light in the attic happenings….

Okay we’ll be trying furiously to grab ourselves downloads of these two very special releases currently heading out of the Lights in the Attic stable, the first of which is a collection of previously unreleased recordings by forgotten blues man Hayes McMullan and had played with the legendary Charley Patton back in the 20’s. these recordings come from tapes by blues archivist Gayle Dean Wardlow who also penned the liner notes to this incredible find, by way of a taster here’s the smoking cool delta blues prairie croon of ‘fast old train’ – the set incidentally is titled ‘everyday seem like murder here’.


In addition there’s also a killer tribute set entitled ‘sing it high, sing it low’ – the untold story of the semi legendary Tumbleweed record label who as the tag goes ‘Drugs, parties, poetry, celebrities, money—Tumbleweed had it all, except airplay and distribution’ – set up in 1971 and financed by banks thinking they’d stumbled on the next hippy dream, instead of the expected returns and money making chart success the label commune set up by Larry Ray and Bill Szymczyk would tank and cease to be, Szymczyk would shortly seal his reputation by co-producing the Eagles’ ‘hotel California’ while most of the labels roster would languor in obscurity and thrift shop bins.

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