phil reynolds and the uncertain futures

I promise we will be having a proper listen of this over the weekend – honest, pressed for time (trust us then to pick the longest track) though just at this very moment here’s the lead track from Phil Reynolds and the Uncertain Futures’ new EP through Small Bear. The blurb reads something about a story to do with a shellfish looking for love who enlists the assistance of mythical witches frozen in stone – okay like that is it. ‘white claw’ be the EP’s name and this obviously is er – ‘white claw’ – a fifteen minute psych popping opera / mysterio that sumptuously spirals and radiates between caressing crystalline corteges of soft psych toned oceanic sprays the type of which jubilantly cool to imagine Stephen Jones’ Trucker persona pouring over the grooves of the Teardrop’s ‘wilder’ set to extended moments moored upon an enchanted wilderness where sound the strange allure of kosmiche folk flotillas tempering and whispering to an artistry that flickers and shape shifts magically revealing a nodding affection for Birdpen, Soft Hearted Scientists and Goblin, any questions……

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