those unfortunates

Updated……a much welcome note from Seb from the band to say the tracks are streaming over at their bandcamp page over here which while we are here, and why not i might ask, we’ve managed to unearth their ‘those unfortunates we are’ set from earlier last year. This one comes as a limited edition 50 only CD inside the bands own fanzine replete with badge, really how can you resist, though those of you still sitting on the fence should be well advised this slightly skewiff and angular gathering of dizzying dayglo goonery darts to detour somewhat off road with at times wiring cowpunk cuteness and something which whose surreal and skewed musicality might have you desperately reaching for your Beatnik Filmstars, Bearsuit and TV Personalities favourites of old for inquiring comparison, the point being best exemplified by the audaciously crooked ‘raymond’s perfect world’. Mind you we here all said, are a tad smitten by the woozy and wonderfully off kilter English psych eccentricity of ‘on the beach near blakeney’ which had us musing fondly on a dream time weird ear collaboration between the Freed Unit and the Murmurs of Irma.

forthcoming single was  incidentally mentioned here



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