Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble

Beautifully understated, we here were always a little taken by the quieter more mellow moments snuggled amid the grooves of Stereolab platters. First listen to ‘love captive’ had us scribbling down in our memory notes the words ‘intimate, free spirited, thoughtful and ponder’ – I’d like to think they encapsulate the mood, the vibe and the overall hit you get listening to this, the latest offering from Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble. Released just ahead of the collectives debut full length ‘find me finding you’ through drag city, ‘love captive’ features guest appearances by hot chip’s Alexis Taylor on duetting duties and Rob Mazurek on coronet and adding an arresting noir seasoning to the proceedings, as to the track itself, lightly filtered and dreamily dinked it’s spectral allure colouring the gaps between ‘dots and loops’ and ‘cobra phases’ all the time stranded in its own hermitically sealed bubble on a faraway orbital path transmitting love notes back home through the star sprayed ether whilst delicately coded in a Bacharach and David flavouring.

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Tour


6              The Grand Social – Dublin    

7              Black Box – Belfast                 

9              Full Moon Club – Cardiff                       

10            Phoenix – Exeter                                     

11            The Bullingdon – Oxford                                        

12            The Green Door Store – Brighton                                          

1              The Trades Club – Hebden Bridge                                         

15            The Crescent – York                                               

17            CCA – Glasgow                                      

18            Soup Kitchen – Manchester                    

19            The Sage 2 – Gateshead, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne                                   

20            Moth Club – London                                              

21            The Lantern – Bristol

22            The Winchester – Bournemouth


22            Bodega – Nottingham

23            The Musician – Leicester

24            The Junction 2 – Colchester

25            The Shop Front Theatre – Coventry

26            The Continental – Preston

27            South Streets Arts Centre – Reading                                      

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble –  ‘Find Me Finding You’ released by Drag City on March 24th

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