the home current / the assistant

Coincidentally timed to celebrate its head honchos 50th birthday, Polytechnic Youth reaches its half century courtesy of a super limited 100 only 7-inch lathe split that finds the Home Current and the Assistant sharing the groove sides. Available in numbered editions of randomly selected clear or black vinyl it marks the start of a busy release schedule that should see an album by Vorderhaus – more of him in a moment – and a very special clear vinyl second repress of a killer Pye Corner Audio / Faten Kanaan collaboration – again more about this in a second. But presently pressing at the moment is that aforementioned Home Current / the Assistant split, as ever with these label-less lathes we here are a little mystified as to which side is which, a little ident on the run out groove alerts us – hopefully – that the Yellow Magic Orchestra sounds fed through the impish Landscape sound laboratory to create a curiously robotised hypnosis might well belong to the Home Current’s ‘end of the tunnel’, its wonderfully vintage primitive electronic ID’ing chirpily chiming to a mesmeric and motorik future age clockwork motif that wouldn’t much amiss had it snuggled onto Kraftwerk’s chip pin circuit bopped ‘computer world’ set. Over on the flip lurks with a degree of uncertain logicality ‘something profound’ by the Assistant, which manages to cleverly have one foot in the late 90’s with the other in the early 80’s in an attempt to channel a primitive techno vibe spliced with a chic noir trimming (though admittedly that part of the sonic equation manifests towards the end) which I must admit it achieves with much aplomb, managing to create a mutant melodic species that draws heavily from Cabaret Voltaire’s ‘the crackdown’ whilst hooking itself upon an Orbital mainframe.

Further Home Current sonic activity awaits on his soundcloud page, may we suggest that once you are here you tune immediately into the quite breathless ‘leave your fears’ featuring Anna Brønsted – quite possibly the loveliest thing we’ve heard since that EMA score for ‘#horror’ last year.

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