Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or

Many thanks to Andrea over at Boring Machines for allowing us to premiere a newly peeled video accompanying Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or’s stunningly dark ‘phantasms of the living’….

I must say I’m slightly concerned that these dudes occupy and operate from a different, dare I say, darker dimension to most musical folk. This sonic black hole is a nine-minute excerpt of an extended fright freak storm that’s due to occupy one side of their current set for Boring Machines entitled ‘Anacalypsis’. In short, as the title might well hint, ‘phantasms of the living’ is not an easy ride, in fact we’d go as far as to say it’s a maddeningly macabre white-knuckle ride into the beyond, a truly bad tripping happening in the company of those overlords of gloom, Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-or. In truth we have had occasion to mention this particular cut previously – see https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/11/12/hermetic-brotherhood-of-lux-or/ – describing it merely as dark, chilling and nightmarish doesn’t quite touch the sides of this sonic study into fracturing psychosis. Reference wise, and I’m out on a limb here, given the CD in question isn’t to hand and the review we did of it for Losing Today has long since been lost to obscurity, however in the fog we call a memory I do recall a certain former member of Walking Seeds handing us a very early version of a Koolaid album which as I recall glowered with the same ne’er do well intensity as this dark deeding opus. Amid the light sucking futility and abandoned hope lurks a song craft scored and scarred in the black arts that’s both uneasy and disquieting in its primitive tongue and psychotropic tension not to mention sounding at times sounding not unlike Genesis Breyer P Orridge in a séance / mind link with Timothy Leary and William S Burroughs.


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