look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping – version 10.0

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 10.0….w/e 11/3/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….


This edition features……

Sleepyard, intercosmos project, circle, six organs of admittance, phil Reynolds and the uncertain futures, hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-or, operator music band, panophonic, sound source, swamp sounds, house of tapes, the hare and the moon with future passe, The Keraunograph Ensemble, it’s  psychedelic baby, mike cooper, schultze, slipstream, wizards tell lies, TEA, Moon Duo, Wyldest, lightning bug, dog in the snow, mike gale and Ilona v, st37, putamen, tomorrow syndicate, dean and britta, coathangers, amonism, l a takedown, black angels, Al Massrieen, pefkin, those unfortunates, 60’s pop, French garage girls, psyched out Beatles fandom, English psych whimsy and funky Japanese soundtracks, the saxophones, 40 years of women in electronic music, moonlandingz, philippe bosombes, basil kirchin, philippe guerre, jean pierre decerf, blue orchids, nightingales, Laetitia sadier source ensemble, moon gravity, broken soundtracks, raave tapes, English folklore, essential record collecting books, blue cheer, space music, temple of wax, duke st workshop, the pop group, this heat, the sound, beautify junkyards, beatglider, the chameleons, tubular brass, experimental Ireland, fortuna pop, ladies of the maghreb, pink and perky…

Shimmered in 70’s styled sunburns, Sleepyard’s ‘(always) in the back of my mind’ oozes nostalgia, again another cut that ought first hand to attract and seduce those littlebow admiring types among you, this twinkle trimmed slice of effervescent radiance swoons to the same mysterio lolloping pop pic n’ mix as that that greeted the debuting outing from the Go! Team many, many moons ago via pickled egg, a lost musical seaside postcard lazily lounging on lysergic promenades whilst adored in seafaring shimmies and silvery sepia ghosted strings. ‘Winter crickets’ is, according to Sleepyard’s Oliver, a work in progress, its completion pencilled in for later in the year along with a compilation featuring a collection of archive cuts spanning their sonic career peppered with their earliest demos from 1994 to selections right up to the present day. A most alluring listening experience, ‘Winter Crickets’ is awash in genteel tonalities, from the campfire hymnal sprays that crackle throughout the sun setting grooves of ‘summer crickets’ – think ‘midnight cowboy’ retuned by a gathering of J Xaverre and Toshack Highway types to the hazy late 60’s bubble grooving of the radio purring soft psych west coast tracings of ‘angel makes perfect’ whiffing ever so longingly it has to be said of Neutral Milk Hotel, it’s a set that even in its pre-production fashioning, draws you close with jaw agape and eyebrow raised. All said, on this brief visit, we suggest you tune into the ethereal heaven sent posy that is ‘red lightning’ with its beautified winter frosted string corteges arcing and surrendering to the ghost charmed choral enchantment, of course if I’m being quite honest about matters, ‘the harmony signal’ is a bit of a nugget, channel hopping frequency pulsars giving into swathes of isolationist murmurs serve to craft out an immeasurably beguiling dream drifting lunar fantasia distressed in tear stained melancholia. https://sleepyard.bandcamp.com/album/winter-crickets  

Was put onto this by Oliver Sleepyard who incidentally features, a project headed up by former Loop-er man Neil MacKay going by the name the Intercosmos Project who’ve a new album out currently doing the rounds on band camp entitled ‘space sickness (fucked in space)’ which we don’t mind admitting, has been causing some raised eyebrows around the gaff, not least the track ‘weird noise’. A vintage kosmiche orbital whose minimalist and hypnotic pulsing binary bopping had us much imagining some secret studio gathering enacted by members of Fly, Echoboy and a few Slipstream waifs and strays, quite alluring and serene pressed upon a star watching seafaring framing. At 10 minutes in length and instructed with leading the set out to the parting end groove, ‘escape’ looms with foreboding, part dream locked, part edgy and detached, an ominously fracturing ghost light tripping hallucinogenic sprays of wiring isolationism atop looped transmission echoes, very disquieting and a somewhat chilling future vision. Elsewhere those fully versed in Radiophonic wonkiness and blessed with a love for the more playful electronic squiggles once upon a time pressed to vinyl by ISAN will do well to seek out the kookily cute binary chatter of the enraptured R2D2 meets Wall E cosmic cosiness of the affectionately dippy ‘strange one’ – one we suspect for you Raymond Scott admirers. https://theintercosmosproject.bandcamp.com/  

Heading out of the Australian based imprint Monday records shortly, this is the quite wonderful ‘Thylacine’ by Circle, this Circle hailing from New South Wales and not the Finnish variant who’ve had cause in recent years to pummel our earlobes. Back after a short hiatus, okay a long hiatus since their last musical foray was way back in 2012, this sepia toned orbiting carousel sweetheart arrives pinned upon a melodic love note purred in the kind of softly arresting twinkling and hazy feel good pristine pop radiance that suggests its authors are a tad well versed, or at the very least, are channelling a sonic navigation arc that splashes its toes in the milky murmured waters of the likes of Astronaut, the Brigadier and 18 Wheeler. https://soundcloud.com/ilovecircle/circle-thylacine    

What do you mean you weren’t quite expecting this, neither were we, truth be told we are still trying hard to pick our jaw up off the floor following being near blown into next week by this. Not content with hitting us with that rather sublime Alasdair Roberts single / album, Drag City who themselves are in the middle of an extended purple patch, have just released the new full length set ‘burning the threshold’ by Six Organs of Admittance from off which has been sneaked the airy and wide screen sweeping ‘adoration song’ with video to boot. Spoiling us now eh? I must admit to being a tad taken with the drifting mellowness of this as it advances forth with a kind of heading over the hill homecoming quiet jubilance that’s both tender and affectionate whilst simultaneously peppered and oozed in corteges of lazy eyed shimmer toning hazes which all gather together to offer, what can only be best described, as a moment to reflectively pause, a radiant rustic hymnal if you must

600A on tour…..

02/03/17 Thu in Vancouver, BC at The Cobalt

03/03/17 Fri in Seattle, WA at Fremont Abbey Arts Center

04/03/17 Sat in Portland, OR at Bunk Bar

06/03/17 Mon in San Francisco, CA at The Chapel

07/03/17 Tue in Los Angeles, CA at Bootleg Bar

08/03/17 Wed in San Diego, CA at Soda Bar

23-26/03/17 in Knoxville, TN at Big Ears Festival

28/03/17 Tue in Atlanta, GA at The Earl

29/03/17 Wed in Asheville, NC at Mothlight

30/03/17 Thu in Raleigh, NC at Kings

31/03/17 Fri in Washington, DC at DC9

01/04/17 Sat in Brooklyn, NY at Union Pool

02/04/17 Sun in Boston, MA at Great Scott

03/0417 Mon in Portland, ME at Space Gallery

05/04/17 Wed in Philadelphia, PA at Johnny Brenda’s

06/04/17 Thu in Pittsburgh, PA at Club Cafe

07/04/17 Fri in Cleveland, OH at Beachland Tavern

08/04/17 Sat in Detroit, MI at Third Man Records

09/04/17 Sun in Chicago, IL at Empty Bottle

10/04/17 Mon in Minneapolis, MN at 7th St. Entry

12/04/17 Wed in Milwaukee, WI at Collectivo Coffee

14/04/17 Fri in St. Louis, MO at Duck Room at Blueberry Hill

15/04/17 Sat in Louisville, KY at Zanzabar

I promise we will be having a proper listen of this over the weekend – honest, pressed for time though just at this very moment here’s the lead track from Phil Reynolds and the Uncertain Future’s new EP through Small Bear. The blurb reads something about a story to do with a shellfish looking for love who enlists the assistance of mythical witches frozen in stone – okay like that is it. ‘white claw’ be the EP’s name and this obviously is er – ‘white claw’ – a fifteen minute psych popping opera / mysterio that sumptuously spirals and radiates between caressing crystalline corteges of soft psych toned oceanic sprays the type of which jubilantly cool to imagine Stephen Jones’ Trucker persona pouring over the grooves of the Teardrop’s ‘wilder’ set to extended moments moored upon an enchanted wilderness where sound the strange allure of kosmiche folk flotillas tempering and whispering to an artistry that flickers and shape shifts magically revealing a nodding affection for Birdpen, Soft Hearted Scientists and Goblin, any questions……


Many thanks to Andrea over at Boring Machines for allowing us to premiere a newly peeled video accompanying Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-or’s stunningly dark ‘phantasms of the living’….

I must say I’m slightly concerned that these dudes occupy and operate from a different, dare I say, darker dimension to most musical folk. This sonic black hole is a nine-minute excerpt of an extended fright freak storm that’s due to occupy one side of their current set for Boring Machines entitled ‘Anacalypsis’. In short, as the title might well hint, ‘phantasms of the living’ is not an easy ride, in fact we’d go as far as to say it’s a maddeningly macabre white-knuckle ride into the beyond, a truly bad tripping happening in the company of those overlords of gloom, Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-or. In truth we have had occasion to mention this particular cut previously – see https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/11/12/hermetic-brotherhood-of-lux-or/ – describing it merely as dark, chilling and nightmarish doesn’t quite touch the sides of this sonic study into fracturing psychosis. Reference wise, and I’m out on a limb here, given the CD in question isn’t to hand and the review we did of it for Losing Today has long since been lost to obscurity, however in the fog we call a memory I do recall a certain former member of Walking Seeds handing us a very early version of a Koolaid album which as I recall glowered with the same ne’er do well intensity as this dark deeding opus. Amid the light sucking futility and abandoned hope lurks a song craft scored and scarred in the black arts that’s both uneasy and disquieting in its primitive tongue and psychotropic tension not to mention sounding at times sounding not unlike Genesis Breyer P Orridge in a séance / mind link with Timothy Leary and William S Burroughs.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/205659277″>Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or – Phantasms of the Living</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/ongaboringmachines”>Boring Machines</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I could seriously kiss this, new thing from Operator Music Band, this is the star-crossed allure that is ‘koma’ – a kosmiche pulsar which from out of a Fuxa like motorik egg blossoms the radiant lunar lounge tractor beam tug of ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’ era Stereolab wooziness. A super chilled cruise controlled cutie marshalling the celestial outlands purred in a future gazing 60’s kaleidoscopic vintage all arrested in cosmic chic, the track itself comes prized from their current ‘puzzelphonics I and II’ set for new professor music, something I suspect we need to hear without delay. https://soundcloud.com/newprofessor/koma  

the band are currently touring, in addition to which they have a charity initiative called The Operator Music Fund For The Advancement Of Human Rights And Mutual Respect. The band will be donating all merch sales made on tour and via the band’s website to a different charity every quarter. All merchandise, including new tote bags and sweaters, are available now through the band’s bandcamp page – https://operatormusicband.bandcamp.com/merch – the first charity due to prosper from this initiative will be the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s immigration rights…..

tour dates as follows…..

3.8.17 – Baltimore, MD – Windup Space

3.9.17 – Raleigh, NC – Neptunes

3.10.17 – Atlanta, GA – 529 Bar

3.11. 17 – Birmingham, AL – Desert Island Supply Co.

3.12.17 – New Orleans, LA – Saturn Bar

3.15 – 3.18 – Austin, TX (SXSW)

3.19.17 – Tulsa, OK – Soundpony

3.21.17 – Hot Springs, AR (VOV Fest)

3.22.17 – Nashville, TN – East Room

3.23.17 – Indianapolis, IN – State Street Pub

3.24.17 – Akron, OH – Hive Mind Collective

Responsible for causing mild flutters of the heart around these here parts since appearing on our radar, latest from the Tom Lugo / Panophonic sound desk is the forlorn softly bruised fuzz drenched anthem ‘endlessly’, swooned in swallow diving shimmer tones that sour like a crestfallen Chapterhouse, this hurt honey rises to the bliss kissed subdued and statuesque arc of Toy, always a good thing don’t you find. https://soundcloud.com/tomlugo/panophonic-endlessly  

Those preferring their sounds a little more mellowed and somewhat dream drifting, might want to dive into the chill toned oceanic currents of Soundsource’s aptly titled ‘sea of life’- a link to which we alas have so far found ourselves stumped on. A wonderfully serene astral mind walk which, okay arguably, isn’t seeking to push the sound envelope to any great extent – see Biosphere / Banco de Gaia and pretty much most of the stuff that demurs its way out of both the handstitched and eilean imprints of late (incidentally two new Eilean’s on the back burner as we write – quite dandy things), yet something which gives you a much-needed momentary escape route from this frazzled and frantic thing called life. Should also say its oozed in oodles of birdsong and swathes of celestial choral corteges. https://soundcloud.com/soundsourceofficial/sea-of-life   

Feel we’ve been doing a great disservice to bearsuit records of late, as recompense mentions in more detail of their latest offering is at the sketching stage due for later in the week, a split set no less featuring swamps sounds sharing the groove space with Uncle Pops and the Dumbloods. By way of a taster as to things to expect, here’s ‘marionette’ from the former mentioned, a kind of skittering post-apocalyptic technoid sore thumb with Wagon Christ workings powered by a frantically animated Aphex industry that’s not so much left field but both off the map and off radar, an impishly wiring cornucopia of fracturing nanobot sound engineering.

Yuuya Kuno – he who is swamp sounds, also records as house of tapes whose recording home is the quite excellent tanukineiri imprint, well we thought your ears might like to hear a wee sample of their wares so here’s ‘cosmic low’ – not sure which album this comes pulled from it certainly isn’t from his recent ‘the end of collapse’ set, at least we don’t think it is. Whatever the case it’s a nifty slice of ear gear which unless we are very much mistaken, seamlessly flirts and flows amid the kind of mind morphing dream drift terrains once upon a time navigated exquisitely by the Future Sound of London. Elsewhere, we’ve just hooked our head to what appears to be the latest House of Tapes recording, entitled ‘aKuMu’ this cut soon descends from its opening spy noir fashioning into something coiled in deep psychosis with the cross-wiring messages and jumbled glitch grooved minimalist tech detuning imparting a state of dream dazed confusion, quite unsettling if you ask me.



I’m fairly certain we may have temporarily overlooked a release featuring the Grey Malkin, we will check with the man himself and swiftly return with the goods. For now though, this ‘un has somewhat been the cause of a goose bumps forming occurrence in the Sunday Experience sound shed, from what we assume is a forthcoming Hare and the Moon happening with Futur Passe this is the quite beguiling and bewitching ‘C’est á Ville’ – a ghost folk spectral daubed in lost musical tongues that dance with mystical merriment and charm with spell crafted wizardry to sit somewhere on a musical axis between preterite, coil and dead can dance for a processional feast of ethereal regal heraldry. https://soundcloud.com/thehareandthemoon/cest-a-ville-with-futur-passe-1  

Blame all this talk of Preterite that we unearthed this dark beauty, released a while ago, somehow avoiding the watchful eye of our radar and since sadly sold out of its edition of 11, yes 11, really now if I were so minded I’d be cribbing on for the remainder of the review as to how gutted and wounded we are at such news and how life has such little meaning armed in the knowledge that this outing has strayed our love, attention and indeed – grasp. We won’t even both to tell you that our record collection is mourning and pining the loss. Feel bad now – eh. Anyhow these artefacts, and we prefer to refer to them as artefacts rather than mere releases, look immaculate, to describe them, well we’ll pass over to the record label to do the ‘look what you missed’ gubbins – ‘released on December 14, 2015 in the form of a handmade box containing one 12″ lp, lovingly mastered by Randall Frazier and pressed by le bricoleur at Bladud Flies!, two original mixed-media paintings, convenient informational insert and download code. The download includes additional material related to the other forthcoming volumes. The set is limited to 11 numbered, personalised copies’. Anyhow it’s by The Keraunograph Ensemble and goes by the name ‘writings of earth’ – the liner notes harshly describe it thus ‘….progressive psychedelic vaguely unpleasant chamber music’ which as you might imagine had our ears immediately pricked up and curiously aware, what you are hearing incidentally, is an excerpt, a dark herald perhaps a summoning of some sort of prior foretelling, an ancient coming presiding over an apocalyptic event, its thick with atmospheric tension, a doomed chariot adrift and driven by some exacting trade wind spreading its deathly dry ceremonial contagion, not something we would hasten to add, for mere pop listening verse chorus verse patrons. https://keraunograph.bandcamp.com/album/the-omnipresent-volume-iv-writings-of-earth   

Probably the sole cause of us kicking ourselves senselessly these last few months was time and again missing nabbing a copy of the latest issue of ‘it’s psychedelic baby’ so to console ourselves a tad we’ve hooked up to their latest monthly pod admirably assembled for your listening delights by the Night Tripper – the set features a plethora of eclectic rolled gold grooviness among those cued up ornette coleman, assemble head in sunburst sound, a little  something quite frayed and superb from Mike Cooper that we suggest is immediate listening if only for the fact that it sounds like Robert Wyatt shimmied up to Alan Courtis (which reminds us – if we can locate the download – we will feature his latest opus if not this missive then certainly the next) followed quite naturally by Soft Machine, a little fried freakiness from the Frond and a track from the current Julie’s Haircut full length, which as much as it pains us to say, we are yet to hear in full – ho-hum.  


currently cooking on a slow heat on the back burner being readied for review, the hour of the Wizards Tell Lies is very nearly upon us. A new album ‘’Lost King, After You’ is impatiently waiting to meet your turntable through the MuteAnt Sounds imprint……

Adrift on a genteel seafaring spray caressed in the delicate recline of opining riffs all smouldered in a sun falling tropical burn, this be the ghost spectral that is ‘like no other’ a new incoming 7 inch from Slipstream via enraptured records, all at once haunted and hollowed yet sumptuously haloed in a 60’s shimmer toning whose ‘ghost rider’ like shadowy sparseness hints of Jon DeRosa channelling the spirit of Joe Meek. https://soundcloud.com/slipstreamuk/like-no-other-7-inch-edit  

now if I were none the wiser we’d have hazarded a loose guess that this was the work of some super secretive collective sourced from souls moonlighting from fat truckers, the truth about frank and the ministry all found convening in seedy basement studios under the cover of night all sharing a love for DAF albeit rephrased through a SPK mindset. Something for those of you who adore your cyber trance somewhat heavily psycho-tronically inclined, this folks, is dark, it’s by Schultz and it goes by the name ‘I hate you’ – a friendly chap which alas I’m a little peeved to admit we’ve mislaid the press release for so I can’t at present thank whoever sent it across – once we do though you can be rest assured there’ll be more as I’m suspecting there’s a whole albums worth kicking around somewhere, still – a damn fine hypno-grooving and mind fracturing anti-anthem with which to variously hang upon targets should you so see fit, not that we are encouraging such sentiment. https://soundcloud.com/electroschultz/sets/schultz-new-futur-album      

maddeningly lovely and quite frankly faultless, we’ve had to nail our trotters to the floor to stop them tapping and sew up our lips and mouth to stop the widening smile, adorably affectionate this is a track from TEA’s lost full length ‘everybody’s happy sometimes’ – which if I recall rightly made something of a very limited appearance on the much missed Best Kept Secret cassette imprint in the early 00’s where it was bolstered by a side of – if I recall rightly – out-takes and demos….alas we’re desperately rummaging through the boxes upon boxes of cassettes trying to locate it, so far without much success. Anyhow this is shortly due for a wax press and cd issue along with all the usual digital gubbins, we suggest you get your lugs around the fuzzy buzzy loveliness of ‘token up song’ – a glorious radiant slice of fizzing electro effervescent west coast cuteness seemingly relocated to some lunar outpost cooing pop perfected kosmich kool pulsars which unless our ears do deceive sound quite like an early career Swimmer One in an orbital tryst with a very youthful Earlies. http://aturntablefriendrecords.limitedrun.com/products/586250-tea-everybody-s-happy-sometimes  

getting real daft now, no sooner has TEA been dispatched, the band not the refreshing hot beverage, we haven’t got to lightning bug yet, that one is going to have you jaw agape going wow wow for the rest of the evening, and along comes Moon Duo with the quite arresting ‘lost in the light’. This comes peeled from an incoming set for sacred bones going by the name ‘Occult Architecture Vol. 2’ – a swirling cosmic carousel demurred in hymnal sprays and the genteel lazy eyed peeling of a spiralling campfire kaleidoscopic cosiness which, just between you and me mind, had us reaching for our prized copy of Beatglider’s immaculate ‘witches’ set for enraptured a few years back. 

With the seduction settings turned to maximum, Wyldest return to swooning ways with the amorphously flighty ‘the poet’ through the hand in jive imprint. A cornucopia of Cocteau-ian crushes cocooned in dissolving crystal tipped opines upon which a fleet footed mosaic of chill tipped shimmering balletic pouts caress and arrest to a luxuriant melodic murmuring pressed upon Balearic sun sets and the dimpling of Oriental sighs and ghost light choral kisses which collude to cross weave and join the dots between Fever Ray, Grimes and Warpaint. https://soundcloud.com/wyldest/the-poet   

You might want to pull up your listening pew for this one because it’s quite special. Now we aren’t given over to unsolicited emails, frustratingly on more occasions than we care to mention, most simply target without first having the care, attention or due diligence to actually check out the type of music we love. That said we do consider ourselves quite fortunate that most do and that, as a result, some of the finest things we’ve heard over the years have reached us by such means. So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce trio Lightning Bug, known to kith n kin as New York residents Audrey, Logan and Kevin. In fact it was Audrey who sent us a sweet little shyly toned note alerting us to a new four track EP that her band have just released entitled ‘the torment of love’. An EP that restlessly darts about with its reference points and just between you and me, the finest thing we’ve heard since that adorably frail beauty from Noa Babayof released last year. ‘the torment of love’ is the sound of a creative spirit who is yet settle with any great certainty upon her chosen musical voice, every bit at ease doing chilled as she is fragile, she turns one minute timid and vulnerable to the next, blossoming with mercurial lushness and while the frost tipped stilled elegance of opener ‘aubade’ might have you pressed for a second listening as its chilled noir traced minimalist yearn echoes desirably upon a frail and beautifully hushed sonic axis that draws instinctively from Broadcast, Heather Duby and Jodie Lowther, it is alas the sore thumb of the set. Soon the EP settles to uncover a different musical tongue, with its Vashti like spectral kiss ‘the yellow warmth in my side’ might well be the finest thing you’ll hear this side of a lost Susan Christie track, beguiled and bewitched, there’s a hushed lushness here amid the rambling rustic posies as the ghostly arrest of the spring hued lolloping Drake-esque detailing delicately hooks itself to slowly unpeel your defences and fashion its rapture with spellbinding effect. ‘nocturne’ enlists a similar trait, the sound more vivid, colourful and expressive comes surrendered in tripping corteges hinted in a golden pop age sepia framing, while all said we here must admit to being a tad smitten by the bruised parting that is ‘flower by flower’ mainly for the fact that midway through it blissfully burns, blisters and fragments to polarise somewhere upon a Donnelly / Hersh Throwing Muses axis. Essential. https://lightning-bug.bandcamp.com/  

Latest out of the Battle Worldwide sound house is what has the promise of being a must have release by Dog in the Snow, better known to friends and alike as Helen Ganya Brown, who fresh from playing bass for fear of men, is set to drop her debut full length ‘consume me’ sometime October. From that album the angelic ‘magic’ is set to be sent ahead on heralding duties shortly, June in fact, however just for now we’ll leave you with this cutie, an instrumental snippet of one of the album tracks, best described as a celestial visitation, this ever so slight excerpt arrives snow kissed in a quietly alluring majesty that’s daubed in an ethereal outer worldliness both enchanting and entrancing.  


June ‘Magic’ tour

14.6 – Canteen, Bristol.

15.6 – Talking Heads, Southampton.

16.6 – Camden Assembly Hall, London.

17.6 – Green Door Store, Brighton. [w/ support Realms + Mother Me + William Doyle DJ sets]

Staying with Battle Worldwide, previous loveliness from the label has come in the adoring form of Mike Gale and Ilona V’s quite perfect ‘dream pool’ set which alas we’ve neither downloads or CD’s of yet but did mention many moons ago somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/23/mike-gale-and-ilona-v/ and there  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/09/27/mike-gale-and-ilona-v-2/

Now I must admit to a moment of embarrassed honesty when I say that I fear ST 37 have never thus far bothered our turntable, indeed I find it hard to imagine and to admit, surely they have at some point. So up pops ‘fuck you, you rule – ST 37’s greatest ‘hits’ – a ten strong gathering of head tripping wooziness trimmed in many kaleidoscopic colours and purred in mind vacating chemical odyssey’s. Hells teeth I’m getting a tad stoned just being in earshot of its psychoactive sonics, ‘all the same’ opening the fried ceremonies emerging from a Barrett captained Floyd before going all Walking Seeds ‘bad orb…’ hairy and wasted. No sooner has that passed then along comes the super psych pill ‘heather Catherine tallchief’ – a lo-fi’ing kosmiche hyper craft veering sumptuously into the sun fragmenting and frying along the way. Elsewhere, and it’s here where these dudes really score highly in the wig flipping stakes, the affection pinning not to mention wonderfully warping and skewed ‘a huge rare cheese’ to these ears sounds like its blessed with the kind of stoned mystical vintage that dips subtly between seven that spells and the mighty oh sees albeit as though its tripped its way out of a humungous Elephant 6 Collective spin dryer. However all said might we suggest you don your wigs for the wired and beardy freak storm that is ‘confusion mind’ – detuned, damaged, derailed and dandily primitive and weirded out, think that covers it and while you are there you might want to throw in ‘Snootle y Choobs’ – who said Viv Stanshall fronting a clearly out of it Beefheart….. https://st37.bandcamp.com/album/fuck-you-you-rule-st-37s-greatest-hits  

Not quite the track we were intending or more precisely, were advised to check out, that’s arriving later this missive – it’s called ‘curtains for tomorrow’ should you wish to do some preparatory listening before it lands here – a much darker and subdued affair compared to the one we’ve opted for as a handy introduction. Yet it was this little nugget that pricked our earlobes, not least because it’s so abrasive and rash forming, by Putamen this is ‘suicide time’ – a blistering trashed out slab of scowling rock-a-hula replete with a scorched bubble grooved teen spirit hysteria and the kind of punch you out dayglo’d decadence that had us here fondly imagining a super strung out Buzzcocks in some face off with a particularly wired out Flamin’ Groovies.

Seems we mentioned this track previously, see told you, can’t hold a killer sound down eh….. https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/putamen/  

A quick and dare we say, much welcomed message from the Tomorrow Syndicate folk alerting us to their newly peeled cut ‘Okulomotor’ which I’m happy to say finds them on a can do no wrong trajectory. The latest addition in a long line of cuts that’s fast gathering pace to forge a formidable back catalogue of kosmiche kool, ‘Okulomotor’ is cut with a finite future  pop precision which teased with orbital swirls and lunar flotillas, dreamily dissolves as it purrs and pulses on cruise control auto pilot setting to navigate solar flaring melodic terrains which when viewed through the kaleidoscopic eye sound not unlike a star gazing sonic configuration made up ‘154’ era Wire dudes, Fly and Warm Digits.

Incoming on the ever-cool Suicide Squeeze imprint with the promise of a limited one sided 12-inch sea green wax with etched flip side, this is the Atlanta based Coathangers with ‘Captain’s dead’. Pulled from their ‘parasite’ EP, ‘captain’s dead’ serves a subtle political jab as the new America administration steers chaotically amid ever choppier waters, a stalking and simmering slab of prowling bad boogie kissed with a scab picking cool long stare of a slyly anthem like chorus the grooves between a raging and a riding with disquiet and disbelief all the time prickling and purring with a seesawing angular poise that swerves between spiked and slacker swooned. https://soundcloud.com/suicide-squeeze-records/captains-dead-by-the-coathangers/  

Tour dates…..

May  12 UK Manchester Night & Day

May  13  UK Brighton The Joker

May  15 UK Bristol The Exchange

May  16 UK Oxford The Bullingdon

May  17 UK London Oslo

May  18 UK Hastings The Printworks

May  19 UK Leicester The Cookie

May  20 UK Leeds Gold Sounds @ Brudenell Social

May  21 UK Sheffield The Harley

May  23 UK Ramsgate Music Hall

May 24 BE Gent PSYCH OVER 9000

May 25 NL Eindhoven Stroomhuisje

May 26 NL Rotterdam Girls Go Boom Night @ Roodkapje

May 27 NL Amsterdam Pacific Park

May 28 NL Utrecht dB’s

May 30 DE Hamburg Molotow

May 31 DE Berlin Cassiopeia

Jun 1 DE Munich Orangehouse

Jun 2 DE Cologne MTC

Jun 3 FR Paris Le Batofar

Jun 4 IT Ravenna Beaches Brew Festival

Jun 8 FR Clermont Ferrand Le Barraka

Jun 9 FR Nimes This is not a Love Song

Jun 10 FI Helsinki Sideways Festival

Be honest now, isn’t this the most beautifully bitter sweet thing you’ve heard in a long age, alas not new, an oldie in fact from Dean and Britta culled from a full vinyl treatment, well we say full for wasn’t there a Double Feature released CD a few years back of ’13 most beautiful….songs for Andy Warhol’s screen tests’ fleshed out with all manner of remixes. This version pared to three sides of vinyl comes courtesy of wouldn’t waste records of Denmark we believe, there first outing in fact, this being the duo’s soundtrack accompanying a film featuring several Warhol film portraits. This particular track being the Edie Sedgwick inspired ‘It Don’t Rain In Beverly Hills (Scott Hardkiss Remix)’ arrives sparsely haloed and typically fragile amid the daintily frail flotillas of spectral speckles, sounds very Lou we should add. Only 500 to be had.

Strange how this manages manifest into something both sinister and serene, another newly peeled offering from the hugely talented Amonism, this is ’resonant fields 2’ – by all accounts, according to the liner notations, the F bell from Gloucester Cathedral put through its paces by way of a series of manipulated processes with the aim of extracting as wide a possible spectrum of sound, achieved perfectly i’d say with these bowed mosaics cutting a sparsely lulling Radiophonic styled dream toned suite.  https://soundcloud.com/amonism/resonant-fields-2   

You might well remember us going a tad cock-a-hoop over these dudes a little while back, adorably fashioned in 80’s stylings rippled in hints of a 70’s vintage prog majesty, this is new groove from L A Takedown. Once fondly described by Black Dice man Bjorn Copeland as ‘baywatch krautrock’, ‘night skiing’ perfectly epitomises their curve surfing astute artistry for seamlessly tapping in that whole big hair and big shouldered suit wearing classic MTV vibe, the sounds both smooth and cinematic veer seductively, streamlined in a pristine pop symmetry that nods to the mighty Zombi as though rephrasing and remoulding Neil Young’s ’trans’ in their own sonic image.   

Could have sworn we’d already mentioned this in passing, fool’s that we are, we were probably too busy picking our jaws up off the floor while our heads simultaneously melted and morphed in the hallucinogenic hypnotic haze. New sonic happening from the Black Angels courtesy of the shape shifting smoke that is ’currency’, this swaggering slab of shade wearing dust dragged psych blues comes peeled from a pencilled in for April end full length entitled ‘death song’ through the partisan imprint. It’s the first new material from Austin’s finest in a few years with the band having just been revealed as the headliners for this year’s Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia in September. ‘currency’ provides the heralding rally cry for that aforementioned set and finds the Angels at the top of their collective powers prowling and blistering with a cooling menace that sounds to these ears like a death rattled sermon uttered by a darkly foretelling preacher man.

I’m suspecting that the Habibi Funk imprint may well in time become one of our favourite guilty pleasures especially if they keep unearthing wigged out 70’s groove like this. Last time out we mentioned Ahmed Malek, this time it’s the turn of Al Massrieen who by all accounts did a neat line in cross weaving elements of funk, early disco with lounge and tropicalia across their Egyptian homeland in the 70’s as this cut from a forthcoming set called ‘modern music’ so ably exemplifies, for ‘sah’ is all at once slick, sexy and dare we say, somewhat timeless and attuned to today.  https://soundcloud.com/habibifunk/al-massrieen-sah-pre-order-now  

another musical interlude…..60’s pop, French garage girls, psyched out Beatles fandom, English psych whimsy and funky Japanese soundtracks…..

Don’t think we need an excuse nor an explanation for giving this a wee mention, details along with ordering options of the forthcoming Pefkin album ‘murmurations’ shortly due for release on morc tapes – looks lovely and from what we’ve heard thus far, sounds astounding. Incidentally the ‘starlings’ track featured on the sound player we adored here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/pefkin-2/  


a debut album incoming by the name ‘nothing isn’t beautiful’ for the midnight bell imprint sometime May, London based those unfortunates open up their account with a wonderfully miss-fitting two track corker that places ‘a question for Mr Richardson’ / ‘Repertory Man’ on opposing sides of a single to for record shop counter delight next week. The former mentioned a skiffle toned Velveteen twinkling roustabout that shuffles frantically rushing after the long-gone C-86 bus, and don’t take that to being meant as a criticism, far from it because this breezy nugget rifles with a quick stepping gusto sounding like a lost pop nugget sneaked out under the radar by the much-missed Sarah sound house as though the Wedding Present were channelling the Kinks by way of the Hillfields and the Field Mice. Sharing the spoils in the affection stakes, flip side ‘repertory man’ beautifully wallows crushed and hushed in a homely hurting traced in a wonderfully melancholic hollowness. Alas no sound links just now.  

Updated……a much welcome note from Seb from the band to say the tracks are streaming over at their bandcamp page over here https://unfortunates.bandcamp.com/album/a-question-for-mr-richardson-a-repertory-man which while we are here, and why not i might ask, we’ve managed to unearth their ‘those unfortunates we are’ set from earlier last year. This one comes as a limited edition 50 only CD inside the bands own fanzine replete with badge, really how can you resist, though those of you still sitting on the fence should be well advised this slightly skewiff and angular gathering of dizzying dayglo goonery darts to detour somewhat off road with at times wiring cowpunk cuteness and something which whose surreal and skewed musicality might have you desperately reaching for your Beatnik Filmstars, Bearsuit and TV Personalities favourites of old for inquiring comparison, the point being best exemplified by the audaciously crooked ‘raymond’s perfect world’. Mind you we here all said, are a tad smitten by the woozy and wonderfully off kilter English psych eccentricity of ‘on the beach near blakeney’ which had us musing fondly on a dreamtime weird ear collaboration between the Freed Unit and the Murmurs of Irma. https://unfortunates.bandcamp.com/album/those-unfortunates-we-are  

just a quick reminder that this heart string yanking bruiser is soon set to turn your turntable to tears, this is husband and wife duo the Saxophones with the devastatingly beautiful though cruelly crushed ‘if you are on the water’ for full time hobby – and there’s us thinking only Cheval Sombre held all the hurting cards. Anyway mentioned here previously https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/the-saxophones/  which while we are here we’ll just say you’re a better man than me if can claw yourself through the simply arresting parting salvo ‘best boy’ without collapsing into a heap of emotional distress.

Yet another musical interlude…..international women’s day….

What better way to celebrate international women’s day than with 6 hours of electronic sounds cobbled together into a sonic tapestry that celebrates 40 years of women in electronic music…..pretty much everyone is here from Delia and Daphne to Suzanne and Laurie……..


accidentally tripped over this and glad we did, something of an impromptu turn occurring a few weeks ago when the moonlandingz chaps apparently turned up at Maxine Peake’s gaff and recorded her retuning their fan favourite ‘the man in me lyfe’ – scarpering back to the studio with the tapes they chopped, warped and weirded out said recordings into a revamped edit ‘the woman in me lyfe’. Certainly ticks all the boxes in our listening space for this dislocating nag nag nag-ging slab of Dadaist electroid cool is a head trolleying imagining of a wired out late night secret studio summit meeting gathering together Flying Lizards, Suicide, revolutionary corps of teenage jesus and Sigue Sigue Sputnik types. https://soundcloud.com/the_e_r_c/the-woman-in-me-lyfe-the-moonlandingz-ft-maxine-peake-the-erc-gender-balance-de-mix/s-Y1sWK  

The band are shortly to hit the road in support of their forthcoming ‘interplanetary class classics’ full length due March end…

Here are the full dates for their forthcoming UK/EU Tour:

22 Mar – Cluny in Newcastle, UK

23 Mar – Stereo in Glasgow, UK

24 Mar – Whelans in Dublin, UK

25 Mar – Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool, UK

28 Mar – Hare & Hounds in Birmingham, UK (SOLD OUT)

29 Mar – Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, UK

30 Mar – Gorilla in Manchester, UK

1 Apr – Leadmill in Sheffield

2 Apr – Thekla in Bristol (SOLD OUT)

3 Apr – Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth

4 Apr – Village Underground in London (SOLD OUT)

19 Apr – The Bullingdon in Oxford

20 Apr – Le 106 Club in Rouen

21 Apr – Le Printemps de Bourges Festival in Bourges

22 Apr – Artheater in Cologne

24 Apr – Katine am Berghain in Berlin

25 Apr – Molotow in Hamburg

26 Apr – Paradiso in Amsterdam

27 Apr – Point FMR in Paris

Interlude…..Philippe Besombes, Basil Kirchin, Philippe Guerre and Jean-Pierre Decerf

A few things with which to ease you into this slow Thursday, blimey the sun is out…..

Just what the good doctor ordered, shortly to embark on a few rare live appearances with mates the Nightingales, the Blue Orchids return to fray following hard on the acclaim that last year’s ‘the once and future thing’ brought. An absolute dogs danders of a limited 4 track 10 inch is heading out shortly via tiny global communications with copies coming pressed up randomly on black / blue wax. Still blessed with an insidious knack for cutting ear hugging angular shapes like no one else, in ‘disney boys’ and ‘work’ the band were responsible for two of the finest tracks to crawl out of the bleak grasp of ’81. Two re-workings, a cover and a new thang appear wedged on to the grooves of this formidable set, an utterly blow you away 7-minute revisit to ‘hanging man’ is given a muscular walls closing in and wiring psychosis drilled tuning whose scabbing swing and stare you out intensity ought to have the Fatima Mansions brethren among you swooning in the aisles. Indeed ‘work before the moon falls’ – intended for the Fall’s ‘dragnet’ before Bramah was given the boot, might on any other day have us purring opting it as the stand out track here without question, if that is, it hadn’t been for their re-shoot of Atomic Rooster’s ‘the devil’s answer’ which not content to stamp their personality all over and make it their own, is fitted with a dead eyed cool swaggering and strutting throb replete with a drop dead killer snaking riff and a clean cut Mod beat chic. That said opener ‘skull jam’ is no slouch, a skewed head ricocheting rally cry that sounds as though its surfaced from some lost early 70’s Beefheart tape. Ridiculously essential. 

Tour dates…..

April –

28th Liverpool – Magnet,

30th Middlesborough – Westgarth Social Club

May –

1st Preston – Continental,

5th Glasgow – Stereo,

6th Dundee – Beat Generator

Really, did you honestly think having mentioned the Nightingales that we wouldn’t feature their latest wiry whipper snapper. As with tour mates Blue Orchids, ‘become not becoming’ is heading out fast on tiny global productions and features six slabs of wayward and whacked out boog-a-loo. It’s the sound of a band not only comfortable in their own sonic skin but a collective removed from the ego seducing need for glory grabbing press review inches and the pains of having to please the music press, not that the Nightingales have ever been dogged by such fickle frivolities, they are after all the consummate sore thumbs of pop. Deranged, damaged and quite often delightfully skewiff, the six tracks here tumble out with caustic merriment seemingly sparring and disrupting your listening space persistently having you teetering on the back foot all the time squalling, squabbling and squirreling to a seesawing sonic palette whose bubble gum prowess is buried and disfigured in a discordantly angular acuteness. Truth is they sound as good now as they’ve ever sounded, reference wise, well let’s face there are none, for these dudes wander a crooked path indelibly foot falling in their own making, however long term admirers of Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones would do well to take note, for here there’s what can only be best described as a mullered musical opera chomping its way at the grooves, frantically warped and dislocated ‘b side at its best’ burns with an impish seething attrition that tailgates the mighty Cardiacs while on any given day ‘in’ simmers with a crooked music hall edgy eccentricity that nods to Viv Stanshall. Mind you we here a pretty much adoring of ‘too posh too push’ not least because amid the baritone buffoonery there’s some nifty swamp dragged locked grooved blues riff croons wiring up something up of a scab picking cauldron. Elsewhere there’s the glam gouged ‘the divorce that never was’ while best moment of the set is left to the parting ‘drown’ – a panic stricken pulse pacing slab of art grizzled sonic paint bombing. https://uknightingales.bandcamp.com/album/become-not-becoming  

Beautifully understated, we here were always a little taken by the quieter more mellow moments snuggled amid the grooves of Stereolab platters. First listen to ‘love captive’ had us scribbling down in our memory notes the words ‘intimate, free spirited, thoughtful and ponder’ – I’d like to think they encapsulate the mood, the vibe and the overall hit you get listening to this, the latest offering from Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble. Released just ahead of the collectives debut full length ‘find me finding you’ through drag city, ‘love captive’ features guest appearances by hot chip’s Alexis Taylor on duetting duties and Rob Mazurek on coronet and adding an arresting noir seasoning to the proceedings, as to the track itself, lightly filtered and dreamily dinked it’s spectral allure colouring the gaps between ‘dots and loops’ and ‘cobra phases’ all the time stranded in its own hermitically sealed bubble on a faraway orbital path transmitting love notes back home through the star sprayed ether whilst delicately coded in a Bacharach and David flavouring.

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble Tour


6              The Grand Social – Dublin    

7              Black Box – Belfast                 

9              Full Moon Club – Cardiff                       

10            Phoenix – Exeter                                     

11            The Bullingdon – Oxford                                        

12            The Green Door Store – Brighton                                          

1              The Trades Club – Hebden Bridge                                         

15            The Crescent – York                                               

17            CCA – Glasgow                                      

18            Soup Kitchen – Manchester                    

19            The Sage 2 – Gateshead, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne                                   

20            Moth Club – London                                              

21            The Lantern – Bristol

22            The Winchester – Bournemouth


22            Bodega – Nottingham

23            The Musician – Leicester

24            The Junction 2 – Colchester

25            The Shop Front Theatre – Coventry

26            The Continental – Preston

27            South Streets Arts Centre – Reading                                      

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble – ‘Find Me Finding You’ released by Drag City on March 24th

Been a while since we went gooey eyed and weak at the knee at the prospect of new Silber endorsed groove. Latest batch of platters features the debut material by Moon Gravity entitled ‘Antarctica’. Better known to kith n’ kin as Stas Neilyk, he is a sonic alchemist whose slow burn atmospheric artistry is informed by the late 80’s New Zealand minimalist noise scene, the same school that influenced the celebrated Kranky imprint. As the title of this three track EP might hint, ‘Antarctica’ is inspired by the desolate beauty of the polar regions, between the silence and storming rage of these most forbidding regions of weather extremes, Moon Gravity tailors a symphonic palette that sighs to the landscapes stilled and deathly majesty, the sounds despite their sparse toning are lushly coloured and lulling not to mention poised and punctuated in a statuesque detailing, the best moment of which without doubt being the drop dead ethereal and elegiac ‘Snowstorm’ which manages sumptuously to find a protective safe hole from the punishing freeze somewhere between Roy Montgomery’s ‘true’ and Tex La Homa’s ‘dazzle me with transience’. Elsewhere the beautifully demurring ‘nightfall’ is kissed with a reclining Flying Saucer Attack lilt whose slo-mo seduction comes graced in the kind of hymnal hue we’ve come to expect of Cheval Sombre and of late Hey Exit while ‘purpling’ rounds up matters and leads events to the end groove though not before spraying all in dream drifted haloes of snow burning radiance whilst possessed of an intimately dinked sonic seduction that to these ears sounds like a stars going out tearful farewell orchestrated by the criminally underappreciated Yellow6. https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/antarctica

it’s been a while since they troubled our turntable, but here’s Wizards Tell Lies with a newly peeled track entitled ‘abyss shutter’ which comes described by its author as an ‘improv using six stomp boxes and a bass amp. No instruments were used (or harmed) in the making of this piece’. One for the Radiophonic heads I’m thinking, oodles of chamber droning here creating a detached eeriness which to these ears at least, mirrors to a degree the musical modes utilised by the Barron’s each and every time the ID came into close contact with the idle spaceship in the classic sci-fi flick ‘the forbidden planet’. https://soundcloud.com/wizards-tell-lies/abyss-stutter

update – new full length from Wizards Tell Lies lurks on the distant horizon…..

is it just me or does this just scream summer, comes on like an itch you can’t scratch ablaze in a wiring effervescence that slaps you in the face and then slaps you again just for good measure, this young people is one half of a split cassingle – that’s a single on a cassette for those born in a post physical release era reliant on downloads, streaming and other disposable sonic naffness before the nostalgic interest in all things wax and ferric had you all buying your records again on limitless new formats. Fear not we all fell for it in the great expanded / remastered / SACD et al com of the late 80’s which accounted for several homes having a zillion copies of ‘DSOTM’. Anyway this is heading out soon on roadkill records – a split EP cassette with Weird Sex on one side and these dudes – Broken Soundtracks – on the other – and whose ‘to be among my enemies’ – every single day I can tell you – is being previewed as a teaser taster – two minutes of teen spirited garage gouged bubble grooved prickly pop-ness that hints of the Ramones freebasing on the Pistols three favourite power chords. Adorable stuff. https://soundcloud.com/broken-soundtracks/to-be-among-my-enemies    

okay I’ll warn you now, once this blighter is anywhere near earshot of your headspace don’t start complaining that its starts partying hard. Insidiously addictive this Raave Tapes with ‘2 U XOXO’ – a wickedly wiring slab of post punked dance floor decimating uber groove intricately nailed to a tight as a gnat’s back passage searing white funk motif veers into the hallowed terrains of Gang of Four albeit remodelled by D4.



Remaining Dates









English folklore explored and uncovered by the BeeB….




stumbled across this and thought you might want to get your lugs around it, recently discovered blue cheer recording session from ‘67


synth / space pop…….pre history of electronic pop….


vinyl art to commission – looks lovely – but very, very, very expensive though…….


I’ll honest in saying I never knew this video existed, directed by Matt Bower he of Wizards tell lies, this is the duke st workshop….

Musical interlude type thing – a younger self’s old school groove….

The pop group……

This heat…..


The sound…….

Rummaging around the internet and fell over this, a little feature on the immaculate beautify junkyards – http://www.europavox.com/bands/beautify-junkyards/  

…and here’s something a little sweet from them, surely a new album is long overdue chaps and chapesses…..

Mentioned Beatglider earlier around here somewhere, see moon duo, this is lights on the water’ from their ‘witches’ – devastatingly beautiful and hurting…..

Another musical interlude…..the Chameleons….

Today we’ve been mainly listening to the Chameleons…..

‘second skin’


‘swamp thing’

I’m suspecting we’ll probably be needing this in our gaff, Tubular Brass with ‘Tubular Bells’……


a superb round up of the best experimental sounds emanating out of Ireland…..


Wise words from Fortuna Pop head honcho Sean Price as he wraps up the label……


a little something else to sit alongside that spiffing 6 hours set of woman in electronic music special to celebrate international women’s day, this corking mix cloud set – alas no tracklisting…….



Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


The end grooves…..

So much better than the Beatles’ original, ‘yellow submarine’ from the immortal Pinky n’ Perky…..

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