dog in the snow

Latest out of the Battle Worldwide sound house is what has the promise of being a must have release by Dog in the Snow, better known to friends and alike as Helen Ganya Brown, who fresh from playing bass for fear of men, is set to drop her debut full length ‘consume me’ sometime October. From that album the angelic ‘magic’ is set to be sent ahead on heralding duties shortly, June in fact, however just for now we’ll leave you with this cutie, an instrumental snippet of one of the album tracks, best described as a celestial visitation, this ever so slight excerpt arrives snow kissed in a quietly alluring majesty that’s daubed in an ethereal outer worldliness both enchanting and entrancing.   


June ‘Magic’ tour

14.6 – Canteen, Bristol.

15.6 – Talking Heads, Southampton.

16.6 – Camden Assembly Hall, London.

17.6 – Green Door Store, Brighton. [w/ support Realms + Mother Me + William Doyle DJ sets]

Staying with Battle Worldwide, previous loveliness from the label has come in the adoring form of Mike Gale and Ilona V’s quite perfect ‘dream pool’ set which alas we’ve neither downloads or CD’s of yet but did mention many moons ago somewhere here and there

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