Shimmered in 70’s styled sunburns, Sleepyard’s ‘(always) in the back of my mind’ oozes nostalgia, again another cut that ought first hand to attract and seduce those littlebow admiring types among you, this twinkle trimmed slice of effervescent radiance swoons to the same mysterio lolloping pop pic n’ mix as that that greeted the debuting outing from the Go! Team many, many moons ago via pickled egg, a lost musical seaside postcard lazily lounging on lysergic promenades whilst adored in seafaring shimmies and silvery sepia ghosted strings. ‘Winter crickets’ is, according to Sleepyard’s Oliver, a work in progress, its completion pencilled in for later in the year along with a compilation featuring a collection of archive cuts spanning their sonic career peppered with their earliest demos from 1994 to selections right up to the present day. A most alluring listening experience, ‘Winter Crickets’ is awash in genteel tonalities, from the campfire hymnal sprays that crackle throughout the sun setting grooves of ‘summer crickets’ – think ‘midnight cowboy’ retuned by a gathering of J Xaverre and Toshack Highway types to the hazy late 60’s bubble grooving of the radio purring soft psych west coast tracings of ‘angel makes perfect’ whiffing ever so longingly it has to be said of Neutral Milk Hotel, it’s a set that even in its pre-production fashioning, draws you close with jaw agape and eyebrow raised. All said, on this brief visit, we suggest you tune into the ethereal heaven sent posy that is ‘red lightning’ with its beautified winter frosted string corteges arcing and surrendering to the ghost charmed choral enchantment, of course if I’m being quite honest about matters, ‘the harmony signal’ is a bit of a nugget, channel hopping frequency pulsars giving into swathes of isolationist murmurs serve to craft out an immeasurably beguiling dream drifting lunar fantasia distressed in tear stained melancholia.

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