Those preferring their sounds a little more mellowed and somewhat dream drifting, might want to dive into the chill toned oceanic currents of Soundsource’s aptly titled ‘sea of life’- a link to which we alas have so far found ourselves stumped on. A wonderfully serene astral mind walk which, okay arguably, isn’t seeking to push the sound envelope to any great extent – see Biosphere / Banco de Gaia and pretty much most of the stuff that demurs its way out of both the handstitched and eilean imprints of late (incidentally two new Eilean’s on the back burner as we write – quite dandy things), yet something which gives you a much needed momentary escape route from this frazzled and frantic thing called life. Should also say its oozed in oodles of birdsong and swathes of celestial choral corteges.  

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