates hints of Ariel Kalma and Aidan Baker swimming beneath the surface tides.  

Better don your tin hats for the second part of the set takes in tracks 3 – 7 for what is, shall we agree to say, the more frenzied side of the listening equation with the aptly titled parting shot the head fracturing 10 minute stylus sizzler that is ‘dancing to dante’s inferno’  – a floor bouncing stone grooved cosmic mirror ball trip wired amid blistered slabs of sun scorched psychedelia and hip wiggling smoking cool riff snaking slinkiness all set to a thunderously throbbing motorik underpin. Elsewhere the wigged out ‘kenopsia’ greets with a squalling riff shriek before tripping out on some cosmic drone axis which on reflection tailgates to the gravitational pull of the Heads before the impishly named ‘father todd and his official Faustian bargaining kit’ drops it’s wig flipped ear worms to ferment and decorate your head space in all manner of freakily grizzled kaleidoscopic swirls – by our reckoning sounding not a million miles in terms of whacked out wooziness as the Wizards of Twiddly aided and abetted by the mighty Kevin Ayers. Those finding their way out of that might well think they’ve jumped from the proverbial pan and in to the fire when the infectious Lurie-esque melodic misfit that is the ‘not the time for salads’ merrily mooches its way into your mind fraying affection kissed with an insidiously addictive riff corkscrew and the words beardy boogie tattooed to its hide, all of which I’m afraid to say leaves ‘staring at the feinting goats’ to rally a truly humungous white hot all out freak storm and into the bargain stripping you bare of your faculties and focus as you stand amid the carnage this kraut gouged caner has laid waste to with jaws agape mumbling ‘WTF was that’.   

In conclusion, there’s a point when a band goes beyond from being mere players to turning a corner towards establishing themselves far and apart from the chasing pack, ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ marks that point. ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ is released via Sunhair in the second week of April, available on all formats, the double disc odyssey will be available in a variation of limited coloured vinyl editions.

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