Really, did you honestly think having mentioned the Nightingales that we wouldn’t feature their latest wiry whipper snapper. As with tour mates Blue Orchids, ‘become not becoming’ is heading out fast on tiny global productions and features six slabs of wayward and whacked out boog-a-loo. It’s the sound of a band not only comfortable in their own sonic skin but a collective removed from the ego seducing need for glory grabbing press review inches and the pains of having to please the music press, not that the Nightingales have ever been dogged by such fickle frivolities, they are after all the consummate sore thumbs of pop. Deranged, damaged and quite often delightfully skewiff, the six tracks here tumble out with caustic merriment seemingly sparring and disrupting your listening space persistently having you teetering on the back foot all the time squalling, squabbling and squirreling to a seesawing sonic palette whose bubble gum prowess is buried and disfigured in a discordantly angular acuteness. Truth is they sound as good now as they’ve ever sounded, reference wise, well let’s face there are none, for these dudes wander a crooked path indelibly foot falling in their own making, however long term admirers of Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones would do well to take note, for here there’s what can only be best described as a mullered musical opera chomping its way at the grooves, frantically warped and dislocated ‘b side at its best’ burns with an impish seething attrition that tailgates the mighty Cardiacs while on any given day ‘in’ simmers with a crooked music hall edgy eccentricity that nods to Viv Stanshall. Mind you we here a pretty much adoring of ‘too posh too push’ not least because amid the baritone buffoonery there’s some nifty swamp dragged locked grooved blues riff croons wiring up something up of a scab picking cauldron. Elsewhere there’s the glam gouged ‘the divorce that never was’ while best moment of the set is left to the parting ‘drown’ – a panic stricken pulse pacing slab of art grizzled sonic paint bombing. 

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