I’ll be totally honest in saying we here are rather smitten with this, the new thang from Taffy just ahead of the release of their fourth full length player ‘Nyctophilia’ through Club AC30. The ever so cute-some ‘murkiii’ arrives candy kissed in dream dazed shoe gazey shimmers ghosting over the affectionate purring pout of some deliciously cooing bubble grooved pop-ness that friskily fizzes with a sweetly yearning lovelorn radiance. Adorable in short. https://soundcloud.com/club-ac30/taffy-murkiii  

Tour dates…..

20/07 London – TBA

22/07 Manchester – Jimmy’z

23/07 Leeds – Brudnell Social Club

24/07 Bethesda Wales – TBA

26/07 Brighton – The Hope & Ruin


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