the intercosmos project

Was put onto this by Oliver Sleepyard who incidentally features, a project headed up by former Loop-er man Neil MacKay going by the name the Intercosmos Project who’ve a new album out currently doing the rounds on band camp entitled ‘space sickness (fucked in space)’ which we don’t mind admitting, has been causing some raised eyebrows around the gaff, not least the track ‘weird noise’. A vintage kosmiche orbital whose minimalist and hypnotic pulsing binary bopping had us much imagining some secret studio gathering enacted by members of Fly, Echoboy and a few Slipstream waifs and strays, quite alluring and serene pressed upon a star watching seafaring framing. At 10 minutes in length and instructed with leading the set out to the parting end groove, ‘escape’ looms with foreboding, part dream locked, part edgy and detached, an ominously fracturing ghost light tripping hallucinogenic sprays of wiring isolationism atop looped transmission echoes, very disquieting and a somewhat chilling future vision. Elsewhere those fully versed in Radiophonic wonkiness and blessed with a love for the more playful electronic squiggles once upon a time pressed to vinyl by ISAN will do well to seek out the kookily cute binary chatter of the enraptured R2D2 meets Wall E cosmic cosiness of the affectionately dippy ‘strange one’ – one we suspect for you Raymond Scott admirers.


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