golden rain

If i was ever given over to spending idling moments between listening to music – what am i saying – idling moments – like never – to dream up fabled fantasy bands, then this duo would certainly tick all the boxes as to how my minds ear would imagine how the Knife would sound had they been bundled into a studio with FortDax. Hailing from Italy, Golden Rain craft lushly hushed spectral electronics that ghostly serenade the shadowy fairground and European ballroom wastelands back-dropping a faded early 80’s New Romantic setting, hints of the Mobiles aren’t lost on this faded love note to a lost scene and neither are the crystalline ice cooled orbital motifs sweetly haloed and murmured in mystery and aloof majesty. Incidentally the track in question is called ‘foglights’ a cut taken from a forthcoming EP via a joint label release between bulbart and pocket records.


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