jonny velon

many thanks to both the band and their press folk, much deserving of a further mention, here’s the exclusive premiere of Jonny Velon’s ridiculously catchy ‘the Cambridge Squeeze’………

Annoying catchy and hooked upon a gloriously addictive zig zagging swing that sits somewhere between John Lurie and the North Sea Radio Orchestra with the rogue addition of a certain William D Drake marshalling the musical mayhem, this is Jonny Velon’s ‘the Cambridge squeeze’ – a track taken from a forthcoming full length ‘goodness flows’ due soon on both cassette and vinyl variants through – I think – the scratchy imprint. Certainly the kind of thing you’d expect parping its way amid the enviably esoteric play schedule of Radio 3’s ‘late junction’ and the late and much missed ‘mixing it’ show, it’s to do with that incessant and insistent panic pushing key tapping, the frantic busyness and buzz that had us here wondering if they be the bastard off spring of the mighty Wizards of Twiddly.

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