house of tapes

Yuuya Kuno – he who is swamp sounds, also records as house of tapes whose recording home is the quite excellent tanukineiri imprint, well we thought your ears might like to hear a wee sample of their wares so here’s ‘cosmic low’ – not sure which album this comes pulled from it certainly isn’t from his recent ‘the end of collapse’ set, at least we don’t think it is. Whatever the case it’s a nifty slice of ear gear which unless we are very much mistaken, seamlessly flirts and flows amid the kind of mind morphing dream drift terrains once upon a time navigated exquisitely by the Future Sound of London. Elsewhere, we’ve just hooked our head to what appears to be the latest House of Tapes recording, entitled ‘aKuMu’ this cut soon descends from its opening spy noir fashioning into something coiled in deep psychosis with the cross-wiring messages and jumbled glitch grooved minimalist tech detuning imparting a state of dream dazed confusion, quite unsettling if you ask me.

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