vinna bee

I must say I certainly wasn’t expecting this, for sitting up on the doormat and waiting expectantly for our return from work, a quite alluring and enchanting release from Vinna Bee. The four-track set that is the ‘Hypnagogia’ EP through the clearwing imprint is seductively ice toned in noir demurred intimacy. Perhaps it’s the purring electronics, the ghostly folk murmurs and that whole overall sense of something delightfully out of focus, out of step and out of time not to mention its playfully flutter by like daintiness that had us immediately struck by an urge to refamiliarize ourselves with Heather Duby’s quite exquisite Sub Pop debut from many years ago, for here is where your reference moorings start (non more so is this the case on the opening spectral enchantment that is ‘cotton wolf’), perhaps to a lesser extent you might feel at liberty to add Serafina Steer to your preparatory listening. That said while it might be considered lazy and trite to mention, say Kate Bush, it’s for good reason that we do, for there’s a creative impishness at work here that’s far removed from the usual pop trinket-dom that suggests a hitherto acute teeth cutting fondness for Ms Bush’s ‘never for ever’. As engaging a listening experience that we’ve had the pleasure of hearing in such an age, once fixed beneath the entrancing spell of the opening ‘cotton wolf’, ‘beds’ awakes to find itself in unfamiliar landscapes, amid the softly airless sensual smothering of noir smoked hypnotically spiralling swirls, Vinna Bee pouts and coos in a sleepy headed haze. The off kilter smoky torch soul tracings continue on the quite exquisite ‘Icefields’ whose sophisticated nocturnal chic lining had us much recalling the amorphous chill toned happenings of Musetta’s ethereal ‘mice to meet you’ set from a while back leaving the love noted ‘ID (iDisappear)’ to take matters to the concluding end groove though not before flexing and genuflecting its pop prowess to flicker and flutter to the kind of alluring mercurial song craft chemistry hinted at on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘tango in the night’. I’d go as far to say best filed somewhere near your Linda Perhacs and Vashti Bunyan treasures.     

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