look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping – transmission 9

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 9.0….w/e 4/3/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


This edition features……

AyOwA, Minimal Joy, john shuttleworth, ahmed malek, kindred spirits, goldfrapp, danny dove, joe goddard, disco inferno, nectar 2017, ian haygreen, Chicago words brigade, satanicpornocultshop, deadbeat, Irma vep, pull the plug, morning glory, plone, third man pressing plant, frank sidebottom, eurnovision 2017, pefkin, fogbound, Nathan hall and the sinister locals, wire, psyence, sendelica, eurnovision2016, the hoiusewives, the residents, buttertones, murlocs, Robert wyatt, Patrick moore, best tuna, johnny cash, musetta, wizards of twiddly, matt sav, a kite worth flying, hp spacecraft, fence, tashaki miyaki, pefkin, bell lungs, fogbound, les amzones d’Afrique, exquisite corpses, clinic, jellyroll, Oscar Boothroyd, auction for the promise club, Jordan Ireland with purple orchestra, machinefabriek, corrupting sea, Ashley reaks, elephant house, you the night and the music, flies on you, vinna bee  

More loveliness from the music for dreams sound house, this is due to emerge today in fact, from duo AyOwA and entitled ‘Rus’- a beautiful slice of shyly toned frost tipped enchantment that comes adored and seductively smothered in a dusty dimpling of Balearic sunsets whilst trembled in the same kind of nocturnal sophistication that instantly calls to mind the much missed No Ceremony albeit as though found huddled up with the amorphous Flau imprint. https://soundcloud.com/ayowa/rus/  

With its phenomenal release rate already this year, this being the sixth release this year and counting (that include both celebrations of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive), at such an early point in the year we are already finding ourselves struggling to keep up with the work rate of the blog that celebrates itself, so worried in fact that it might warrant the call for dedicating a missive special over to them just to bring us up to speed. Latest to the fray, a collection that gathers the unknown, the unheard and the deserving of adoration all housed and featured on a mind blowing 26 track compilation entitled ‘new adventures of TBTCI’. As said, we are scampering to devote time to all these releases very shortly, for now and in so small way to draw your attentive ear, we’ve been somewhat taken by Minimal Joy’s ‘dark, sweet, tender violence’ – took me straight back to those classic cuts that fell out of legendary imprints such as summershine and bus stop way back in the day, a shadowy mysterio bittersweetly harnessed to sap at the emotions, perhaps it’s the way it swerves, shimmies and snares you in to its hollowing core all the time sprayed resplendently in bruised demurring shades of light and scabbing furies of darkness, one minute tender and ghosted in enchantment the next flexed and animated in a fragmenting twisted crisis. https://theblogthatcelebratesitself.bandcamp.com/track/minimal-joy-dark-sweet-tender-violence  

Here aided and abetted by the unwitting back line  – shall we settle for crooning harmonies – of Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie of that there musical transmitting format the radio helping with the Crosby, Stills and Nash vibe, the underappreciated and under the marital thumb hum drum observations of melodic impresario John Shuttleworth are gathered up and bundled upon the kooky and off beat not to mention awkwardly dry and casually impish grooves of a ground breaking third greatest hits compilation entitled ‘the A1111 and other ones’. Good wholesome family fun for all ages, elderly folk retreats and beach front bingo halls a particularly speciality are lit up and festooned in a kitsch crookedness that’s as by gone as a seaside picture postcard as Shuttleworth grumpily traverses the length and breadth of these fair isles not in, one suspects, a great deal of enthusiasm but more a mourning for a simpler past where Austin Ambassadors roamed the roads amid a happy time before the internet, new Labour and the great retail superstore. Armed with his trusted Yamaha keyboard with many rumba settings – all strangely sounding the same, he waltzes through the instantly recognisable and much well-worn nation approved flag waving n’ pants swinging folk sing-a-long song ‘A1111’ – by jingo and gem our kid.


A very special release and something well worth investing both time and your well-earned dosh in. this is Ahmed Malek – don’t feel so bad if your initial response is who, it’s not like we are the Wire and trying to catch you out and make you feel somewhat lacking in your sound knowledge by tripping out obscurest names at the drop of a hat. ‘the electronic tapes’ be the name of the release, heading out of Habibi Funk on both limited quantities of vinyl and CD, Malek of Albanian descent discovered the joys of the synthesizer in the 80’s whilst in his 50’s, (he had previously been a respected and acclaimed composer and conductor of Arabic music), tinkering about creating dreamy spy noir ambient scores which as evidenced here, do have a sonic affinity with that recent Art of the Memory Palace cassette for horror pop sounds, these recordings remained unreleased and gathering dust in a big box until they came the way of Habibi Funk. Alas their creator and composer now long since passed, the label enlisted the help of Flako – a producer and fan of early electronica to lovingly wade through hours of recordings and condense from these suites an album of sound that achieves its primary remit of putting this craftsman’s name on the electronic map whilst getting his reputation out and beyond the closeted circles of the Middle East.


the set can be ordered here along with a collection of his more familiar Arabic recordings – a third album of unreleased material is promised in the very near future.



chilling new macabre mix tape has just manifested upon band camp courtesy of those unholy souls Kindred Spirits bringing with it an ominous chill and an unfathomable dread that seemingly suck any hint of light into its gravely gloom gouged lengthening shadow. ‘the next time you have a nightmare, remember this mixtape’ prowls and pulsates with Radiophonic frights and unease, stone tape shimmer tones cast a deathly disquiet as this eerie sonic séance bears through the veil radiating its darkening n’er do well psychosis. https://aetheric-records.bandcamp.com/album/the-next-time-you-have-a-nightmare-remember-this-mixtape  

found looming on the newly pressed Goldfrapp set ‘anymore remixes’ EP here’s a brace of rephrasing’s by Danny Dove and Joe Goddard of the heralding ‘silver eye’ lead out cut. The former re-tread endows the original mix with a seductively smoky and sophisticated club floor throbbing cool drawing heavy on its intoxicating mirror ball sensuality while the latter according to its craftsman retunes to frequencies that train its lovelorn murmur to both LFO’s ‘freak’ and Supermayer’s ‘two of us’ and into the bargain ramps up the psychotropic quotient by several notches to craft a maddeningly coolly lost in the moment delirious dream weaving vibe.

Heading out shortly on the much-admired Rocket Girl imprint, a lost gem from the criminally overlooked and under-appreciated Disco Inferno. May time sees the re-issue of their debuting full length ‘in debt’, this time bolstered to a double disc wax package and featuring a previously unreleased track. As the press release astutely professes, they were an ensemble swimming against the fashionable tide and ‘almost entirely out on their own, out of step with the times’ – several EP’s and three albums, the band imploded in 1995 due to frustration and financial pressures, with ‘in debt’ a compilation swansong limbed out by the essential ear hugging Che imprint. From that set, one of the highlights was ‘broken’ – murmured in their trademark post punk prowess, this cut delicately shimmies beneath the defences rippled with an introspective slow burn glow that nods to an angular seasoning of early 80’s grooves from the likes of the luddites, Ellery bop and artery whilst forging a kindred sonic tongue with the likes of the Orchids and the Corn Dollies

New Nektar compilation has just emerged, a jaw dropping 215 track gathering that clocks in at a weighty 28 hours of sounds – which we’ll warn now translates to just under 4gb of download should you be so inclined. And you should, why not, Truth about Frank feature amid this frankly colossal set – mention I believe somewhere here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/27/the-truth-about-frank-3/ – due to size / time needed etc…..i fear we may have to dip in and out of this on occasion during the course of the next few missives, so in order to get things moving along – a mention for a handful of tracks that initially caught our ear on first listening, for among the grooves of ‘life death’ if you fast forward to #113 you’ll find yourself greeted by Ian Haygreen’s ‘journey to extinction’ – a immensely serene slice of silvery shimmer toned isolationism both intricate and chilled, its bowed frequencies and frost flecked orchestrations crafting out strangely beguiling landscapes that hint of elements of Tristram Cary and a brief section at 3.25 or thereabouts lifted straight from Barry Gray’s end credit score for ‘UFO’ from therein the mood takes and assumes something of a church like hymnal reverence. Elsewhere Chicago_words_brigade who I’m sure we’ve had occasion to mention before in previous despatches summon up ‘ _i][a_a]_K_[a]_L_[b_b]_V_[b_e][a_i][b_][b_e][a][c][i][a_d][e][a_d_’ which despite its gloom gouged entrance soon emerges to form into something which though desperately melancholic and sighed in regret attracts a somewhat dreamy yet cinematic chamber tethering. Last one for this brief visit, satanicpornocultshop who serve up ‘commerciality’ – in short a nifty slice of wonky weird ear wig flipping waywardness, kooky as hell, a crookedly cool 8 bit fry up that had us here much recalling through the foggy mists of our memory those early outings by 4treck, if only I could lay my hands on our stash of their releases to make certain of the comparison. https://archive.org/details/Necktar2017Volume9/001.Dawn_JimiMod_Necktar_2017_V9.mp3     

Do you know, there’s not enough dub around here for our liking, so you might well imagine our ears pricking up at news of an ultra-limited 7 inch heading out of the Tuppence imprint from Deadbeat entitled ‘babylon correction dub’ – absolutely smoking stuff that’s cooled in swarthy middle eastern vibes and mind expanding tripping trims that’s sure to appeal both you old school Depth Charge and Greensleeves admirers, future happenings from the label are promised from Howie B and Sean Ryder. https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/82849-tup003-deadbeat-7  

Many thanks to Tom of the Brighton based Endless records who sent over a bundle of downloads for our listening enjoyment, all of which you can expect mentions for in the coming days though not before we’ve had a chance to cast the critical ear upon a new 3 track EP by Irma Vep entitled ‘that cake won’t eat itself’. Described by the label as three exclusive tales of woe, this one comes pressed up on ridiculously limited numbers of lathe vinyl – did we read somewhere the exact number being 15 – by those nice folk over at 345rpm. Anyhow upon the grooves within something smoking lurks and stirs for the title track comes on as a hollowed dust kissed ghost rider, rumbled on a brooding crossroads blues purr the title track groans to forge a bruised beauty that’s deadheaded by shimmering arpeggios over which a scowling rain storm lashed sermon howls the hurt of its dark hearted protagonist preacher. In sharp contrast ‘have you seen her’ – unless our ears do deceive, wires itself upon the subtle hypno-grooved tones of Silver Apples and into the bargain crafts a woozily mesmeric ghost lit lunar carousel peppered in mystical florals. ‘tears are the sweetest sauce’ rounds up the pack, in truth the best thing here, its wounded nostalgic framing softly set in a creaking sepia glowed porch blues intimate ache whose bruised palette touches base to form a sonic link that stretches from the Orson Family and the Violent Femmes passing by the Palace Brothers to finally stop at Morton Valence to leave scarcely a dry eye in the house. https://endless-records.bandcamp.com/album/that-cake-wont-eat-itself-ep  

Some lovely chilled tipped groove to ease you in your Sunday morning, this pod comes assembled by the lost idol and is the February edition of ‘morning glory’ – an hour’s worth of lushly light laid back dreaminess among the roll call some well-heeled selections from the likes of grasscut – a john Metcalf remix no less, tipper, kin klave, hove, figure ground, pantha du prince, a plaid mix of an Alien – well worth seeking out by our reckoning and a little something from revbjelde who hopefully should be making further appearances here later in the week courtesy of a limited vinyl pressing of their acclaimed self-titled set from last year. https://www.mixcloud.com/lostidol/morning-glory-february-2017/  

Sticking with mix cloud radio shows, the latest required listening dose of pull the plug grooviness from resonance FM alas features none of the technical glitches that bedevilled the last broadcast, as ever heavily weighted in all things Deep Distance / Polytechnic Youth with lashings of ear candy coming courtesy of choice cuts from Colin Potter’s latest vinyl retreatment of a long since gone and deleted cassette release from ’79 entitled ‘the ghost office’ while a forthcoming PY platter – one of many on the horizon we are led to believe – by Vorderhaus who we happened to mention in passing only last week strikes a cool recall of a ‘my sex’ era John Foxx / Ultravox. Between that and this, there’s new Polymer Cities happenings – again mentioned here last week, perfection from Jane Weaver, moon duo activity and something absolutely killer though with impishly questionable politics from Toska Wilde entitled ‘my camp’ – very DAF. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-23rd-february-2017/  

Hauntingly beautiful hazily hued psychotropia from the Soft Hearted Scientists’ main man Nathan Hall here trading with the Sinister Locals. This cut, incidentally called ‘like a setting sun’. comes pulled from a forthcoming debut EP ‘The Volga Sturgeon Face’ due at the fall of April – alas the limited 100 only twin set lathe pressing has already gone the way of wants lists. Very much re-engaging with SHS of old there’s mystery and magic silkily swimming the lolloping pastoral hedge rows here, ghosted with a lightly lilting richly floral spray of English psych eccentricity and possessed of a classically tuned vintage that nods to a mid 80’s Partridge and Moulding seasoning all sumptuously woven in chamber noir trimmed symphonic string swoons. 

Another compilation release – free to download to boot – that we may have to park till a later date for a full mention, this one a gathering of souls formed from a facebook group who go by the name ‘we’re sad and listen to Loveless every night’, features 22 tracks all paying a homage of sorts to the pedal effect bliss tones of My Bloody Valentine. So while we rummage around trying to free up time to give the whole set a closer listen, our lobes have set up a degree of fondness for two of its number, the first up being A Kite Worth Flying whose ‘sharps’ comes trimmed in vapour drenched feedback whose mindset deliciously appears to be hardwired to the more hallucinogenic quadrants of the dream weaving shoegaze discipline. As for HP Spacecraft – nice play on words eh – ‘engine Riddim’ has something of the Joy Division about it had of course Salford’s finest practiced in the arts of arabesque spiritualism and hailed from the Marrakesh rather than a postal area of Manchester, still plenty here to attract the casual passing of Grails and Black Heart Procession admirers. Look I know I said I said we’d mention just two cuts on this brief visit but we hadn’t quite reckoned on Fence whose ‘pollen’ is a rather nifty slice of demurring drift pop that had us recalling a ‘mirror’ era Flying Saucer Attack in a head to head with Archer Prewitt. https://weresadandlistentolovelesseverynight.bandcamp.com/releases  

Be honest, this is deliriously seductive, sounds like some 60’s smoker that’s been lost in the ether and somehow finding its way home after having been picked up by a frequency hopping MOR station twiddling around on the medium wave dials whilst tuned into the early 70’s. this is Tashaki Miyaki with ‘Girls on T.V.’ a track that, aside being on a swoon setting and ready to cause hearts to flutter, sounds like something that’s strayed straight off the ‘lost in translation’ soundtrack, arriving fashioned with a chicly glam kissed pout all purred to a spectral and  smoky uber cooling  shade adorned shimmering. Does it for us.


Later this week we’ll be featuring that ultra-limited tour split lathe 7 inch that gathers together Pefkin and Bell Lungs – details for ordering you can find here – http://paul597x.wixsite.com/sonido-polifonico/pefkin-bell-lungs – before that though here’s the former of the two mentioned cutting something quite sublimely arresting in the guise of ‘starlings’. This cutie comes ripped from a forthcoming full length set ‘murmurations’ that’s eagerly anticipated for end of March release on Morc Tapes. A seductive ghost light emerging from the twilight fog all haloed in an eerie forest folk spell craft, its sparse detailing and hushed whisper toning drawing you near into its enchanted web like a siren, the sounds frail and fragile gracefully weave with spectral mystery so as to sit on a sonic axis that’s located somewhere between Chantal Acda and Preterite. https://soundcloud.com/pefkin/starlings                

Apologies for the lack of information on these dudes, we picked this stray up earlier today on a passing post on face book, from what we can gather they hail from Spain and by all accounts sound as though they’ve means to time travelling technology for this sounds as though it’s just stepped straight out of the 60’s. they go by the name of fogbound this being their – we assume – debut self-titled full length via the John Colby Sect imprint. Alas due to time constraints a quick ramble through these ten cuts had us a tad swooning to the affectionately soft psyched shimmers of ‘jane in the shade’ which aside being a mite admiring of the McCartney penned moments of ‘magical mystery tour’ also had us reaching fondly for our stash of Murmurs of Irma and the Giant Paw – whatever happened to them we’ve often wondered. Fast forward along the grooves to ‘Edward Divine’ and a peeling of citrussy kaleidoscopic swirls shimmer and shape shift to form trippy mind arranging tapestries – wowzah. https://soundcloud.com/thejohncolbysect/sets/fogbound-fogbound  

‘This ought to be on your radar scream’ the press folk, indeed it should be on our radar and more’s the point indeed it is on our radar, this is quite magnificent, from Les Amazones d’Afrique and featuring Rokia Koné, Mamani Keita and Nneka, ‘I play the Kora’ is the political voice of West African women standing up against their male oppressors. The title of the track is a deliberately specific metaphor referring to the flute like instrument on allowed to be played by men in the region, the track itself taken from a full length “République Amazone” produced by Doctor L the same dude behind that frankly out there Mbongwana Stars set from a few years ago, this slice of sublime cool is a stirring Afrobeat spiritual oozed with snaking transcendental jazz charms that recall principally Youssou N’Dour – in short will blow your mind.

Those with a vague recall for such things might well remember us going cock-a-hoop for a limited set heading out of the Exquisite Corpses sound factory, a rummage through lost library recordings if you will by those good folk known as Clinic. These recordings originally saw the light of day, albeit briefly, via the folklore tapes imprint whereupon they were cobbled up onto stupidly limited cassettes that flew the coup on word alone and into obscurity and legend to boot. These last few years have seen limited vinyl outings given over to both Volumes 1 and 2, Volume 3 is set to join the fray prepped as it is, for limited issue next month. Just 250 copies available and something I’m sure that will appeal those of you finitely attuned to the way of both ghost box and finders keepers not to mention the kind of vintage electronica these days masquerading under the hauntologist / Radiophonic umbrella. Alas we only have brief sound clips for now, we will endeavour to make a  full copy our own for a more in depth review at a later date, for now though those good folk at bleep has uploaded sound samples to at least give you an idea of the nostalgic romance rippling through the grooves which while you are at it may we suggest you turn your inquisitive ear the way of both Jellyroll’s’heartbeat’ and ‘resistance’ by Oscar Boothroyd, the former freewheeling into the bucolic cosmic outer worlds of Stereolab’s ‘cobra and phases’ whilst the latter is essentially a wonderfully imagined reworking of the Tornadoes ‘Telstar’ by Barry Gray Orchestra retuned as were by a twang trimmed secret collective made up of members of  Shadowy Men from a Shadow Planet and the Phantom Surfers. https://bleep.com/release/80160-the-lost-tapes-record-club-the-lost-tapes-record-club-ep-3?utm_source=Bleep&utm_campaign=beba49f841-Clinic+The+Lost+Tapes+Record+Club+EP+-+3&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_db8ca97389-beba49f841-2062969  

Been ages since we had any Auction for the Promise Club to go woo woo about, but we thankfully eyed this on a new music listing cobbled together by the best tuna folk. Anyhow this is ‘moonlight’ a track taken from their forthcoming Easy Action full length ‘silence’ – showcasing a more muscular sound than we’ve previously been accustomed to and possessed with a radio frenzying pristine pop prowess that spars, spikes and sears with a pulse pacing emotional turbulence that deliciously peaks around the 3.15 to murmur and mellow briefly before rampaging to the end groove. https://soundcloud.com/auctionforthepromiseclub/moonlight  

Isn’t this the most gorgeous thing, shimmering choral tones and honeyed harmonies sprayed in sighing baroque arrangements that gathered together craft an uplifting almost hymnal and ethereal haze upon which it’s easy to dreamily lose yourself in, a pure sonic fantasia. Truth is we stumbled across this by sheer accident, out via spunk records this is Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra and a track going by the name ‘Melaleuca Girls’ – quite something and not the first time they’ve had cause to have us a swoon given we mentioned them here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/jordan-ireland-with-purple-orchestra/  


if we were one of those types that filed our records in alpha order – believe you me I know some who do, we’d would now be springing in action and rummaging through the M’s of the endless line of seven inch singles to source our copy of a machinefabriek single that I’m certain appeared around 2009 or thereabouts on the newly hatched champion version imprint, the same guys who used to send cryptic emails and letters with nonsensical missives, which once you cracked the word play, you realised soon enough was a warning of releases to come. Now as said it was all the work of champion version, yet even now I’m none the wiser or certain of this, in times gone by we’d simply resort to the search engine of the once trusted losingtoday site to reacquaint ourselves with our words – but that’s disappeared and so too has our old losing today email. So, we are damned on all counts. But, enough with the grumbling, new thing from machinefabriek, on champion version of course, this ‘un is being pressed to order, just one week to get your orders in, in return you get two cuts from the artist pressed upon ultra-limited vinyl, guarantee no repress. The release entitled ‘Snoepgoed’ comes in a choice of two versions – like ‘I’ and ‘II’ – we’ve opted for the former, a lulling lovely, frost flecked and gloopy, very sparsely detailed, a collage of sorts whereupon the base elements of a trembling piano refrain are intricately layered and fleshed out upon by the merest of sonic additives which coalesce to give it an intimately hushed neo classical defrosting.  http://store.championversion.com/album/snoepgoed    

at once both disquieting and beautiful, a sonic ghost light navigating towards unchartered terrains located somewhere between John Carpenter’s score for ‘the Fog’ and a youthful godspeed. Possessed of majesty and poise, this is the leviathan like ‘exit’ by the corrupting sea as recommended by Jon Atwood / Yellow6, don’t be fooled by its minimalist skin for within its thirteen-minute cinematic gestation what might first pass for sparse textures are blooded fully in emotions both pensively brooding and eerily evocative as it slipstreams between solemn and melancholic as though one last fan faring flurry (see the briefly radiant  snow bursting shimmer at the 9 minute mark) before the lights fade out. https://soundcloud.com/the-corrupting-sea/exit-demo     

I’m fairly certain we’ve mentioned the impish talent that is Ashley Reaks in previous dispatches which if I recall rightly had a killer punk kick to it vibe, this latest however is a total about turn and showcases perfectly his widening sonic spectrum. Aided and abetted by an array of narrators, ‘growth spurts’ worms and weaves stories and spirituals from the hidden, or more pertinently and accurately, the ignored underside of the metropolitan underground, the forgotten and damaged, the lost and without voice. Played upon an oft crooked palette, the musical ghosts run riot with passing visitations of post punk prickled folk and jazz dialects submerged in a bleakly bruised musical grained in noir landscapes lit dimly by the dead of night. Parallels, should you so need them, are forged of a kinship with labels such as foolproof projects and more notably the Sartorial imprint and I guess Clawfist while reference wise there’s a similarity drawn with Lupen Crook in so much as both appear to be reading from a different song book viewing as their source inspiration the stuff that society prefers us to not to see. That said on more than one occasion elements of Soft Machine shimmer delicately into view, stuff like ‘metal fang’ is pure Robert Wyatt imbibing to a fair degree on Steve Reich, while the deeper you wade through in succulent flurries it soon becomes apparent, in fact believe you me you will pause to stop to make sure for certain that this isn’t some lost Barry Adamson soundtrack you’ve happily tripped across, the musical artistry is, yes that good. That said rogue pop nugget ‘Without Anaesthesia’ manages to wire itself a becoming middle ground that sits somewhere between the much-missed Swimmer One and Birdpen whilst elsewhere there’s some nifty and smoky chamber lounge jazz grooving through the Laurie Anderson playing tag with John Lurie and James Chance like ‘the gentle art of ignoring’. With its regal posies at its greeting call, ‘talk about lucky’ soon fragments and wig flips into a seriously bonged out slab of head frying weird ear groove that had us recalling Element’s ‘sour blaster’ set from a few years ago for creeping bent. ‘growth spurts’ is all at once out of step, out of time and out there, a wonderfully engaging sore thumb possessed of the against the fashionable tide song craft of the Crimea. https://ashleyreaks.bandcamp.com/album/growth-spurts   

Latest from the beautifully immaculate looking releases from Sonido Polifonico, this one has been cut to order – 52 I believe all hand numbered – ours in case you are taking notes is numbered #49, pressed on clear lathe vinyl, replete with hessian cloth, badges, photos all delicately housed in a box and tied with a bow, really is a wonderful looking release and up to their usual impeccable standard for care, attention and cuteness Available at the forthcoming shows Pefkin / Bell Lungs shows for it is they that share the sides of this limited release, Pefkin who you should all be familiar with by now offer up the ethereally spectral ‘swans’ – beguilement and enchantment don’t quite do adequate justice to this love noted ghost folk shimmer tone, a celestial visitation rather more perhaps, a siren – call it what you will, this airless and entrancing spell charm softly stirs in the hazy mists of a twilight hideaway, steeped in mystique a majestic grace fall whose beckoning sonic tongue whispers and woos with a fragile timeless framing. Over on the flip await Bell Lungs with the disarming and demurring ‘mosul dam’ – now this is quite something and again one of those tracks that slyly serves a delayed sucker punch reaction, its lazy eyed tones and lolloping strange soft psych folk-tronica weaving a casual and intoxicating ripple toning rustic tapestry whose push / pull inhale / exhale motifs softly soothe with their daintily airy and seafaring detailing, quite  reminiscent if I’m being honest of the much adored Pram and something not unlike the kind of stuff that was heading out of the burnt hair and Wurlitzer jukebox imprints in the 90’s and for that matter the bad jazz sound house in the early noughties. Essential but then I guess you gathered that for yourself.  http://paul597x.wixsite.com/sonido-polifonico


Many thanks to the folk over at Adaadat records for sending over yer actual vinyl record with press release – very old school and very much welcome, miss the days of getting full on vinyl albums to review, swiftly on I think. The brief sheet reads thus ‘inspired by traditional Mongolian coaxing rituals used to encourage female camels into accepting new-born calves’. As bizarre this might sound and I’m fairly assured in the belief that such descriptions aren’t the usual press release fodder, then I’m gathering that you’re secretly wanting to know more. Well let’s just say that those pinning their colours to the Goat post might want to rethink matters for duo Elephant House have in ‘Pony Ride’ via a split outing for both the Adaadat imprint and the Beijing label Drum Rider, dropped a most alluring and shrooming debut head trip.

Playful, mesmeric and tutored in a seductive kosmich vintage, ‘pony ride’ is an album of two sides – obviously, yet what I mean to say is that the dominant lead of Side 1 is given over to a more psych persona while its partnering second side is awash in trip wiring ambient dissipates, in truth an album that reveals a little more of itself with each passing play and several sittings are what you’ll need if only to satisfy yourself that you’ve navigated your way through its intricately layered cornucopia of sound. Wrapped in Eastern delights, opening cut ‘Camel mom’ is a tripping colossus, hypno-grooved    ceremonial spell charms and snake winding motifs coalesce to fuse an almost spiritual desert dry mosaic, its sultry crafting much reminiscent of John 3:16 had he been bunking up with those Cult of Dom Kellar dudes, add in to the potent brew oodles of Arabesque swirls and a generous dollop of swarthy mystical headiness and what you have is an intoxicating fusion whereupon the sounds thicken, getting ever denser to draw you in spellbound. Sprayed in oriental enchantment, the sepia toned bowed rustics of ‘desert hole’ gather to form a clock working orbital, here the gloopy metronomic toning of Cavern of Anti Matter, the sounds of ghostly lunar promenades peppered with regal posies that recall Add N to X’s ‘the regent is dead’ being retuned by Magnetaphone. A brief reprise as ‘ok’ shimmers seductively by before the onset of ‘dead sand’ which trimmed upon a demurring frost flecked key refrain, the lightly toned frail fortdax like mosaic soon begins to fragment and fracture, in their place some classically toned Goblin-esque vibes come to pass. 

Over on the flip, the side opens to the gorgeously dream drifting oceanic cosmic flotilla that is ‘pearl’, mottled in mind morphing murmurs there’s a serene church like grace pirouetting from its star hugging lulling choral trimmings corralled by arcing symphonia, quite a blissful listening experience it should be said. In quick pursuit arrives ‘shuidiao getou’ a beautified dainty dream popper haloed and sumptuously speckled in a hazy sepia tweaked vintage whose longing radiance comes drawn from a cover of a traditional Chinese folk melody arranged around the Ci poem ‘prelude to the water melody’ by Su Shi that’s honed to a pristine pop symmetry not unlike that of Tashaki Miyaki. Leading matters out towards the end groove is the third eye tweaking title track ‘pony ride’ – quite frankly needs to be heard to be believed, a lushly equipped vapour kissed slice of seductive lunar lounge loveliness that craftily veers into the kind of shadow lined chill traced 60’s realms occupied by Broadcast and the Warm Digits. An essential ear candy happening by our reckoning.  http://www.adaadat.co.uk/  

Latest ‘you, the night and the music’ transmission is a bit of a belter. Hosted by Mat Handley that wouldn’t happen to be the same Mat from – is it the Pulselovers who I think and hope I’m right in saying did a rather spiffing cover of the ‘theme from the Persuaders’ recently. Anyhow enough of the back slapping, onwards to the sounds, two cuts from Fred and Luna from an as yet untitled full length give hint that this might just be one of those eagerly anticipated type releases even if the former of two does subtly nick the coda from ‘the look of love’ and wires it to a mind morphing Moroder mirror ball. Next up Julius Vanderbilt, who will be featuring a lot more later in the week thanks to PK Chown highly recommending ‘action catalyst’ in our ‘you request it and we’ll review it’ moment of madness on a yesterday face book posting, this dude is the founder member of the Dandelion Set friends of those Revbjelde type who themselves will be featuring here later on at some point. And you just think I throw these things together. P.S. as though to complete the Delaware Road family circle master of ceremonies Dolly Dolly looms large on the mix cloud a little later. Anyhow this cut, aptly titled ‘danger in movement’ is grooved sublimely in a 60’s spy noir which had us imagining a secret studio summit meeting in the late 90’s embarked upon by Gnac and Orbital. Staying with the good stuff, Reet Maffl serve up ‘is it clearer’ – a sparsely toned minimalist instruction of sorts guide reminiscent of those old school stereo testing records from the 70’s, in truth had us pining to hear some Stylus. No introductions needed for Cavern of Anti Matter, purveyors of kosmiche sonic engineering they’ve been canny enough to take motorik dream machine dialects to the dance floor. Also appearing again a little later on and much adored around here Earthling Society come bearing a lesson in woozily tripping psych masterclass with ‘outside of in time’ while Akiha Den Den follow in hot pursuit, alas we never did get to the end of their radiophonic weird ear from which we are assuming this is culled, very tense and darkly prowling and something we suspect that ought to be on the radar of those stricken by sleepless nights imagining in their headspace Zombi revisiting ‘Halloween III’. All we’ll say about Wozniak is – massive, mammoth and totally off the scale followed by the simply sublime Midday Veil while Prada Crafter stirs matters into more post rocked atmospheric environs with some dreamy mountain folk grooving which admittedly had us in mind of Billy Mahonie sparring with Meets Guitar. Recently featured in these pages, Centralstödet just do wow like no one else, then something intimately mellow to draw you close in jaw dropped awe from David Colohan & Richard Moult culled from a new a year in the country full length which we must admit to owing an apology to the label for thus far erroneously overlooking. A cut from trimdon grange explosion’s simply exquisite new set which all things being well we’ll have physical copies to run a review off before the weeks out. Time constraints so on and so forth we’ll quickly rummage through the rest, moon wiring club we owe a huge apology to, an errant and long overdue review of his recent double wax three cd extravaganza of strange is pressing, the split with belbury poly is due for listening love soon, ummagma we’ve featured many times previously and with good reason for they occupy a seat at dream pop’s top table, julie’s haircut – in all honesty I’m not sure we’ve seen a copy of their new album but be rest assured we are on its case, Billy Cote we’ve mentioned in despatches this one taken from his recent long sold out polytechnic youth release while we’re off in search of more E Gone groove. https://www.mixcloud.com/Youthenigtandthemusic/you-the-night-and-the-music-202/?play=fb&fb_action_ids=10158264238125322&fb_action_types=mixcloud%3Aupload        

Think I’ve said on more than one occasion, no sooner do we dispatch one record signing it off with the immortal ‘dogs danders’ tag then along comes another to replace itself in our affections. Prompted by a quick message from Doug to say a Flies on You full length –  working title ‘the provocative finger’ – their third – is currently simmering on the back burner readying itself for release, he then wondered if their sound was anything we’d be interested in, y’kidding right, the phrase to do with bears and woods sprung instantly to mind when our lobes fixed upon ‘can you smell that burning noise’. A searing sonic shakedown decoded in a brittle and sharp as hell post punk angular acuteness whose wiring edginess comes intricately threaded with swathes of pulse tightening siren scabbing sky firing riffs which to these ears hints of the cooled mastery of the Chameleons as though channelled by Fufanu yet something whose prowling and prickling shadowy intent forges a hitherto kinship with the much-missed David Cronenberg’s Wife. Any questions then……I gather not.

I must say I certainly wasn’t expecting this, for sitting up on the doormat and waiting expectantly for our return from work, a quite alluring and enchanting release from Vinna Bee. The four-track set that is the ‘Hypnagogia’ EP through the clearwing imprint is seductively ice toned in noir demurred intimacy. Perhaps it’s the purring electronics, the ghostly folk murmurs and that whole overall sense of something delightfully out of focus, out of step and out of time not to mention its playfully flutter by like daintiness that had us immediately struck by an urge to refamiliarize ourselves with Heather Duby’s quite exquisite Sub Pop debut from many years ago, for here is where your reference moorings start (non more so is this the case on the opening spectral enchantment that is ‘cotton wolf’), perhaps to a lesser extent you might feel at liberty to add Serafina Steer to your preparatory listening. That said while it might be considered lazy and trite to mention, say Kate Bush, it’s for good reason that we do, for there’s a creative impishness at work here that’s far removed from the usual pop trinket-dom that suggests a hitherto acute teeth cutting fondness for Ms Bush’s ‘never for ever’. As engaging a listening experience that we’ve had the pleasure of hearing in such an age, once fixed beneath the entrancing spell of the opening ‘cotton wolf’, ‘beds’ awakes to find itself in unfamiliar landscapes, amid the softly airless sensual smothering of noir smoked hypnotically spiralling swirls, Vinna Bee pouts and coos in a sleepy headed haze. The off kilter smoky torch soul tracings continue on the quite exquisite ‘Icefields’ whose sophisticated nocturnal chic lining had us much recalling the amorphous chill toned happenings of Musetta’s ethereal ‘mice to meet you’ set from a while back leaving the love noted ‘ID (iDisappear)’ to take matters to the concluding end groove though not before flexing and genuflecting its pop prowess to flicker and flutter to the kind of alluring mercurial song craft chemistry hinted at on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘tango in the night’. I’d go as far to say best filed somewhere near your Linda Perhacs and Vashti Bunyan treasures. https://vinnabee.bandcamp.com/   

Fancy some new groove from Wire, course you do. Second track lifted from their forthcoming 40th anniversary celebrating ‘silver / lead’ full length through pink flag, this is ‘diamonds and cups’ – a cut that literally had us the back foot and teetering not least because its possessed of the smoking cool purring soft pop symmetry of their classic ‘154’ album albeit here teased by a superb and slyly coiled snaking riff sidewinding itself amid the isolationist wide screen glazing of binary hazes of buzzing cosmic fizzes. Think that covers all you need to know. https://soundcloud.com/wirehq/wire-diamonds-in-cups

Tour dates…..

Live dates:


30th March-2nd April 2017 at the Echo & Echoplex, LA

WIRE * Bob Mould * Julia Holter * Mild High Club, * Laetitia Sadier  * FITTED (Bob Lee, Graham Lewis, Matthew Simms, Mike Watt) * Part Time Punks * HowardAmb, * Once and Future Band * Chasms * Noveller * Immersion * Slows * The pinkflag Guitar Orchestra & more to be announced.


21st-23rd April 2017 in and around the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

WIRE * Shobaleader 1 * Bilge Pump * Nanna * Azores * Richard Formby * Immersion * Slows * Nope *

Golden Meat + The pinkflag Guitar Orchestra & many more to be announced.



7th May 2017 at the Volksbühne Theatre, Berlin

WIRE * Automat * Camera * Tarwater * Cummi Flue * The pinkflag Guitar Orchestra + DJs


13th May 2017 at the Ancien Belgique, Brussels

WIRE * Blanck Mass * Dans Dans * Raime * Paper Hats * Onrust * Delvaux * The Fly * The pinkflag Guitar Orchestra

In addition to the DRILL events, the band have announced a number of regular concerts including 2 nights at the newly refurbished Garage in London. Here’s the full list:


15th READING (UK) Sub89

28th PHOENIX (USA) Crescent Ballroom

29th SAN DIEGO (USA) Casbah

30th -1st April LOS ANGELES (USA) DRILL : LA



7th VANCOUVER (CANADA) Imperial Theatre

8th SEATTLE (USA) Crocodile



4th LONDON (UK)  The Garage

5th LONDON (UK)  The Garage


9th COPENHAGEN (DK) Loppen

11th UTRECHT (NL) De Helling

12th PARIS (F) La Moroquinerie


No sooner do we despatch the defences surrendering ‘falling in love once again’ and along comes another cut from their new EP ‘a new dawn’ out today as it happens through beyond the sun to have you mesmerised and marching frantically to your local record emporium to claim a copy as your own. This bad boy, incidentally from Psyence and titled ‘cold blooded killer’ arrives ghosted in a shadowy 60’s shimmering replete with a shade adorned swagger and swing that prowls and howls with the kind of cool primitive seduction that was once the forte of the Flaming Stars.  https://soundcloud.com/psyenceuk/cold-blooded-killer  

live dates….

03 Mar – STOKE – The Exchange

05 Mar – NEWCASTLE – The Honey Box

10 Mar – NOTTINGHAM – Jam Café

11 Mar – MANCHESTER – FAC 251

15 Mar – LONDON – The Brewhouse

16 Mar – OXFORD – The Cellar

17 Mar – BRIGHTON – Sticky Mikes Frog Bar

18 Mar – LIVERPOOL – 81 Renshaw

24 Mar – AMSTERDAM – Shiine On mini-cruise

What strange enchantment be this that comes whispering sorcery in our ear. I think you might want to tie yourself to your listening chair for this. Never known for doing things in half measures, Sendelica have these last ten years earned themselves deserved acclaim and an enviable repute among their peers, members of the Fruits de Mer top table, they have forged a formidable back catalogue that has taken listeners on journey’s beyond the cosmic capability of realism, their sounds morphing and slipstreaming between all out long haired bearded prog to eye glazed hyper psych, between here, there and somewhere their symphonic prowess abled with the ability to at once bliss kiss, bong out or blister with a thunderous stoned white out. It’s due to this that words served up here when reviewing sets previously that we’ve been occasioned to refer to them as the Welsh version of Acid Mothers.  

Described by its authors as a ‘real yin / yang album recorded over two sessions back in the summers of 2015 and 2016’, ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ is due to land in early April, and we say land very deliberately and with good reason for this is a colossal release. With several guest members on board for the ride, Sendelica push the ante to the max utilising their full sonic spectrum to its peak potential. As you might so far surmise, ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ is a set that houses two unique and separate sonic personalities, the first featuring two extended instrumental suites both clocking in at a mammoth mind arranging 20 plus minutes apiece. Opening to the demurring dream drift that is the bonged out and beautiful ‘Occhiolism’, I don’t mind saying that I’d be surprised if you don’t emerge from this thinking you been visited upon by some celestial occurrence. High grade out there transcendentalism, both spiritual, soothing and re-invigorating, seriously they need to bottle this stuff, absolutely trippy all oozed in dissipating lunar toned flotillas that coalesce to smother you in warm life affirming radiance, amid the vapour kisses the subtle spray of middle eastern tonalities flicker and flutter in the gaseous ghost folk nothingness, file under audionic astral planing. Those finding their way back safely and suitably refreshed are ushered in to the stately and statuesque domain of ‘onism’ which reference wise turns upon an sonic axis much reminiscent of those encountered on early outings by the master musicians of the bukkake, as though drawing its energy from natures own elements, this snake winding dust cloud hollows hypnotically its atmospheric charge, pressed with poise and an irrefutable awareness for wide screen delivery beneath its hazy shimmering of Floydian spell craft lurks amid the molten shift of the melodic plates hints of Ariel Kalma and Aidan Baker swimming beneath the surface tides. 

Better don your tin hats for the second part of the set takes in tracks 3 – 7 for what is, shall we agree to say, the more frenzied side of the listening equation with the aptly titled parting shot the head fracturing 10 minute stylus sizzler that is ‘dancing to dante’s inferno’ a floor bouncing stone grooved cosmic mirror ball trip wired amid blistered slabs of sun scorched psychedelia and hip wiggling smoking cool riff snaking slinkiness all set to a thunderously throbbing motorik underpin. Elsewhere the wigged out ‘kenopsia’ greets with a squalling riff shriek before tripping out on some cosmic drone axis which on reflection tailgates to the gravitational pull of the Heads before the impishly named ‘father todd and his official Faustian bargaining kit’ drops it’s wig flipped ear worms to ferment and decorate your head space in all manner of freakily grizzled kaleidoscopic swirls – by our reckoning sounding not a million miles in terms of whacked out wooziness as the Wizards of Twiddly aided and abetted by the mighty Kevin Ayers. Those finding their way out of that might well think they’ve jumped from the proverbial pan and in to the fire when the infectious Lurie-esque melodic misfit that is the ‘not the time for salads’ merrily mooches its way into your mind fraying affection kissed with an insidiously addictive riff corkscrew and the words beardy boogie tattooed to its hide, all of which I’m afraid to say leaves ‘staring at the feinting goats’ to rally a truly humungous white hot all out freak storm and into the bargain stripping you bare of your faculties and focus as you stand amid the carnage this kraut gouged caner has laid waste to with jaws agape mumbling ‘WTF was that’.  

In conclusion, there’s a point when a band goes beyond from being mere players to turning a corner towards establishing themselves far and apart from the chasing pack, ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ marks that point. ‘lilacs out of the deadlands’ is released via Sunhair in the second week of April, available on all formats, the double disc odyssey will be available in a variation of limited coloured vinyl editions. https://sendelica.bandcamp.com/album/lilacs-out-of-the-deadlands

Apologies for being a little late to the party with this, released at the tail end of last year was the second annual ‘EurNoVision’ compilation, a European wide gathering of outsider talent and impish folk three of whom we’d already mentioned in passing in previous dispatches when we attempted to run the critical eye over the sets pre-release teaser tasting – see  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/12/12/eurnovision-2016-2/  – or below if you’re feeling a little non-compliant and fuzzy with the cut n’ paste mullarkhy – as hinted the release plucks from the continental map the obscure, the quietly genius and the just plain obscure in an attempt to befuddle, beguile and bewitch the would be listener. As noted earlier we’ve already marked the entries from the Gathering Doubt, Can Can Heads and Logosamphia – hailing from the UK, Finland and the Netherlands respectively – see above below or below. As to the rest of the field, Catatonia based JGG do a neat line in, what might be best described as crookedly wiry radiophonic rumba which unless these ears do deceive finds the delightfully skittish ‘D2’ applying itself to the curious double headed influence of both John Lurie and a pre-electronic boffin powerhouse era Raymond Scott. Admirers of the lo-fi perky pop effervescence of Sarah records – well loosely shall we say – may way find yourselves succumbing to the wayward fizziness of Il Culo Di Mario’s delightfully wonky electro buzz cheeriness that is ‘Stratega’. B-movie fright wigged kookiness from the excellently named Marie Mathématique with ‘L’homme-éléphant’ which I must admit has a certain 60’s French pop chic snazziness about its wares albeit as though rethreaded by the Addams Family with Lurch taking centre stage of the trippy organ. Ett Nytt Liv, the Swedish entry to these crooked proceedings bring the rather spiffing but clearly out of its tree ‘Glöm Inte Din Medecin’ – something we’d have expected to stumble cautiously out of the Bearsuit imprint with it warbling, cooing to a strangely alluring kaleidoscopic palette of dissipating lunar exotica. Russia’s AWOTT detune the listening space with some sterling though quite clearly bonkers art pop hi-jinxing even bringing with them from the sounds of things several household tools purloined from a nearby shed and into the bargain cook up a twisted opera to which fans of La STPO might do well to check out. Channelling Distel in the guise of Le Bleu, the oompah oddness of the baroque mischief of ‘Glad to be a Freak @ 40’ by Mr Diagonal’s Midlife Crisis has something of a Viv Stanshall eccentric impishness about its personage. I’ll just say that Rita Braga ‘Erosão’ is simply breathless, beautiful frosted chimes, it ioffers a dream dazed slice of wood crafted folk enchantment trading in a noir traced 60’s shimmering, think Mary Hopkins meets Seafina Steer and you’ll be as near to close as you can be. From Turkey, R.A.N’s ‘ The Old One’ manages to culture a darkly path whose shadow lined framing  sits somewhere upon a ‘seduction’ era Danse Society casting albeit as though set upon by Clock  DVA. I don’t mind admitting to being a tad smitten by the Irish based French Radio Constellation’s gloriously kooky sore thumb ‘If the Internet Got Wet’, a delightfully daft electro weirdo that imagines secret studio get togethers between the flying lizards meets …and the native hipsters, will drive you to distraction. Sarah Rasines on the other hand appears adept in the exploration of sonic micro worlds, very Pimmon in design and detail, ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ is a glitching terror that forms the missing link between terrains occupied by the unexplained sounds group and the radiophonic experimentation of EAR. Those preferring their sounds purred in pulsing vintage electronica might do well to turn your ear space to Torstn Kauke ‘Warten Warten Warten’ – chilled out clubland grooving Kraftwerk anyone. Hailing from Denmark, Kold Front’s wonderfully 80’s sparsely toned chill pop dream dazer ‘Sov Nu’ had us rifling around for our Peter and Sophie Johnson platters for swift comparison. Somewhere else Serbia’s EPP do a rather obliquely nifty take on Devo courtesy of ‘hologram’ had of course they’d ever encountered Landscape in the studio under the cover of night. Rounding up the pack on this extremely intriguing collection Poland’s Dancing Deadlips take matters to the end groove with the superbly mesmeric ghost light that is ‘You, Azure Bird’ into the bargain immersing itself deep in tripping psychotropic happenings which had we not known any better would have guessed it was the work of Virginia Wing rethreading the legendary Elektra score ‘the Zodiac – Cosmic Sounds’. https://eurnovision.bandcamp.com/album/eurnovision-2016  

and earlier mention….

long mooted and now actually here and just in time for Christmas, the second annual EurNoVision gathering, just a brief whistle whetting brief introduction while we free up time to delve deep for a full critical MOT. Featuring 17 tracks culled from the cream of the outsider community for this visit we’ve randomly plucked from the lucky bag just three well heeled samples of sonic bedevilment starting out with Dutch dudes Lugosamphia whose frazzled Dadaist electro cutie ‘eurivium spectra nonsim’ has the kind of insanely addictive floor hopping kookiness that might suggest the sinister doodling of the Flying Lizards being impishly set upon by those crooked pop eccentricists Landscape albeit as rephrased through the candy kaleidoscopic viewfinder of Midwich Youth Club. Occasional interrupter’s of these musings the Can Can Heads serve up Finland’s stab at the honours with what is for them, the rather mellow and straight ahead ‘efekto black ice’ – still sounds menacing though removed of the frazzled and wayward quotient whilst all the same sparring and jarring to a Shellac / Jesus Lizard combination jab. Finally for this brief visitation, the UK entry comes courtesy of the delightfully warped the Gathering Doubt whose curiously woozy hallucinogenic ice carved pretty ‘Christmas is broken’ appears to emerge from a secret place inhabited by William D Drake, a baroque lullaby twinkled in a fading bucolic nostalgia all set to a charmingly chirping musical box motif that hints of the creative spirit of Beaulieu Porch. https://eurnovision.bandcamp.com/album/eurnovision-2016


unless I dozed off for a year or so or skipped a couple of pages in the 90’s, I can’t for the life recall this, unreleased groove from the ever adored Plone……

Jack white’s third man pressing plant…..


punch you out punk powered pogo platter, this is one half of a split release that headed out of total punk imprint last year pairing together the mighty Ausmuteants and these dudes – housewives – this being the searing rawk rumble that is ‘brown out’


okay, the residents third missive in a row, look we are on a Residents rediscovery path type thing, any questions…….here’s the ‘wormwood’ show live from 1999……damn fine stuff……

Things we’ve found on that there you tube, buttertones album in full, well tasty…..

Something by the murlocs – the killer swagger of ‘young blindness’….

Mentioned John Shuttleworth a little earlier, well here’s some rare extracts featuring the late Patrick Moore and all round dude Robert Wyatt from the Radio Shuttleworth archives….

The story behind the video for Johnny Cash’s cover of ‘hurt’….


I’m sure we mentioned the best tuna tune selection earlier in this missive, around the auction for the promise club track, well here’s the link for the full selection – features the Bordellos no less…..


 the death of Max Spiers……


more things we somehow annoyingly missed first time around, this is Ruby Haunt with the 80’s sounding pop purring ‘whatever’ – quite a cutie…..

Mentioned in passing when we cast the critical ear over Vinna Bee, this is Musetta’s ‘mice to meet you’ – an utterly disarming and beautiful release – worth the entrance fee just to hear their version of ‘rosemary’s baby’……


still the most wigged out sore thumbs of a vibrant Liverpool scene, how did we miss this then…..eh….the mighty Wizards of Twiddly doing uber cool zonked out turntable tastiness…..


look here’s the blurb……. ‘from Kevin Parker to Nicholas Allbrook, Matt Sav has spent 10 years behind the lens of Aussie music’s biggest legends’……a short extract……


Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


the end groove….

Frankly you can’t beat a spot of Frank as in Sidebottom…..here’s the pilot episode of his barking ‘fantastic shed show’….


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