pye corner audio / faten kanaan

As to that Pye Corner Audio / Faten Kanaan collaboration, okay the story goes that the PY guys put this out to tender with selected record shop friends to gauge the demand, stupid numbers came back and once word was out the whole lot shifted in nano-seconds on pre-release interest alone. Now to avoid upset and noses being put out of joint, the label have decided to rustle up a special mail order / online version limited to 250 all on clear wax as opposed to the black wax 1st press. In truth you can see why there’s been such a fuss, two of the most cutting edge electronic alchemists pitched together on vinyl both perfectly complimenting the other. The ghostly allure of ‘darkest wave’ comes time locked in an eerie late 70’s vintage that’s very much channelling Human League Mk 1, darkly seductive, the prowling pulsars of PCE arc icily with Zombi like entrancement around Faten’s chill toned disconnected vocals. That said those of you well attuned and much admiring of Carpenter’s recent ‘Lost Themes’ series of releases, and here we are thinking ‘utopian façade’ ought to navigate sharpishly in the general direction of ‘mirror lake’. Full reviews coming shortly.


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