schultz feat. vdrey

now if I were none the wiser we’d have hazarded a loose guess that this was the work of some super secretive collective sourced from souls moonlighting from fat truckers, the truth about frank and the ministry all found convening in seedy basement studios under the cover of night all sharing a love for DAF albeit rephrased through a SPK mindset. Something for those of you who adore your cyber trance somewhat heavily psycho-tronically inclined, this folks, is dark, it’s by Schultz and it goes by the name ‘I hate you’ – a friendly chap which alas I’m a little peeved to admit we’ve mislaid the press release for so I can’t at present thank whoever sent it across – once we do though you can be rest assured there’ll be more as I’m suspecting there’s a whole albums worth kicking around somewhere, still – a damn fine hypno-grooving and mind fracturing anti-anthem with which to variously hang upon targets should you so see fit, not that we are encouraging such sentiment.    

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