reverse family

many apologies to Andy formerly of the Scratch and latterly of the Tuesday Club seemingly on a spot of extra curricula new wave duties as Reverse Family. Truth of the matter as much as it pains me to admit it, is that we’ve had this since way before Christmas, somehow the blighter got itself hidden and mislaid in the mayhem that is the Sunday Experience chaotic filing system, filing system in the very loosest of the description. Anyhow ‘my songs about life mid crisis’ is shortly set for record counter action via perfect pop co-op – incidentally catalogue number PPCO50 – indeed it’s the small details that never fail to escape our attention – just the actual records – and is set to arrive in a strictly limited to 200 only wax edition with a possible CD variant pencilled for probable happening later in the year. In short here be fourteen tracks staring out of the late 70’s for all the world sounding as though they’ve been rifling through the best bits of your well-worn stash of prized 7 inch platters from back in the day whilst junking the bad ‘uns and then wiring copious amounts of angular riffage along with the applying of oodles of prickly pristine pop make up, the daubing of a fair amount off tongue in cheek candidness and then the dipping of the bugger in dayglo dye – which all adds up to – voila – a new wave party pack that sounds as though its torn its way from a vintage early issue of Smash Hits or Superpop.

Where the Scratch wore their Buzzcocks / Magazine affections like badges of honour, reverse family though grazing similar sonic fields appear more content in hooking their spike topped new wave communal tent to the likes of Wreckless Eric, Captain Sensible (see the gloriously dishevelled ‘alcopoppers on fast food’ which impishly comes wired upon a killer Beefheart / Fall coda unless i’m very much mistaken – and i’m not), Jona Lewie, Vic Goddard, the Leyton Buzzards and of course Adam Ant whose influence is clearly about this collection like a rash. Add to the mixture an impish kookily crooked pop dynamic that absorbs elements of glam and the bubble grooved echoes of an at times 50’s teen buzz (refer yourselves to WIREd out ‘plastic punks’) and you have a collection of cuts which from the power popped pub rocking  zigginess of ‘business or pleasure’ to the previously mentioned here a while back ‘way it goes’ with its schizoid club rumbling cool – think Gary Wilson rewiring Robin Scott’s M – a set that fizzes, pops and crackles with a retro electricity. Elsewhere the dub doused ‘I sense their watching eyes’ under certain conditions wouldn’t look to far out of place on one of six sides of ‘Sandinista’ where it not for the fact that it’s waywardly cut in the likeness of Klark Kent which before the letters of concern start flying in – and they will believe you me – is no bad thing. ‘electronic 6’ is just, well quite frankly – pure classic era weird earness from Landscape while those with a thing for spaghetti western grandstanding with hints of Marco’s post Ants Wolfhound grooves might do well to amble over to the cool arrest of the bruising wound licking ‘higher power’. Elsewhere ‘hand of god’ side 2’s opening salvo is cut as a floor rumbling funk struck mirror ball very much channelling heavy on a Gary Wilson influence while distant echoes of ‘dirk wears white sox’s’ lacerates the grooves of the parting shot ‘odd mix newgabes’.

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