lightning bug

You might want to pull up your listening pew for this one because it’s quite special. Now we aren’t given over to unsolicited emails, frustratingly on more occasions than we care to mention, most simply target without first having the care, attention or due diligence to actually check out the type of music we love. That said we do consider ourselves quite fortunate that most do and that, as a result, some of the finest things we’ve heard over the years have reached us by such means. So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce trio Lightning Bug, known to kith n kin as New York residents Audrey, Logan and Kevin. In fact it was Audrey who sent us a sweet little shyly toned note alerting us to a new four track EP that her band have just released entitled ‘the torment of love’. An EP that restlessly darts about with its reference points and just between you and me, the finest thing we’ve heard since that adorably frail beauty from Noa Babayof released last year. ‘the torment of love’ is the sound of a creative spirit who is yet settle with any great certainty upon her chosen musical voice, every bit at ease doing chilled as she is fragile, she turns one minute timid and vulnerable to the next, blossoming with mercurial lushness and while the frost tipped stilled elegance of opener ‘aubade’ might have you pressed for a second listening as its chilled noir traced minimalist yearn echoes desirably upon a frail and beautifully hushed sonic axis that draws instinctively from Broadcast, Heather Duby and Jodie Lowther, it is alas the sore thumb of the set. Soon the EP settles to uncover a different musical tongue, with its Vashti like spectral kiss ‘the yellow warmth in my side’ might well be the finest thing you’ll hear this side of a lost Susan Christie track, beguiled and bewitched, there’s a hushed lushness here amid the rambling rustic posies as the ghostly arrest of the spring hued lolloping Drake-esque detailing delicately hooks itself to slowly unpeel your defences and fashion its rapture with spellbinding effect. ‘nocturne’ enlists a similar trait, the sound more vivid, colourful and expressive comes surrendered in tripping corteges hinted in a golden pop age sepia framing, while all said we here must admit to being a tad smitten by the bruised parting that is ‘flower by flower’ mainly for the fact that midway through it blissfully burns, blisters and fragments to polarise somewhere upon a Donnelly / Hersh Throwing Muses axis. Essential.

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